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There is no doubt that Trello is a great app, considered an industry leader, and serving millions of happy users. To keep the application simple and easy to use, some compromises are required. These compromises include providing basic features for more high-end or complex needs. Bridge24 is here to expand on those existing and sometimes non-existing features.

Interactive Charts

  • Automated creation of popular charts including cards by: board, member, status type, list, label color, label name, created by week, and more…

  • The different chart types supported are: pie chart, doughnut, polar, horizontal bar, and vertical bar

  • Chart stacking, allowing to display 2 variables in the same chart

  • Drill down by clicking on a segment in the chart and open the card in edit mode

  • Export chart and associated card list to PDF

Advanced Reports

  • Advanced reports with 2 level grouping with unlimited columns. Custom fields are also available in reports

  • Sort cards by any field and set the report orientation in landscape or portrait format

  • Wide fields such as description, comments, and checklists can be displayed

  • The report is available in multiple export formats including PDF and Excel

  • Create and save several reports, and use them for future use

  • Include totals and subtotals on fields on each group levels. average, count, maximum, minimum, and sum available

Export Cards

  • Export Trello cards and boards to Excel & CSV & PDF formats

  • The export can include checklists, custom fields, comments, and documents

  • You can choose the columns to export, or export all columns

  • You can export your cards based on specific criteria like boards or teams

  • The card history (events) can also be exported to Excel, using a date range or specific user(s)

File Download Manager

  • Allows the punctual or bulk download of files (documents) from a board, a team, or all cards in your account

  • Provides status tracking during transfer, and provides an index and log

  • Documents are saved within a structured zip file

  • Automated multiple zip file creation and option for zipping compression

  • Punctually download from the grid within the documents field or directly in the card edit panel and bulk export all documents associated to the card at once

Grid View

  • Display Search results within a flexible standard grid

  • Resize column widths, show/hide and dynamically arrange field order

  • Sort displayed information by clicking on the field header name

  • Group displayed cards by drag-drop of the column name into the group area

  • Click on any card line to bring up the edit card panel

  • Display included calculated fields (age & time to completion)

  • Dynamically filter cards using all field information

  • Export grid content to Excel/CSV

Calendar View

  • Display cards in a dynamic calendar view

  • Change time scale (day, week, month, agenda)

  • Drag and drop start and end dates to modify card dates dynamically

  • Use any date to display on the calendar. Not restricted to start and end dates only

  • For example, use the created date and completed date for a range, or the last update date for a single date

  • Dynamically filter the calendar using the “Search within…” or create a filter with several criteria

  • Export the Calendar to PDF

Filter Cards

  • The left panel treeview is your main filter zone. Get your assigned cards, cards assigned to someone specific, cards by deadline, cards by list, cards by label, cards by board, or do a custom search with criteria

  • The main area allow you to add a second layer of filters. Create & save multiple filters such as date ranges, include/exclude field values, use the and/or operator with many criteria, etc

  • Use the global “search cards…” to access quickly cards across all boards

  • Use the quick “search within…” in all views to quickly filter search results

  • Build a chart that shows your cards grouped by board, list, label, member, etc.

History View

  • Access action/modifications to cards through the history area including previous value and datestamp of the action
  • Choose the time period to view, and filter by user and/or by events

  • Select which events to view (over 30 available, such as: document added, status change, card created, and other edits)

  • Filter events in the grid using “Search within…”

  • Group displayed history items by drag-drop of the column name into the group area

  • Export history to Excel/CSV for external consultation

Gantt Chart View

  • View cards in a Gantt chart view

  • Change time scale (day, week, month, quarter, year)

  • View cards grouped by milestone (list)

  • Use any date to display on the Gantt. Not restricted to start and end dates only. For example, use the created date and completed date

  • Modify display characteristics such as grouping, sorting options and text to display on bars

  • Export the Gantt to PDF

Add & Update Cards

  • Add a new card, or update an existing carddirectly in Bridge24 without having to open Trello each time

  • Regular fields that are supported: name, description, section, tag, assignee, due date, status, etc.

  • Add comments & attachments that update in Trello dynamically

  • Custom fields are displayed in a specific area of the card to better identify them

  • Show the checklist hierarchy up to unlimited levels

Bridge24 For Trello

Tutorials & Reviews

Advanced Reporting With Trello

The following video is a Bridge24 for Trello review done by Jelena Ostrovska. It covers features like: reports, charts, and exporting.

B24 For Trello – Board Analytic

Understand quickly how Bridge24 can be used for your reporting needs this video review by Awais Mirza from his Youtube channel.

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Our Happy Clients

Real Bridge24 reviews. Real results. Will you be our next success story?

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