Interactive Charts for Asana using Bridge24

Bridge24 New Feature - ChartsAsana is a great operational tool for users to centrally collaborate on project and task information. Reporting features, however, are limited. With Bridge24, users can connect dynamically to Asana and instantly create and export powerful charts and task lists for basic reports.

Benefits of Using Charts

Charts aide in a quick understanding of the distribution of tasks and provide an overview to access information through a visual representation. Rather than looking through lists and lists of tasks or extensive filtering and searching, find information at a glance visually through a chart. The chart can also be exported (PDF format) to share with managers or co-workers to quickly see patterns and other aggregate information for comparisons, etc.

Charts Based on a Project or Filters, and How to Access

The charts in Bridge24 are contextual and based on the current tasks displayed from a project or filter results. In the case where you wish to include completed tasks, you can create […]

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Asana Announces Release of New Timeline View

Asana is being used by project teams all over the world. Project management is a profession that is growing exponentially. Enterprises and organizations have seen the the value it brings to the company and its customers. Unfortunately, not all in the project leadership position are professional project managers, and many find themselves there without applying to the position. Many accidental project managers are overwhelmed by difficult coordination issues and tight deadlines. As a solution, Asana recently announced a new feature called Timeline to help teams see how their work fits together. For a powerful reporting and exporting tool for Asana, give our own tool Bridge24 for Asana a try, or access it in their own Integration page.

Introducing Asana Timeline

Timeline is available to Asana Premium customers. It is the latest tool that enables teams to make the most of their plans, tasks and time. Indeed, creating a plan is the first step to a successful project management, execution and delivery. However, starting from scratch to create […]

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Asana Adds Spanish and Portuguese Languages

Asana is a platform that enables teams do great things together. As they create projects, complete tasks and move work forward, everyone knows who is doing what, by when. This greater transparency promotes accountability and boosts productivity. Teams are trusting each other more. And teams across 192 countries are also relying more on this project tracking solution. Now, Spanish and Portuguese languages are available, in addition to English, French and German. For a powerful reporting and exporting tool for Asana, give our own tool Bridge24 for Asana a try, or access it in their own Integration page.

Helping Spanish and Portuguese Teams be more productive

Last quarter of 2017, French and German languages were added to help a growing number of international customers be more comfortable and productive. And as planned, Spanish and Portuguese languages are also now available to help teams from these countries. It is a way to help teams who are speaking these languages have more clarity as they communicate and collaborate on their […]

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Asana Raises $75M Funding With New Investor-Partner

Asana is an online collaborative work management and project tracking application used by teams. It launched in 2008 with a mission to provide teams and organizations the clarity to execute their projects and processes. From experience, the founders knew how teams have been distracted and delayed because of spending too much time tracking project status and work assignments. And as the application helps teams move work forward, more and more teams are getting work that matters done. For a powerful extension to Asana, give our own tool Bridge24 for Asana a try, or access it on their Integration page.

Generation Investment Management

To achieve the grander mission of helping humanity thrive through empowered and effective teams, the company is raising $75 million dollars. This latest Series D funding has been made possible with and led by new investor and partner Generation Investment Management. Generation is a private investment management partnership company with head office in London. Its specialty is in sustainable investing. Generation believes in accelerating companies […]

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Asana Boards Now With Custom Fields and Comment-only Projects

Asana is helping teams plan, track and manage projects the way the teams want it. Users can choose to view their team’s work on lists, in a calendar, or using a Kanban board. For some teams and for some projects, visualizing work on a board is more effective. This is especially useful when members need to quickly see the overview, but also move tasks from one stage to the next. For a powerful extension to Asana, give our own tool Bridge24 for Asana a try, or access it on their Integration page.

Asana Kanban Boards

The ability to look at projects from different views is a powerful tool. Asana provides users several choices, including a Kanban board view. In fact, its Kanban application got the Editor’s Choice award for Best Kanban Apps of 2018 from PC Magazine’s December review. Now, Premium customers have access to 2 more features on their boards: custom fields and comment-only projects. These features have already been available for the list view. These […]

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Asana in the News: January 22, 2018

Our goal is to monitor everything in the press about the Asana collaboration tool on a daily basis. Here is a summary of articles found on the Internet about Asana on the 22nd of January, 2018. All the articles below are great articles about how Asana can complement your business needs. You have a link to each article if you want to read it, and also a Twitter link if you want to contact the author for more information.

If you are an Asana user and need a great reporting and exporting tool, we recommend using our own tool Bridge24 for Asana.

Why I Use a Printed Notebook for Ideas and Planning

Article Quote: “When it comes to note taking, I started with a spiral notebook back in college, then years later gravitated to a computer. I’ve used various note apps that evolved early, then tried Evernote, but settled on Apple Notes (It’s free, simple and clean.) To-do apps were the same – I tried Wunderlist, Trello, Asana, […]

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Asana Introduces the CSV Importer Feature

Asana is a project tracking and management application for teams. It can be used for tracking and managing projects from initiation to closing. Although spreadsheets are still popularly used for project planning, its ease of use begins to diminish once the project starts moving. Spreadsheets are limited and less flexible when it comes to collaborative work, for being shareable and up-to-date. However, using a more suited application can mean starting all over again. Teams do not want that. And they do not have to anymore, with the new CSV importer feature in Asana. For a powerful extension to Asana, give our own tool Bridge24 for Asana a try, or access it on their Integration page.

Asana Advantage Over Spreadsheets

Asana has several advantages over spreadsheets as a project tracking and management application. A project plan in Asana is ready for collaboration. Multiple team members can update the plan to show the actions they are taking for the different tasks. They can assign work, share files, and communicate […]

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Latest Asana Includes A More Powerful Calendar

Asana provides users several views to help manage their tasks, schedules, and other project information in a more understandable and sensible way. Some of the views are list view, board view, progress view, and even a files view that filters tasks with attachments. Another view available is the Calendar view that shows tasks with due dates in a calendar format. A few days ago, the latest version of this PM app introduces a more powerful calendar that will help show a more accurate view of one’s work. For a powerful extension to Asana, give our own tool Bridge24 for Asana a try, or access it on their Integration page.

Enhanced Calendar View

The enhanced Calendar view in Asana lets people visualize when their work is actually happening, and this is in real-time. In truth, schedules change and dates shift all the time, but instead of passing the responsibility to the user to update it in multiple places, the Calendar does it for him or her. Calendar view […]

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Asana – Siri Integration For Creating Tasks

Asana is a work tracking and project management application built for teams. It has features and tools that enable users to track the team’s work from start to finish. Aside from managing projects, they can also use it to keep organized and productive, for Agile management, for workflows, reporting and more. It also works well with other tools that people are already using. Recently, it announced integration with Siri, Apple’s intelligent personal assistant included in iOS. For a powerful extension to Asana, give our own tool Bridge24 for Asana a try, or access it on their Integration page.

Hey Siri

Asana now works with Siri to enable users of both applications a new way for adding tasks, reminders, and work easily. They can quickly create to-dos by telling Siri to remind them about the upcoming conference, or a letter that they need to send to a colleague. The Siri integration allows a user to quickly capture or record an idea, and keep it moving forward without having […]

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Asana Introduces Comment-Only Projects

Asana facilitates project collaboration among teams and their external partners. They are able to manage their projects, organize their documents, and communicate more clearly and quickly with one another. As a result, teams are more productively moving work forward to the benefit of all. Collaboration is key in obtaining instant clarification and feedback. However, without the proper control and permission, it can also lead to unintentional mistakes and unwanted damage. To lock things down more securely, Asana is announcing the availability of comment-only projects in Asana Premium. For a powerful extension to Asana, give our own tool Bridge24 for Asana a try, or access it on their Integration page.

Comment-only Project and Use Cases

Asana is being used by a great number of teams for different project collaboration and other purposes. For example, people use the app in setting up IT request projects, where employees can easily add requests. However, some projects may require a lot of input from others but should only have a few who […]

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