trello-logoTrello is a free and flexible task and project management system presented through a system of boards, lists and cards. It is a highly visual and interactive tool that enables users to get instant overview and progress information at a glance. It is simple to use, where users can group, reorder and move tasks as cards across lists that can represent a work stage or phase. The tool works for a variety of teams and projects that can appear as a board. It is ready for collaboration and integration with many applications to enhance its functionality.

Why people are not happy with Trello

Trello is a very popular online software. Thus, companies are ready to pay for its premium plan or business class package to avail of features that are needed in their business. However, some users are realizing that although the free tool is fun to use, meeting business requirements is no laughing matter. Missing features are: subtasks, task dependencies, multi-board reporting, export to Excel, workload reports, cost tracking, expense tracking, time tracking, and import Microsoft Project files. Unfortunately, these are features not in Trello.

The Top 3 Alternatives

It is fortunate for all of us that alternative tools are available and easily accessible in this day and age. For users who are at ease and very familiar with Trello, one simple solution can be an add-on that will supply the missing features. We highly recommend Bridge24 for Trello, an one-click add-on that provides users more control of and maneuverability with their data. We would also like to present 3 alternative software that users can look into to find that perfect fit.


aceproject-logoAceProject is a free project management, time tracking and collaboration software. It has a dashboard that provides project overview and insight. It also has an interactive Gantt chart for effective project and resource management, and timesheets with automated approvals. Other features include a built-in time clock, expense tracking, and different kinds of task, time and expense reports. Moreover, it has document management with advanced preview tools, native mobile apps, API, and export to Excel or CSV format of users’ project data. AceProject is highly customizable and has several packages that can accommodate all types and sizes of teams and businesses.

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asana-new-logoAsana is a team productivity tool that allows users to collaborate and track projects with ease. It is free for teams of up to 15 users, and premium plans include advanced features and integrations. The software runs across different  desktop platforms, tablets and smartphones. Teams are able to move work forward, from idea conception to product launch, with the design of the system. Thus, it shows work status, facilitate conversations, and collect notifications with smart tools. Asana also has project templates, subtasks, calendars, task dependencies and custom fields, among others.

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basecamp-logo_600wBasecamp is another project management platform built for teams and companies. Its design aims to help users organize their work, teams and projects. Automated tools enable them to do away with email chains, regular status updates and long meetings. Users can communicate with individuals or groups in a variety of ways. As it eliminates redundancy and inefficiency, the result is more time for work that matters most. Features include a Home screen, a chat system, to-do list, a scheduler, document management, and automatic check-ins. Basecamp also works across platforms and has great customer support.

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Trello is a front-runner as a visual productivity tool. It is popular to a wide range of functional teams, businesses and industries because of its flexibility. It helps users to figure out and design the workflow that best suits their business requirement. However, some requirements are more complex or comprehensive than others and therefore needs a system like Infinity that already supports it. At times, a simple add-on can solve the problem. If in case it does not, you can begin your search with the top 3 alternatives here. Check out also this article: Top 3 Software Alternatives to Trello

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