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“I am excited about Bridge24. It’s as close to a silver bullet as I think possible. I was to the point of considering moving away from Trello …”

Tyler Jones, Trello User

“I found bridge24 by searching for “Trello excel export” after trying some power-ups listed on Trello’s website. Bridge24 (power grid) is the best product around to export filtered data to excel; the only one supporting custom fields that I know of.”

Richard Corbeil, Trello User

“Your product is amazing…I can’t believe I did not find this earlier.”

Annick J, Trello User

“I really like the connector. I prefer your view rather than Trello.”

Rinat Nazmutdinov, Trello User

“The export module is awesome! Bridge24 is easy to use, and the layout is very intuitive!”

AceProjectChad Boerboom, AceProject User

“Totally painless interface with asana, with drag & drop features for reports.”

Robin Carter, Asana User

“Massive-data oriented, powerful filters. It is the tool for analysis.”

Luis HM, Asana User

“Bridge24 is a lifesaver! We use Everhour and Asana, and Bridge24 fills in those holes that neither of the other two provide for project management.”

Jeanine Scott, Asana User

“Moving a task from one status to another by just drag and drop (using the Kanban view).”

AceProjectShaifeez Siddik, AceProject User

“The link between Asana & Bridge24, it is just awesome!”

Jaime Cruz, Asana User

“Been looking for a better query/reporting tool with bi-directional updating for a while that works with Asana. Just logged and all I can say is awesome! Bridge24 is exactly what I have been looking for and is going to help me a lot.”

Justin Ralston, Asana User

“To be honest, I think that its better to work in then Trello.”

Carlos Junior, Trello User

“The filtering and display tools are just so easy! Simple, intuitive, and allowed me to get to the view I needed within minutes!”

Basecamp 3Luke Green, Basecamp User