New Basecamp Gantt Chart / Calendar view in Bridge24

A heavily requested feature for Basecamp 3 users of Bridge24, we are excited to provide access to the Gantt Chart view. This view is very flexible in that it can use any date field as a punctual date or as a start and end dates. This allows you, therefore, to view a timeline of any activity in a continuous calendar across all Projects, and dynamically filter as required. Additionally, a new Calendar view is also now available.

Gantt View usage

Active Search results

The Gant view is based on the Active Search and Filter results currently in the returned selection set. The Gantt view is able to display to-dos across multiple projects. Click on the Gantt view to display the chart.

Set Date(s) to use

The traditional use of a Gantt chart is in planning, where the user adds and moves tasks in time to […]

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Asana vs Basecamp Comparison: Which is Best?

This 2020, project managers have a lot to choose from when it comes to software for project management. For a friendly-user tool, Asana and Basecamp are better among others, but choosing which one to go for is the reason to differentiate them in this article.

When it comes to clients and company success from start-up up to the present, Asana and Basecamp have already proven their value in the market. There are plenty of articles that offer the best reviews about Asana and Basecamp that is why we will focus the discussion on comparing them to figure out the best choice.

Recommended software: Bridge24 for Trello and Bridge24 for Asana.

A Run-down of Asana versus Basecamp

This run-down will have four counts to see which of the two has the best functionality in different scopes. It […]

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Top 10 Basecamp integration for reporting, charts and planning

Basecamp is one of the most popular project management software that businesses and organizations use today. It is an online collaboration tool that promotes team productivity, timely and quality delivery of work, and stronger working relationships between teams and clients. Basecamp has features that help users communicate and collaborate in one place. With its various tools, users can set up to-do lists and schedules, attach files and documents, and communicate among themselves.

Basecamp eliminates the need for teams to keep using the email for correspondence. This is because the app itself has message boards that bring all conversations together in one place. Additionally, Basecamp also has tools for informal conversations among team members like its chat feature. Teams no longer need to use a variety of communication tools because of this.

Basecamp is also great for tracking progress and deadlines through its schedule feature where users can get updates on recently added task lists. Additionally, it provides real-time updates to remind users of the tasks that need to […]

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Why use Basecamp as your project management software?

The use of project management software has never been more popular. Numerous teams and organizations have seen how convenient it is and how much more productive they can be. These online collaboration tools have not only helped teams become more productive but have also helped create high-quality outputs. Project management software has indeed automated many of the processes; thereby, allowing users to save their time, resources, and efforts. Among the most popular ones is Basecamp which was launched in 2004.

What is Basecamp?

Basecamp started out as a way to help its parent company, 37signals, with its overflowing work that consisted of too many large projects. It was created because the company found that using emails for project organization was not enough. As soon as they started using it with some of their clients, they found how much easier it was to manage their projects.

Basecamp works by letting users break their work into separate projects. Each of these contains everything related to the work, including the assignees, documents, discussions, […]

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Introducing Basecamp personal

Basecamp is one of today’s most popular and preferred project management software. It is a useful tool that gives teams the power to create to-dos and schedule their due dates. Additionally, it can also upload documents and files to share with the team and send messages for collaboration.

Basecamp has numerous benefits and one of them is keeping project communication in one place. It is a tool that replaces many communication methods such as email and chat applications. And since Basecamp has file attachment and commenting capabilities, users can easily find the information they are looking for. This software also integrates seamlessly with other apps that are commonly used by teams and organizations. For example, users can link their Basecamp with Google Drive and never have to leave Basecamp to open files. Of course, this software is suitable for small businesses for $99 a month. But, how about individual users like students, families, and freelancers? Surely, $99 for personal projects is way too expensive, right?

Basecamp Personal

Introducing Basecamp […]

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How to successfully plan events in Basecamp

It is inevitable for businesses to hold events. This may be for marketing, launching a product, or simply a gathering in honor of its loyal customers. To make it successful and impactful, businesses should know the right way to do it. They should also be aware of its elements to be able to make the event worth the budget.

What is event planning?

Event planning starts with a plan. Regardless of the event is (a birthday or a wedding), it always begins that way. This encompasses a lot of things, including having initial discussions with the client regarding their budget, theme, ideas, and date. Basically, event planning is the process of managing a project such as conventions, meetings, and tradeshows. It begins at the conceptualization stage, all the way to the actual event taking place.

There are many processes of event planning and the following are just some of it:

  1. Creation of a guest list. The planner has to make a guest list, putting into consideration the people the client […]
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Top 10 Basecamp integrations for time tracking

The use of project management software is growing more popular today because it gets more work done in less time. Many organizations and teams report higher productivity when they started using this software than when they used other tools. Among these is Basecamp, a famous project management software that is being used by many companies and brands around the world. It lets users create to-do lists, assign these tasks to specific members, and set their due dates. Moreover, it features message boards where conversations about specific topics can be found all on one page. It eliminates the need to browse through dozens of emails just to get a picture of the entire situation.

Basecamp also helps users make sure that they are updated on their tasks through its schedule feature. Users can see their events and to-dos for specific projects and everyone on a project can see these lists. In terms of storage and file sharing, Basecamp also reserves a space where users can share their files, images, […]

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How to integrate slack to Trello, Asana and Basecamp?

Communication within a workplace is one of the most important parts of running a business, regardless of its size. It is necessary to make sure that everyone is updated with everything, including new projects, changes, and updates. The good thing about today’s modern world is that there are already numerous ways of doing this, including using modern communication technology. Aside from the usual emails and Microsoft Outlook, there is now software intended for messaging and file sharing like Slack.

What is Slack?

Slack is one of the most popular tools for workplace communication that is described as the one place for files, tools, and messaging. Users can communicate with each other in two ways which are through the channel and through direct message. Talking through the channel works like a group chat which means that everyone on that channel can read all the messages. On the other hand, talking through a direct message is a more private way of communicating directly with a specific person. Membership to a specific […]

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How to improve your customer service with Basecamp

Advertisements and promotions bring customers in, but it’s great customer service that keeps them coming back in. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, considering the many challenges that come with customer service. Even the biggest and most established names still encounter the most common issues related to keeping customers happy. A recent study confirms that customer service continues to be the top priority of small business owners. The problem is that it is perpetually impossible to keep track and respond to every client’s concern in an accurate and timely manner.

Thankfully, there is already numerous software in the market that offers solutions that actually work. Among these is Basecamp which helps businesses organize their tasks and projects. Everything can now be found in one place, reducing the risk of losing files and getting disconnected from what needs to be done.

Why choose Basecamp for customer service?

There are many reasons why Basecamp should be used by businesses and organizations, no matter how small they are. This software allows communication […]

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Basecamp keyboard shortcuts

Communication within an organization is crucial to the success of its projects and endeavors. Project management teams, most especially, are in need of tools and software that enable them to not just manage their projects efficiently but also communicate with their teammates seamlessly and without delay. Basecamp is one of the most popular project management software today that numerous organizations use.

What is Basecamp?

Basecamp has leveled up the way organizations accomplish their work. It is an effective tool that gives the user the power to set up to-do lists, create schedules, upload images and files, and even communicate with their colleagues. It is easy to use and may even be utilized for personal use by an individual. Yes, Basecamp is both for teams and individuals and can be accessed in a browser and on a phone. As for project teams, this software allows them to add their clients to the project but still have control over what they can see and edit.

Features of Basecamp

Basecamp is the […]

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