Asana project tracking and management software helps teams coordinate work to complete something more than the sum of their individual tasks. But even before completed tasks become a whole project, team members start with conversations and exchange ideas. As a communication tool, Slack is being used by a growing number of teams for real-time messaging. Introduced recently, a new Asana for Slack app for tighter integration between communication and work coordination is now available. For a powerful reporting and exporting tool for Asana, give our own tool Bridge24 for Asana a try, or access it in their own Integration page.

Turn Conversations into Actions

When team members exchange ideas with one another, their ideas become refined and take shape into something more tangible, applicable and realizable. Most of these teams use Slack for real-time communication. And as they bounce ideas off one another, the ideas can easily evolve into a new work that can help their product or service. The new Slack integration allows users to capture the details of this new task using a new actions menu. They can write a task name, the assignee responsible for this task, its due date, a description of the task, and optionally, the project it belongs into. Furthermore, they can add Slack messages to existing Asana tasks as comments.

Take Action within Slack

The new and improved Asana for Slack integration enables teams to take action directly from within Slack. They do not need to interrupt their workflow just to switch tools. When users get a notification or a teammate shares a link, they will be able to do the following actions:

  • Mark the task as complete
  • Like the task
  • Change or add an assignee
  • Change or add a due date
  • Add the task to a project, as well as
  • View or open the task in Asana.

Get Notifications for Work Updates

Many teams use Slack as their frontline interface and communication hub, especially remote teams. It is as if they are all together in one office. The new integration brings another valuable feature by enabling users to get updates on tasks and projects right from within Slack. Therefore, they can get notifications for any update such as about work assignment or tasks they are following. They can set up a Slack channel to receive personal notifications, for example, when the task is completed, the due date has changed, all dependencies are completed, the user is added as a follower, and more.

Important notes on the new integration

The new Asana for Slack integration is different from the previous Asana app. The older version will be deprecated in due course. To start, users should download this new app. Next, log in to Slack, and follow the prompts to authenticate their Asana account. They can receive a notification and should authorize the new integration. It may be necessary to also de-authorize the old version of the app.

Asana & Slack – Seamless Communication

The new integration is helping users of both tools to remain in sync and move their work quickly. For instance, Mike Singer and his team at Food Network relies on Slack for real-time communication, and on Asana for work coordination. The new integration is keeping everyone in sync across the 2 tools. It also promotes accountability for individual work, and allows them to move faster in business as a team. For Olof Mathe at Mixmax, the integration reduces the number of questions within their product team, regardless of whether they are in Slack or in Asana. As a result, they are able to build better products faster.

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