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Interactive Charts for Asana using Bridge24

Bridge24 New Feature - ChartsAsana is a great operational tool for users to centrally collaborate on project and task information. Reporting features, however, are limited. With Bridge24, users can connect dynamically to Asana and instantly create and export powerful charts and task lists for basic reports.

Benefits of Using Charts

Charts aide in a quick understanding of the distribution of tasks and provide an overview to access information through a visual representation. Rather than looking through lists and lists of tasks or extensive filtering and searching, find information at a glance visually through a chart. The chart can also be exported (PDF format) to share with managers or co-workers to quickly see patterns and other aggregate information for comparisons, etc.

Charts Based on a Project or Filters, and How to Access

The charts in Bridge24 are contextual and based on the current tasks displayed from a project or filter results. In the case where you wish to include completed tasks, you can create […]

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Bridge24 News: Affiliate Program Launched

Take advantage of Bridge24 Affiliate ProgramBridge24 is continually picking up steam, thanks in part to those users that spread the word about our great product! A number of new features have been added to help disseminate information to others including a simple invite and also an Affiliate program. The Affiliate program allows you to collect a 20% commission if users you tell Bridge24 about decide to purchase a Premium subscription through your affiliate link.  

Affiliate Program

Telling your friends or colleagues about Bridge24? Or writing a blog post to provide your readers with information about the features and power of Bridge24? Why not provide them your Bridge24 Affiliate link! You can earn a 20% commission on users that use your link to navigate to the Bridge24 site. It is really easy. Simply sign up for the Affiliate program from the Refer a Friend panel of the Profile area.

More information about the Affiliate Program can be found

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Bridge24 News: New website, Asana start date support, and more

Happy New Year everyone! 2017 went out with a bang, and we are looking forward to a great 2018! Our continued resolution that is always top of mind: Continue to listen to our users and add more value within Bridge24.

A New Website for a New Year!

If you haven’t been to the site in awhile, the look and feel has been completely revamped. It has a much more light and airy feel to it and now matches the similar feeling you have from within the Bridge24 application. Messaging is clearer and more straightforward for new users.

Asana Start Date Support


If you are using an Asana Premium workspace, then you were recently provided with additional functionality allowing the input and use of Start dates in addition to the existing Due dates. The field has been made active within Bridge24! This allows you to access, report and export this field from the grid, board and calendar views.

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Bridge24 News: Premium Subscription Plan

We have been working on refining Bridge24 and adding more features and value over the last year. Bridge24 is now at a stage of maturity moving out of our free beta period towards a new Subscription based model.

Plan Information

After much consultation with our current users, we have introduced 2 available selections opting for a simplified subscription model, a Free and a Premium level:

Three subscription plans offered - Free (some features limited) - Premium monthly (no limits) - Premium annually (no limits/best value)

You are automatically subscribed to the free version upon creating your account. You can use the Free version for as long as you would like. You can see from above the reason to upgrade to the Premium level allows the removal of 3 limitations in the Free version, namely:

  • Custom filter limit set to 3 filters
  • Task History retrieval set to the last 7 days (other time periods outside of this period are blocked)
  • Data export limited to […]
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Task History/Activity Stream for Asana, Trello, Basecamp and AceProject

Bridge24 is proud to announce the release of the Task History (Activity Stream) for your connected account. Having access to project and task history of your data can answer many fundamental questions for events and actions that have taken place. The history can be used for your investigation or reporting purposes for Asana, Trello, Basecamp and AceProject. Consult the Asana task story, Basecamp or Trello activity stream history, or AceProject task history, in a convenient and powerful grid view that includes date range, assignment, event filtering and grouping.

The History is useful for:

  • Accountability – Did last week’s assigned tasks get completed?
  • Verification – Find all actions taken last Monday to confirm who made the changes and when
  • Performance – How many tasks were completed last month by each assigned user?
  • Reporting
    • Extract a list of all activity in 1 or several projects in a custom date range
    • What has occurred over the duration of a task?
    • What was done yesterday […]
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Find Trello Templates, Samples in New Inspiration Portal

Trello empowers its users by providing a collaborative tool that help boost productivity. People strive to create, build, or produce something much more than what they started with. We begin with little, but we work hard to make something bigger or better at the end of our project or process. Success is possible, and others have done it many times before. But instead of reinventing the wheel, it is wiser to look for tips, techniques, or templates from people who are already successful. And Trello’s new Inspiration makes it easy to find them. If you are looking for a great reporting and exporting tool for Trello, we suggest trying out our own tool Bridge24 for Trello.

Introducing Trello Inspiration

Trello now makes available its Inspiration portal ( to help people find board templates, samples, and success stories. It is a collection that comes from users around the world. Therefore, searching for that workflow, board or strategy and making it one’s own is now as simple as going to […]

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Latest Asana Custom Fields Support Emojis, Links, and more

Asana is helping a great number of teams to centrally track project and task details. It is a flexible platform that enables companies and organizations meet their targets and accomplish their goals. Today’s business landscape, however, is making it more competitive and challenging for everyone. As a result, teams have to use better applications and tools to track their tasks better. Custom fields is one way for Asana Premium subscribers to provide more information and track them according to one’s needs. For a powerful reporting and exporting tool for Asana, give our own tool Bridge24 for Asana a try, or access it in their own Integration page.

More Powerful Custom Fields

The latest Asana update includes a more powerful custom field functionality. When custom fields were first introduced in 2016, users can only choose from drop-down options, text and number to add in their fields. Now, they can even add emojis, links, make use of built-in custom fields within templates, and add custom priority colors visible in […]

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Announcing Aha! + Asana Integration For Better Product-Project Sync

Asana is a well-known project management and tracking application with thousands of users across the globe. One reason it is popular is that it makes managing team projects and tasks easy. It also integrates with a great number of online tools for a variety of purposes. For example, Aha! is a leading product roadmap software. Users are able to connect their goals to strategic initiatives, create launch plans, view features dependencies, and more. They are able to do all these on a platform that helps them realize their why, when, and what of roadmapping. Now, it is easier to build products and manage projects with the new Asana integration. For a powerful reporting and exporting tool for Asana, give our own tool Bridge24 for Asana a try, or access it in their own Integration page.

Integration Functionality – What Is Possible

The new bi-directional integration brings several functionalities. Product managers using Aha! can map records of their initiatives, releases, features, and requirements to Asana tasks. They […]

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Trello for Small Business – An Online, Self-paced Trello Course

Trello users apply this free online project management tool in a variety of ways. It is a great help especially to small business owners and startup teams in the planning, prioritizing, and production of work. It is a simple, visual application that enables people to focus on work that matters. Specifically, the ability to organize tasks and projects into a system of cards, lists, and boards allow an individual or a collaborative team to work more efficiently. If you are looking for a great reporting and exporting tool for Trello, we suggest trying out our own tool Bridge24 for Trello.

Trello for Small Business Course

This online tool, now a favorite of a growing number business teams and organization, remains free. For people who needs a flexible tool to help them manage the chaos in their daily business operations, this is available now. However, some people are hesitant to try because they do not have time to start from the beginning. The good news is there is […]

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Asana for Small Business – An Online, Self-paced Asana Course

Asana online work platform is a versatile productivity tool that helps teams and companies grow their business. It is a web-based application that is simple on the surface, but capable of many things. Users are able to create, plan, assign, track, and manage their projects and tasks. As a result, business owners, startups, and their teams are able to have greater control of their work. They are able to see work assignments, schedules, due dates, percent completion, and other important information. For a powerful reporting and exporting tool for Asana, give our own tool Bridge24 for Asana a try, or access it in their own Integration page.

Asana for Small Business Course

Indeed, making use of a powerful work platform free for up to 15 team members is a great opportunity and tool to help grow business. But where best to start? One way to take full advantage of the features and benefits of Asana is the Asana for Small Business course by Systems Matter. […]

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Asana Rolls Out New UI Navigation Changes

Asana collaborative project management application is an advocate of clarity. This inherent characteristic of the software helps teams execute their projects and process quickly and successfully. Change can improve a user’s experience to plan, track and move their work forward. However, it should be clear enough for the users what those changes are, and how they can take advantage of it. Thus, the new user interface navigation changes are slowly and carefully being rolled out to its customers. Changes will be evident in the sidebar, project headers and settings, and other areas. For a powerful reporting and exporting tool for Asana, give our own tool Bridge24 for Asana a try, or access it in their own Integration page.

New in Sidebar

Users will now see My Tasks, Inbox, and Dashboard in the sidebar. It was moved from the top bar. Therefore, it will now be easier for people to know where they are. They will quickly know when they are working out of a project, too. But […]

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Asana Founders Built $900M Company Guided By Buddhism Principles

Asana is an online software that helps teams plan, track, and manage projects in a collaborative way. It is one work platform among many that competes for customers in a crowded cloud marketplace. However, 35,000 paying customer companies makes it more successful than its competitors. As a result, its revenue grows 80 percent yearly. In 2017, sales reached between $60-90 million, yielding a $900M company valuation in its latest funding round. Users prefer the software for its ability to break up complicated projects into manageable chunks of tasks. They are able to assign them to individuals, schedule them and track their progress. The software also integrates with email, calendars, and many other productivity applications. For a powerful reporting and exporting tool for Asana, give our own tool Bridge24 for Asana a try, or access it in their own Integration page.

The Start of Asana

Asana was founded by Dustin Moskovitz and Justin Rosenstein in 2008 in San Francisco, CA. Before meeting Moskovitz, Rosenstein was a product manager […]

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Asana Introduces New Outlook Integration Features

Asana is an online application that helps teams track and manage their projects. It is a work platform that enables people in organizations to collaborate better. All their tasks, schedules, files, and other project assets are conveniently located in a centralized place. It also integrates with other applications such as email with its notification feature. Late last year, Microsoft Outlook launched actionable messages. In effect, it is now easier to update and take action on Asana email notifications within Outlook. For a powerful reporting and exporting tool for Asana, give our own tool Bridge24 for Asana a try, or access it in their own Integration page.

The problem with switching between apps

Many people use their Outlook inbox as their primary communication center. It is where they get not only their emails from co-workers, but also from applications. They can receive task notifications, event reminders, the latest feedback from their social media comments, and others. Right from Outlook, users can stay updated on important work, and also […]

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New Improved Asana for Slack Integration Now Available

Asana project tracking and management software helps teams coordinate work to complete something more than the sum of their individual tasks. But even before completed tasks become a whole project, team members start with conversations and exchange ideas. As a communication tool, Slack is being used by a growing number of teams for real-time messaging. Introduced recently, a new Asana for Slack app for tighter integration between communication and work coordination is now available. For a powerful reporting and exporting tool for Asana, give our own tool Bridge24 for Asana a try, or access it in their own Integration page.

Turn Conversations into Actions

When team members exchange ideas with one another, their ideas become refined and take shape into something more tangible, applicable and realizable. Most of these teams use Slack for real-time communication. And as they bounce ideas off one another, the ideas can easily evolve into a new work that can help their product or service. The new Slack integration allows users to capture […]

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Latest Asana Now Easier to Add Rich Text, Emojis, and more

Asana project management and tracking application is helping teams accomplish more. With its tools and features, work moves forward faster because people are able to collaborate better. Aside from promoting transparency, users are able to communicate with one another in connection with the tasks they are trying to complete. However, as more work and teams come together in the PM platform, the need to make things easier and clearer also becomes more regular. The latest release includes enhancements in text formatting, @-mentioning, and more. For a powerful reporting and exporting tool for Asana, give our own tool Bridge24 for Asana a try, or access it in their own Integration page.

Easier Text Formatting, plus Emojis

Communicating face-to-face allows people to convey not only their message or ideas, but also the speaker’s emotions. Therefore, those listening can also perceive the importance, excitement or urgency of the message through the speaker’s voice and body language. Obviously, these additional indicators are absent when just reading a comment regarding a task […]

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