Asana FAQ – Task Reminders, Task Dependencies and more

Project management software has been proven to help teams and businesses better manage their workflows. These online tools have been proven to increase work productivity and help organizations deliver more quality outputs. Among the most famous software of this kind is Asana, the cloud-based collaboration tool, which provides users with a virtual workspace where they can collaborate for a project. Project managers can create tasks, assign these tasks to members, and set their due dates so no deadline is missed. Members can also ask about the details of the tasks by commenting on them and attaching files.

Asana can be used for various purposes, including for communication which is one of its most basic functions. It offers an option where users no longer have to use multiple tools for communication. Through its instant messaging tools, users no longer have to use the email all the time. They can skip digging through emails as they can search through conversations in one place. Asana can also be used for holding […]

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What are the skills a good project management should have?

Project management is a job that may not be as popular as most other jobs are. If young kids are asked about what they want to become when they grow up, project managers may not be among the top answers. In fact, not a lot of people know much about the industry and the people who do it. There are so many misconceptions about it which is why it is necessary to set the record straight and define and describe project management.

What is project management?

In order to define project management, it is first necessary to define the word ‘project’. A project has a distinct start date and end date which makes it temporary. However, it is unique because it is not a routine operation but involves a set of operations aimed to accomplish a specific goal. Moreover, a project can involve various people who come from various departments who are brought together to work on a common task.

Examples of projects are the construction of a building, development […]

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What are the differences between a project manager and a product manager?

The competition among businesses is getting tougher by the day. Apart from the pressure to stay at the top, they also have to continue to work within their budget. This is oftentimes the reason why many employees work multiple roles. Being a skilled and competent worker can be one of the reasons. However, most often than not, their employers had no choice but to stretch their roles as a resource utilization strategy.

Among the positions that a single person usually holds at the same time are Project Manager and Product Manager. The two sound really similar and are both managerial positions, so it may seem like it is a sound decision. Unfortunately, the opposite is almost always true. To be able to understand this better, a closer and more detailed look at these two job titles is necessary.

Project vs. Product

The words that have to be defined first are project and product.

A project is a one-time endeavour that has a definite start date and end date. It is usually […]

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Building an Agile Project in Asana: Step by Step

A wide variety of teams and organizations use an agile methodology to manage and complete their projects. Although it was originally developed for software development teams, the agile methodology has taken off. Flexible and customizable tools, like Asana make this possible. Read on to learn how to create and maintain agile projects in Asana.

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Important Terms to Know

Asana is a Kanban tool you can use quickly and easily for agile planning. However, the terminology in Asana is a bit different than what you might be used to for agile. The breakdown below can help you understand how Asana and agile terms correlate.


Asana Agile

Portfolio — a dashboard for your entire project. It enables you to group and monitor related projects.


Epics — entire projects or major versions
Project — an individual kanban board. It is contained within a portfolio or epic.
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Top 7 Asana Integrations for File Sharing

Project management tools have been making businesses and organizations’ tasks a lot easier and more accurate. It has automated a lot of the processes, including workflow management, task creation and assignment, budget creation, and schedule-making. One of these is Asana, founded in 2008 by Dustin Moskovitz and Justin Rosenstein. The software can be used by organizations to improve their work management and team collaboration. Its different features allow teams to do various processes using just one tool.

Asana can also be used for communication without having to use another application. Users can make comments on tasks and also mention teammates who are involved in the task. They can also leave notes or feedback on images and share status updates for their clients and stockholders. Aside from team and task management, as well as views, Asana can also be used with third-party integrations that enhance its capabilities further. Many of these integrations are already commonly used by everyone across all industries.

Top 7 Asana integrations for file sharing

Asana recognizes the […]

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Asana FAQ – Push notifications, delete a dependency, and more

Last year, Asana announced that it already had more than 50,000 paying organizations. This was a huge leap from the 20,000 subscribers it had some six quarters ago. It also said that its revenue rate is around 90% year after year. These figures just show that more organizations and teams find it as one of the best software for online collaboration and project management. This doesn’t come as a surprise with all the features and capabilities of Asana that enable teams to work efficiently. The software allows organizations to manage their tasks in one place, regardless of the location of their team members. Workflows and the progress of projects can be tracked which promote transparency and foster trust.

Asana has a wide array of features and capabilities that aim to help users manage their projects. This is often a reason for people to ask a lot of questions about how to use Asana in a certain way. This article answers the third batch of FAQs for the software.

1. […]

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Top 5 Trello Power-Ups for Marketing and Social Media

Trello has been around since 2011 when it was first developed as a subsidiary of Atlassian. As of 2017, Trello reported that it has surpassed its 25 million users. This just proves that it is one of the preferred software by many businesses, organizations, and even individual users. Its Kanban-style helps teams organize their work, create and assign tasks, and make sure no deadline is missed. Trello also aims to provide the best project management support to its users by allowing the use of power-ups. These third-party integrations enhance the features of Trello and allow users to do more than just manage workflows.

There are already other articles written about Trello’s power-ups for communication. But Trello can also be enhanced for various other purposes such as for social media and marketing. In fact, there are numerous power-ups that easily integrate with the software, allowing users to do more in less time.

Top 5 best Trello power-ups for marketing and social media

Considering the impact social media has for businesses, […]

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How to use Trello as a Freelancer?

Freelancing is one of the popular career options that people prefer today. There is a lot of good reasons for this like having one’s control over his time and being the boss of one’s job. Freelancing means the harder you work, the more clients you get, and the bigger your money. Sometimes, this career is called contract job or contract work, consultancy, or independent contracting. However it is called, freelancing is a lucrative job.

Since freelancers are usually their own boss, a lot of people expect them to be free and answer to nobody. However, the opposite is true because they take responsibility for everything they do, including when they lose a client. Freelancers have a burden on their shoulders to be efficient, reliable, and organized.

In order to achieve all these, freelancers can definitely make use of project management software like Trello.

What is Trello?

Trello is one of the many project management software today that teams need for their project needs. The good thing about it is that […]

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Charts by Custom Fields for Asana and Trello

Many of you are required to start making year-end reports based on data that resides within Asana and Trello. Bridge24 should be part of your solution to create useful data products such as structured reports, and visual charts. Especially now, given that both support the use of custom fields!

Use Custom Fields to Create Dynamic Charts

Custom fields are a widely used feature within Asana and Trello since they allow you to add fields for your specific workflow. There are so many ways to use them, such as: adding a field to categorize your product, a status field for a special sign-off procedure, a version field for a release, a yes/no for any required action, etc. After all this data has been entered, how can you easily draw useful information to create summaries, or to see trends?

Bridge24 released the ability to use custom fields for grouping in Reports several months ago. Since last week, custom fields can now be used to generate dynamic […]

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Simpletivity – A YouTube Channel Review

Channel Overview

The Simpletivity YouTube Channel is owned and managed by Scott Friesen who is an advocate of productivity. He helps people become more productive and efficient in the midst of their busy schedules by speaking and training various groups. Moreover, he also does Trello consulting to teams who want to master using this productivity software. And when he is not doing that, he uses the Simpletivity YouTube Channel to provide helpful videos on technology apps, productivity tips, and time management ideas. The channel is beneficial to business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals who want to be more productive and get the most out of their day. Simpletivity has been creating videos on YouTube since August 17, 2015, and has more than 5 million views.

Description of Videos

The Simpletivity YouTube Channel has more than 200 videos that cover virtually all topics under the sun in relation to productivity. The topics range from serious project management issues and using Pm software to tricks in starting one’s day right. There […]

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