AceProject Software Review – Features and Pricing

Overview Presentation

AceprojectAceProject is a web-based project management software that covers most business processes of an organization. It is a comprehensive business and productivity solution for teams and enterprises in helping them organize their projects, tasks, documents, expenses and time. Users are able to minimize time spent on administrative processes, get updated in real time with email notifications, and effectively communicate with everyone involved in the proper context of project work. If you need add-ons for AceProject, we are offering Bridge24 for AceProject.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Project Tracking and Task ManagementAceProject has comprehensive interactive Gantt chart that is helping users visually manage tasks, and set dependencies between tasks. It has project portfolio management, allowing users to view and monitor the work progress across multiple projects using custom task reports. You can set up recurrent tasks, or start new projects using templates.
  • Timesheet Reporting and Expense Tracking – AceProject has an integrated time management solution that allows users to track time of resources across all projects. It […]
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AceProject Updates Its Android App

aceproject-logoAceProject, the web-based project management, time tracking and collaboration software has announced earlier this month of their updated Android version. Following the enhancements made last March for their iOS9 version, the updated Android version now includes new features and performance boost. Users can continue to organize their tasks, track their progress and collaborate with team members while on the go. The update makes it even simpler and faster to add a new task, change status, add and view documents, and more.

Attach Documents

AceProject Android App enables users to securely store, access or share project documents as easily as when they are using browser versions on their desktops. Android devices running version 4.1 or higher will be able to accommodate users who are attaching either one or more documents to the PM system. Documents or images stored in their photo gallery app or from cloud storage apps such as Google Docs, Box, Dropbox or other installed apps can be attached to tasks for proper project documentation. Users […]

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AceProject: Latest Updates-February 2016

aceproject-logoAceProject, a high-level web-based proprietary project management software built by Canada-based Websystems Inc, will be celebrating its 15th Anniversary soon. The software is used by individuals, small teams, companies of all sizes, non-profit organizations and big teams within multinational firms. I’m happy to see that they have survived through all the years, giving their competitors a tough challenge.

The latest enhancements rectify a few issues like fixing bugs and enhancements for iOS9.x for users of iPhone and the availability of time management app. The company is also slated to update the Android app as well as the payment system. Here’s a short tour of all the latest enhancements at AceProject.

Mobile Enhancement for iOS9.

The latest update of AceProject involves a number of changes to the iOS application, which can be accessed through the App store on iTunes.

It’s now possible to attach single or multiple documents from your device’s photo gallery, Google Docs, or other third-party cloud storage based on local installation. You can also click […]

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