Reports grouped by custom fields for Asana and Trello

For Asana and Trello we frequently get requests for using Custom field information within Bridge24 (filters, charts, reports, etc). We have begun a process that will take a few iterations before being able to use them throughout the application. The first step is being released today with the ability to Group by Custom field values from within Reports.

Selecting the Custom field to Group by

From the Report parameters, simply select the Custom field from the drop-down grouping field.

You have the option to Group by a secondary dimension as well, that can also be a Custom field.

Report presentation

In the resulting report, the total of tasks/cards that meet the Grouping value criteria is presented. The count of each group is provided and the list of associated tasks/cards is listed within each grouping category.

As with any report, you can now export it to Excel, for further editing, or to PDF directly.

Stay tuned for more improvements coming your way soon!

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Things to try when you lack motivation at work

Work is part of life and we all know how indispensable it is to one’s survival and success. As the need to work is constant, people also have to be constantly motivated. Unfortunately, motivation is something that is not constant and it doesn’t come easy. Oftentimes, people don’t stay motivated that long and feel worn out and too tired to continue to work. As a result, they become unproductive and, in some cases, even lose their job.

Types of motivation

Everyone knows that motivation is a driving force for a person to do something or behave in a particular way. However, there are many types of motivation and it is important to identify them to understand it more clearly. There are basically two types of motivation, intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.

  • Intrinsic motivation. This type of motivation refers to all the things that can motivate a person based on internal rewards. This includes all motivational drivers such as self-improvement, the joy of learning, and self-actualization. People are intrinsically motivated because […]
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Why use Basecamp as your project management software?

The use of project management software has never been more popular. Numerous teams and organizations have seen how convenient it is and how much more productive they can be. These online collaboration tools have not only helped teams become more productive but have also helped create high-quality outputs. Project management software has indeed automated many of the processes; thereby, allowing users to save their time, resources, and efforts. Among the most popular ones is Basecamp which was launched in 2004.

What is Basecamp?

Basecamp started out as a way to help its parent company, 37signals, with its overflowing work that consisted of too many large projects. It was created because the company found that using emails for project organization was not enough. As soon as they started using it with some of their clients, they found how much easier it was to manage their projects.

Basecamp works by letting users break their work into separate projects. Each of these contains everything related to the work, including the assignees, documents, discussions, […]

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Trello FAQ

Trello is one of the many project management software today that teams depend on for their productivity. It owes its popularity to its board-and-card system and Kanban-style of listing which is easy for teams to understand. Trello is a powerful collaboration tool where managers can create tasks, assign them to members, and set due dates. Because of its whiteboard-style, all it takes is one glance for users to see what they are assigned to do. Also, the tasks can easily be moved around the board to indicate the progress of the team on the project.

Features of Trello

Trello is intuitive and has a simple and easy-to-understand user interface. It is composed of three elements, namely boards, lists, and cards, all of which can be manipulated for project completion. The boards present the project and its details while the lists contain the stages or phases of the project. The list, which is the basic unit of every board in Trello, contains the tasks related to the project.

Trello, with […]

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How to develop your leadership skills for project management?

It is inarguable that a project management team’s success is the result of the concerted efforts of its members. However, one fact that cannot be overlooked is the role of the team’s leader in driving his members to work. His leadership skills can make or break a team, and motivate or discourage them. It is important, therefore, for leaders to have the right skills for project management to bring the team to success.

What are the necessary leadership skills for project management?

Basically, most leadership skills apply across all industries and fields. Project management leadership skills don’t have to be singled out. Here are some of the necessary ones.

  1. Good communication. Communication is important in every aspect of life. At work, it involves meeting and interacting with different types of people from different backgrounds. This makes it important for leaders to be able to articulate information in a clear, understandable, and complete way. Good communication skills set visions, goals, and expectations clear between all parties. Equally important is the […]
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Top 10 time tracking integration for Asana

Many project management teams have become more productive and efficient in their work because of using collaboration software. These tools automate many of the tasks and allow users to save a lot of time and money. Among the most popular choices of teams is Asana, a tool for planning, sharing, and organizing work. Created by Dustin Moskovitz and Justin Rosenstein, Asana boasts of creating a virtual workspace for users to collaborate in. The manager can easily create tasks, put comments, and attach files in them which they can assign to their members. Users can also communicate with their team through the software’s messaging tools like its message boards. Asana also helps teams manage their budgets and stay within them and meet deadlines with quality output.

Asana is available in both free and paid versions. Users have access to basic features with the free version, including tasks, archives, and searches. On the other hand, those who are subscribed to the paid one can take advantage of more advanced features. […]

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Introducing Basecamp personal

Basecamp is one of today’s most popular and preferred project management software. It is a useful tool that gives teams the power to create to-dos and schedule their due dates. Additionally, it can also upload documents and files to share with the team and send messages for collaboration.

Basecamp has numerous benefits and one of them is keeping project communication in one place. It is a tool that replaces many communication methods such as email and chat applications. And since Basecamp has file attachment and commenting capabilities, users can easily find the information they are looking for. This software also integrates seamlessly with other apps that are commonly used by teams and organizations. For example, users can link their Basecamp with Google Drive and never have to leave Basecamp to open files. Of course, this software is suitable for small businesses for $99 a month. But, how about individual users like students, families, and freelancers? Surely, $99 for personal projects is way too expensive, right?

Basecamp Personal

Introducing Basecamp […]

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Asana FAQ

Project management is such a popular field today that software dedicated to it has been developed. Though complex tools, many of these have been designed with flexibility and ease of use in mind. Among these is Asana, the cloud-based collaboration software that many businesses of all sizes use for their projects. It provides its users with a virtual workspace where they can work together to complete their projects. Asana gives managers the power to create tasks and assign them to their members, accompanied by the tasks’ due dates. Members can also ask questions or comment directly on these tasks and even add files to them. Users are notified about upcoming deadlines and the status of their tasks in their inbox.

Why use Asana for managing projects?

With the stiff competition of businesses across all industries, project management teams need to deliver quality output on time, every time. Asana helps with that through its features and capabilities. Here are some of the reasons why teams should use Asana.

  1. Asana helps […]
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Trello Keyboard Shortcuts

Project management software has been around for quite some time now and it has been proven effective by many organizations. The capabilities and flexibility of these tools make the work of project management teams lighter and their productivity higher. Today, there are numerous tools available in the market and Trello is one of the most popular ones. In fact, Trello remains to be a top choice for businesses, especially for its simple format and ease of use.

What is Trello?

Trello is definitely prized by organizations that want to be more productive and deliver their output timely and accurately. It is a project management software that takes on the Kanban system of task management. At one glance, it looks like a huge bulletin board with Post-It notes that contain different tasks. Trello is composed of boards or projects, lists or stages of the project, and cards or tasks under each project. For example, a board can be entitled ‘Accreditation for ISO’. Users can create lists and name them ‘Collection […]

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Top 10 reporting integrations for Asana

Asana is one of the popular project management software today that many teams use for managing their projects. It understands that large and small projects can get too complex which may lead to team inefficiency. Its ease of use, flexibility, and capabilities help make project management a lot easier. Founded by Dustin Moskovitz and Justin Rosenstein in 2008, Asana is suitable for both teams and individual users alike. This software is all about the automation of various processes, resulting in simplified workflows, saved time, and reduced errors.

Asana, the popular cloud-based software, lets its users create a virtual workspace where they can collaborate on projects. It is also a tool that can replace the email for making general announcements for the organization. Additionally, it can also be used as an instant-messaging tool for chats and informal correspondence. Its capabilities are varied, including allowing users to create tasks, assign them to specific members, and set their due dates. Users can also share documents and comment on tasks as part […]

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How to successfully plan events in Basecamp

It is inevitable for businesses to hold events. This may be for marketing, launching a product, or simply a gathering in honor of its loyal customers. To make it successful and impactful, businesses should know the right way to do it. They should also be aware of its elements to be able to make the event worth the budget.

What is event planning?

Event planning starts with a plan. Regardless of the event is (a birthday or a wedding), it always begins that way. This encompasses a lot of things, including having initial discussions with the client regarding their budget, theme, ideas, and date. Basically, event planning is the process of managing a project such as conventions, meetings, and tradeshows. It begins at the conceptualization stage, all the way to the actual event taking place.

There are many processes of event planning and the following are just some of it:

  1. Creation of a guest list. The planner has to make a guest list, putting into consideration the people the client […]
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