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Plan includes:

  • BASE – 1 user included*

  • Additional users: USD$15.00 / month (each)

(Save 2 months)

Plan includes:

  • BASE – 1 user included*

  • Additional users: USD$150.00 / year (each)

* The BASE entry-level package includes 1 user license and costs USD$15/month or USD$150/year.
Multiple-user example: You require 5 licenses, it will cost USD$75/month or USD$750/year.


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Plan includes:

  • BASE – 5 users included*

  • Additional users: $5.00 / month (each)

yearly (SAVE 20%!)

Plan includes:

  • BASE – 5 users included*

  • Additional users: $48.00 / year (each)

* The BASE entry level package includes 1 Organization owner license and 4 additional licenses to assign to other users.
Example: You require 8 licenses. So, BASE (5 users) + 3 users = $25 + (3 * $5) = $40.00/month

Our Amazing

Supported Features

Main Features
Export Engine
Report Engine
Interactive Charts
Power Grid View
Board View
Calendar View
Project/Task History
File Download Manager
Gantt / Timeline View
Additionnal Features
Custom Fields
Custom Filters
Custom Views
Data Grouping/Sorting
Task Editing
Multilingual (English, French, Spanish)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diner, Discover) and PayPal. For multi-user annual accounts containing 5+ users, offline billing via check or wire transfer is possible.

A user is a Bridge24 user, and not the number of users/members in your provider account. A user license is required for each user that you would like to have access to Bridge24.

A Premium user can invite people from their Account Area and pay for multiple users. Click your Avatar panel, then click the Manage button. The Account Area will allow you to invite/remove users. You may have to buy additional licenses before inviting other users.

You can cancel your subscription at any time. A yearly subscription is paid in full upfront and is active for the year. If you cancel the service after upgrading, no refund is possible. (A renewing annual subscription can be refunded within 14 days of the renewing transaction)

Trial accounts have only 1 difference from the Premium, the Export to Excel/CSV functionality is disabled in the trial. All other features, including Charts and Reports with export, is available.