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Luke Green “The filtering and display tools are just so easy! Simple, intuitive, and allowed me to get to the view I needed within minutes!”” (Basecamp user)

Robin Carter “Totally painless interface with asana, with drag & drop features for reports” (Asana User)

Carlos Junior “To be honest, I think that its better to work in then Trello.” (Trello user)

Luis HM “Massive-data oriented, powerful filters. It is the tool for analysis.” (Asana user)

Shaifeez Siddik “Moving a task from one status to another by just drag and drop (using the Kanban view).” (AceProject user)

Jaime Cruz “The link between Asana & Brisge24, it is just awesome.” (Asana user)

Justin Ralston “Been looking for a better query/reporting tool with bi-directional updating for a while that works with Asana. Just logged and all I can say is awesome! Bridge24 is exactly what I have been looking for and is going to help me a lot.” (Asana user)

Jeanine Scott “Bridge24 is a lifesaver! We use Everhour and ASANA and Bridge24 fills in those holes that neither of the other two provide for project management.” (asana user)

What is Bridge24?
Bridge24 is a complementary power application currently available for Asana, Basecamp, Trello and AceProject. It dynamically connects to your account and provides incredible features to visualize, filter, edit, export and more. Bridge24 is built for project planners and managers, normal day-to-day users and those requiring reporting capabilities for their light project management application. Bridge24 is filling the feature gap.
Is Bridge24 Free?
We are working hard to put more value into the application and will be launching a pricing model later on in 2017.
How does Bridge24 connect to my Data?
We use the official APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) created by the providers to connect to your account and retrieve/display/update your data. Access rights are maintained with your connection.