Article sections

    1. Use the “Create new filter…” item from the left filters area

      • select the projects/boards that you want to include in your data-set and other filters, for example include also completed tasks/cards
      • Upon “Create” your selected data-set will be displayed within the Grid

    2. Click on the “Reports” item in the header area to bring up the Settings dialogue

      • From the Configuration tab in the dialogue, select the First level grouping, a Second level grouping (if desired), a sorting option, and other parameters.
      • From the Fields tab, select the Standard fields to include, Wide fields, and Custom fields

    3. Click on the Generate button to create the report

    4. Export the report using the down arrow download options

    If you download to Excel, you are able to modify the report (example: add logo). The structure and format is conserved during the export.


    Did you know:

    • For Comments, you can display the data as a field in the report, or as a “wide” field below the task/card information. Include only the last comment, the last x comments, or all comments
    • Click on the Report Parameters link on the top left to return to edit parameters and recreate the report
    • Change field order by drag & drop in the Selected Fields area