How to integrate slack to Trello, Asana and Basecamp?

Communication within a workplace is one of the most important parts of running a business, regardless of its size. It is necessary to make sure that everyone is updated with everything, including new projects, changes, and updates. The good thing about today’s modern world is that there are already numerous ways of doing this, including using modern communication technology. Aside from the usual emails and Microsoft Outlook, there is now software intended for messaging and file sharing like Slack.

What is Slack?

Slack is one of the most popular tools for workplace communication that is described as the one place for files, tools, and messaging. Users can communicate with each other in two ways which are through the channel and through direct message. Talking through the channel works like a group chat which means that everyone on that channel can read all the messages. On the other hand, talking through a direct message is a more private way of communicating directly with a specific person. Membership to a specific […]

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Bridge24 vs Asana2Go – Which one is best for reporting in Asana?

The use of cloud-based project management software has become increasingly popular, thanks to the convenience and ease-of-use that these tools provide. Many project management teams have taken advantage of the benefits that using these can bring. In fact, a good number of them vouch for the higher productivity that they have achieved ever since they started using these project management tools. The market today already brims with numerous software of this type and every company and team seems to be able to find one that suits their needs. And among the software that is being used is Asana.


Asana started in 2008 and was founded by Dustin Moskovitz and Justin Rosenstein as a way to address many business’ methods to coordinate more smoothly. It understands how collaboration becomes increasingly difficult as an organization grows. The most basic function of Asana is to provide a ‘workspace’ where teams can track the progress of their projects. Users can create tasks and assign them to specific members, set due dates, and […]

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5 Ways Trello Can Help a Project Team Be More Effective

As a cloud-based project management tool, Trello is accessible, affordable, and robust. Through Trello, you can organize all the tasks within your company, as well as improve the productivity and efficiency of your project team. But not everyone is using Trello as effectively as they can be. Here are five ways Trello can help your project team.

1. Assign and Track Your Tasks from Anywhere

Since Trello can be used anywhere, your tasks and your projects will follow you. You can log into Trello on your phone, computer, tablet, or laptop, so you always know what you need to do.

On Trello, you can both view your current tasks and assign tasks. from wherever you are. This is especially useful to companies that have employees in many locations.

2. Review Your Tasks At-a-Glance

The board-based model of Trello makes it easier to see everything that you need to do at-a-glance. In Trello, you have a board, and on each board you have a sequence of cards. This represents projects […]

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The Biggest Misconceptions About Remote Work

Remote work is definitely one of the fastest rising trends in the area of employment. It is preferred by some workers because it gives them more time to focus on their work, rather than on getting dressed and commuting. In fact, a 2015 Gallup poll revealed that 37% of the labor force in the US works remotely and that number is steadily rising. People who work remotely adopt a working style that doesn’t confine them within the walls of a traditional office. This means that they perform their jobs anywhere and it doesn’t even have to be specific.

The remote work scale

In order to understand how remote work works, it is important to get to know the remote work scale which ranges from ‘not remote’ to ‘fully distributed’.

  1. In-office (not remote)

At this end of the scale is the most common work set-up which is in-office where an entire team of workers is situated in one office. It doesn’t offer flexibility in the hours that workers spend in the […]

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How to use Trello to improve your SEO?

Search engine optimization or SEO is important to website management because it helps drive more visitors to a specific website. It includes strategies and techniques that result in a website being ranked at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) of search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. SEO specialists know a lot of ways to increase rankings but there are also other ways that are not too technical for the ordinary team. One of them is by using Trello, the project management software that is being used by numerous teams and individuals. Whether the purpose is for business or for personal advancement, Trello is the perfect tool.

Why choose Trello?

Trello is an online collaboration tool that has been named as one of the best collaborative project management tools. It uses the Kanban view, which originated in Japan, that utilizes boards for a more visual way of managing a project. This method makes it easy to add team members and assign tasks to them, set due dates, […]

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What is a product roadmap and how to do it in Asana?

Asana has been around since 2008 after it was created by two of software world’s biggest names, Dustin Moskovitz and Justin Rosenstein. With more than 25,000 paying users to date, Asana has been proven to be the leading software for project management. Basically, Asana provides a workspace for teams where they can collaborate for the management of their projects. Users have the power to create tasks and assign them to specific members, as well as set deadlines for the tasks and share documents.

Now, the question is how useful is Asana when it comes to making a product roadmap?

What is a product roadmap?

Every project management team has its own product offerings and creating a roadmap for these is important. A product roadmap is a visual plan that shows how a product is going to meet business objectives. It is the product’s guide, direction, and plan for how to execute a strategy.

On a general note, a product roadmap has the following goals:

  • It should describe the strategy and vision
  • […]

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Asana Rolls Out Voice Recognition for iOS and Rules Features

Asana project management software makes it easier for people to be more productive. Every feature can be used to simplify or streamline processes that require more time and effort. Teams are able to communicate and collaborate more effectively. So, work proceeds more smoothly and accurately, allowing team members to do it right the first time. These past weeks, they released new exciting features. They are rolling out a new voice recognition for iOS and a Rules feature for automation. For a powerful reporting and exporting tool for Asana, give our own tool Bridge24 for Asana a try.

Introducing Voice Recognition for iOS

In the last week of September, Asana announced a new voice recognition feature available for the iOS platform. Users can now create a task by recording a voice message. When you use its mobile app, you will see a microphone icon together with the other Asana icons (calendar, image, paperclip, etc.). You can make a dictation, and the VR feature will transcribe it and save it […]

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How to improve your customer service with Basecamp

Advertisements and promotions bring customers in, but it’s great customer service that keeps them coming back in. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, considering the many challenges that come with customer service. Even the biggest and most established names still encounter the most common issues related to keeping customers happy. A recent study confirms that customer service continues to be the top priority of small business owners. The problem is that it is perpetually impossible to keep track and respond to every client’s concern in an accurate and timely manner.

Thankfully, there is already numerous software in the market that offers solutions that actually work. Among these is Basecamp which helps businesses organize their tasks and projects. Everything can now be found in one place, reducing the risk of losing files and getting disconnected from what needs to be done.

Why choose Basecamp for customer service?

There are many reasons why Basecamp should be used by businesses and organizations, no matter how small they are. This software allows communication […]

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What is agile methodology in project management?

Project management is done through different methods and one of them is agile methodology. In this methodology, project management teams break up a project into stages called sprints and collaborate with their stakeholders. This is done to improve the outcome of the project and come up with the desired result. The agile methodology starts with the client explaining the end product they want and the problems that it will solve. Then, the team begins their work, following the process of planning, executing, and evaluating.

The agile methodology works under its four main values:

  • Choose interactions and individuals over tools and processes
  • Accept change more than sticking to a plan
  • Work together with customers more than discussing a contract
  • Use software more than documentation

This methodology is not only used in project management but also in marketing, education, software development, and construction.

What are the principles of agile methodology?

Every project is unique and calls for different approaches. This is why agile methodology provides users with its 12 guiding principles […]

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Top 10 Asana integrations for communication

Every project management team needs an effective and efficient tool for managing tasks, making schedules, working within a budget, and planning work. One of the world’s most popular project management software that is being trusted by numerous organizations is Asana. It can be used by teams for planning, sharing, and organizing work, as well as for making to-do lists. It was founded in 2008 by two big names in the industry namely Dustin Moskovitz and Justin Rosenstein. Rosenstein used to work for Google while Moskovitz was one of the members of the original Facebook founder team.

The main purpose of Asana is to improve work management and team collaboration. It provides teams with the tools they need in just one software and is available in free and paid versions. Users of the free version get the basic features useful for searches, archives, and tasks, while those who use the paid version have access to more advanced features such as unlimited […]

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