Top 5 Basecamp Add-ons

By Jose Maria Delos Santos | January 31, 2017

basecamp top 5 addonsBasecamp project management and collaboration software is a favorite tool by startup teams and small-to-medium size businesses. It is a very effective tool in helping everyone organize themselves and their work. The simple interface is designed intuitively such that people are communicating more frequently and more clearly. They have a central space where they can see their teams, tasks and projects in greater context relative to the whole business and organization. The tools help the teams practice PM methods that result in saved time and higher productivity. As companies grow, many of them however become aware of missing features that can help them gain better insight and control.

The Top 5

Basecamp provides tools that are better alternatives to email in terms of requesting or sending information to team members. Users can easily see and track their tasks, hold discussions, and set reminders. They can easily request or generate status updates and reports, find important documents, use with emails, and work on the go. It is

New Basecamp 3 Project Templates

By Jose Maria Delos Santos | January 13, 2017

basecamp-logo_600wBasecamp project management and collaboration tool has rolled out several exciting features in 2016. Even before the year ended, a major feature was unveiled, which are project templates. A project template provides several benefits. First of all, it saves project managers valuable time, especially for recurring tasks, to-dos or events. Also, a template can become a standard that positively reinforces a PM process, safeguarding critical project information and details. Finally, it is an effective tool that can reduce risks. If you need a great extension to Basecamp, we recommend you use our own tool Bridge24 for Basecamp.

How to Create a Project Template

Basecamp 3 users who copy the same to-dos or documents can take advantage of the new project template feature. From the Home screen Projects section, users can click on the link “Make a reusable template” to get them started. After clicking, a window will appear asking for a name and optional description of the template. A descriptive project template name will make it easier for

Basecamp 3 for Android New Home Screen and other Improvements

By Jose Maria Delos Santos | January 12, 2017

basecamp-logo_600wBasecamp is providing companies a centralized space to manage all their projects, teams and client work. Basecamp 3 web-based project management tool includes tools and features that transform how teams work, making it easier to do their jobs. However, work does not stop when people go out of the office, away from their desktop. Therefore, the latest Basecamp 3 for Android now includes improvements that allow the smooth use of the PM app wherever work takes them. If you need a great extension to Basecamp, we recommend you use our own tool Bridge24 for Basecamp.

New Home Screen

The new Basecamp 3 for Android Home screen is the first screen that users see after successfully logging in. In general, users can see all their project cards tiled with the pinned cards on top. To pin a project, tap the beige pin (unpinned) on the top right of the project card. To unpin, simply tap the orange pin (pinned). Also, users can enable the switch at the top of

Top 3 Software Alternatives to Basecamp

By Jose Maria Delos Santos | January 11, 2017

basecamp-logo_600wBasecamp is an online project management tool where people can organize themselves and collaborate to complete projects. Basecamp 3 is the latest version of the application from a company that started in 1999. Simplicity is one of the guiding principles in designing the application, and this has allowed users to easily get on board and use it immediately.

Why people are not happy with Basecamp?

Basecamp is one of the earliest PM tools available online. Since its launch, it has rolled out new features and a major redesign. However, some of its earlier customers who have experienced growth in their business felt that they have outgrown Basecamp because of their more complex needs. Also, the work environment and business landscape has already transformed many times over, bringing different challenges and opportunities.

For example, companies now have a need for time tracking and cost tracking. Also, there is a need to break down complex tasks into subtasks, create task dependencies, and assign them to multiple resources. Gantt charts are time-proven tools

Basecamp 3 Chatbots – Interactive, Reporting and for GitHub

By Jose Maria Delos Santos | January 9, 2017

basecamp-logo_600wBasecamp project management and collaboration application is giving companies the opportunity to be better organized. With a single, centralized web-based platform, users are able to communicate with everybody else to complete their projects. Moreover, new features that are relevant and responsive to today’s working environment are available to all users. For instance, users can now make, bring or adopt their own chatbots with the recent publication of their chatbot API. Chatbots are basically computer programs that imitate conversation with people. If you need a great extension to Basecamp, we recommend you use our own tool Bridge24 for Basecamp.

Two Types of Basecamp Chatbots

Basecamp 3 chatbots are providing new opportunities. It is known that the PM app has a built-in instant messaging and chat room called Campfire. Now, it is equally easy to talk to chatbots as it is in chatting with team mates. Basically, there are two types of chatbots, interactive and reporting chatbots. Interactive chatbots can receive messages and provide a response to users. When

Asana and Basecamp now offered in Spanish and French through Bridge24

By Bridge24 Team | September 30, 2016

hola-bonjour-helloIn addition to great features included with Bridge24, it also provides a way to work with Asana and Basecamp in another language other than English. Connect to these applications and view and interact with your information in an interface in your native French or Spanish. Features to edit tasks and to-dos, as well as produce reports and export to Excel are included.

Below is an Asana account connected to Bridge24. All menu items in the left panel, column headers, pop-up dialogue labels and notifications are provided in French and Spanish. Since much of the functionality to update tasks is possible within Bridge24, use this interface to work with your data from Asana or Basecamp. (Also supported for AceProject and Trello)

To select the language of the interface, click on your profile image on the top right of the application, and change the language setting. The following is Bridge24 connected with an Asana account with the French language setting:


Here is Bridge24 with

New in Basecamp 3: Profile Cards and the Latest API

By Jose Maria Delos Santos | September 19, 2016

logo-basecampBasecamp recently announced a feature that helps users express themselves more. The new Profile Cards allow people to express their status with a little personality. Busy people usually want to describe what they are currently working on. Sometimes, they want to announce to the rest of the team they are out of the office. The web-based PM tool now has a creative way in providing this information. Also, the latest API is now available for interested third-party integrators. If you need a great extension to Basecamp, we recommend you use our own tool Bridge24 for Basecamp

Unexpected Job Titles

The team at Basecamp noticed an interesting trend since last year. Apparently, the Job title field is being used in a more creative way. The field is supposed to contain information that describes a member’s official position or responsibility. For instance, a member’s Job title could be iOS Designer or Customer Support Manager. Instead, users put in more colorful descriptions such as Respectable Citizen or Quiet Optimist. Moreover, some are

Basecamp 3.1 App for iOS New Features

By Jose Maria Delos Santos | September 19, 2016

logo-basecampBasecamp project management software regularly updates their mobile apps so users can work wherever they want to go. Version 3.1 for iOS includes significant updates. Users with their iPhone and/or iPad are now readily notified and can work with greater ease with the following enhancements:

  • See what is coming up and due
  • Write comments with less distraction
  • Log in with 1Password
  • Open Google Docs in their own app
  • Easily find attachments.

Hence, managing projects, groups and client work with iOS devices has never been easier. If you need a great extension to Basecamp, we recommend you use our own tool Bridge24 for Basecamp

Basecamp 3 Today Widget

Basecamp 3 makes available for users the iOS Today widget for easier notification. They can add the widget to their Today screen. In effect, users are able to see upcoming events and to-dos that are due soon, even from the locked screen. No need to check the schedules every so often. Also, a few shortcuts from the most recent Ping and Campfire chats

Basecamp News: Master The Art Of Effective Delegation, Low Cost Way to Improve Your Business, and more

By Bridge24 Team | August 7, 2016

Basecamp Helps Master The Art Of Effective Delegation

Master The Art Of Effective DelegationHave the owner track the delegated task via Basecamp. Ensure you have a structure in place so communication is honest when a project/task needs to be rescheduled or deadline renegotiated. Most of my clients find dividing a complex project into a series of smaller projects increases visibility, and ensures that weekly deadlines keep momentum. Then, if a deadline needs to be moved the impact isn’t as severe, since the deliverable is much smaller. Set a standard for renegotiation when a deadline will be missed. Most of my clients have a 48-72 hour advance notice when it appears a deadline is in peril.

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Basecamp as a Low Cost Way to Improve Your Business

Low Cost Ways to Improve Your BusinessStartups are usually strapped for cash. But that shouldn’t stop you from building your dream as effectively as possible. So

Basecamp Software Review – Features and Pricing

By Jose Maria Delos Santos | June 22, 2016

Overview Presentation

logo-basecampBasecamp is a web-based tool to manage projects, groups and client work. Basecamp 3 is the latest version and included a new, redesigned and improved features that help users to stay on top of all their work. It aims to keep people on the same page, organize and disseminate information, discuss ideas and make official decisions while keeping things in the application still simple and straightforward. It is being used by over 100,000 companies across the globe, by freelancers, small shops, mid-sized companies and large multinational organizations, providing a private, secure space online where people can work together and get projects done. If you need a great extension to Basecamp, we recommend you use our own tool Bridge24 for Basecamp

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Transparent Communication, Real-time MessagingBasecamp has a unique mix of six tools that help users organize and discuss everything they need to get work done. The Message Board allows users to post important topics such as announcements, proposals, or ideas