Enhanced Reporting and Exporting Capabilities!

Experience a Global Overview

Fancy interfaces are wonderful, but they can sometimes hold you back. Display and interact with your data without the fancy smanciness. Rapidly display, filter, and group your tasks across all projects allowing you a bird’s eye to granular view with only a few clicks.

Get a New Perspective of Your Tasks

Whether you are an Administrator, a Project Manager, or are just very active with your tasks, being able to view and interact with the same information instantaneously from a different angle can allow much greater efficiency.  

Easily Extract the Information You Want

Straightforward access, and extraction of tasks available in convenient export formats. No more fussing around. Get in, structure your data the way you want, then extract.


Bridge24 fills the reporting gap for your task management system

View Tasks

Explore your tasks in different modes, including:

  • Flexible Grid

  • Kanban Style Board

  • Calendar View

Organize Tasks

Optimize acces to your tasks with:

  • Powerful Filtering Options

  • An advanced Grouping Mode

Update Tasks

Via Bridge24 interface, update any task as well by:

  • Modifying its name, description, status, etc.

  • Adding comments or attaching documents

  • Modifying its schedule or adding timeline information

Export Tasks

Have full control over the information you want to export and benefit from including:

  • Comments

  • Subtasks

  • Documents links, and more…