Top 5 Asana Add-ons

By Jose Maria Delos Santos | January 27, 2017

asana top 5 addons 1Asana online productivity tool is helping thousands of teams set their goals, track their projects, and complete their missions. It is a workflow management and collaboration software available for free for teams up to 15 members. Users from businesses and organizations of all sizes are tracking their to-dos and communicating more efficiently than when they were using email only. It is a flexible tool with a set of features providing work visibility and task management. However, many companies still consider it incomplete for handling full-on project management functions.

The Top 5

Fortunately, Asana has strong integration features. This provides users an opportunity to add tools and features from third party application providers. By adding the right software to the already strong task management and collaboration platform in Asana, teams and organizations are able to build the right project management tool for their specific requirements. Below is our top 5 choice of add-ons that can help complete your business productivity solution.

1. Bridge24

Latest Asana Mobile Features for Android and iOS

By Jose Maria Delos Santos | December 16, 2016

asana-new-logoAsana recognizes that people need to stay connected to their teams even when they are not in front of their computers. Indeed, today’s modern workplace is not bounded anymore by the four corners of the office. Therefore, when users have to be somewhere else, especially these coming days, they can still be in the loop. The latest Asana updates for their Android and iOS apps will let teams stay connected to continue to move work forward. If you are looking for a powerful extension to Asana, try out our own tool Bridge24 for Asana.

New on Android

In the last Android update, Asana enables users to manage projects, project details and notification settings. The latest features will provide them with better ways to manage teams, view profiles and search without even opening the app.

Manage Teams

Asana is giving Android users one of the most requested feature – team pages. With team pages, users are able to have conversations and see all of a team’s projects in one place. With

Add New Workflows Easily with Asana Project Templates

By Jose Maria Delos Santos | December 13, 2016

asana-new-logoAsana is a productivity tool that helps teams of all sizes become more efficient and effective in working together. It provides an online workspace where users can track anything with less effort. Indeed, the clarity and accountability present in every task and team all lead to great results. Aside from these important characteristics, this enterprise application also makes it easy for users to be consistent in their performance while saving valuable time and money through templates. The new Asana project templates make it simpler to add workflows for common processes and still allow for custom edits. If you are looking for a powerful extension to Asana, we suggest trying out our own Bridge24 for Asana.

Introducing Asana Project Templates

This December, Asana announced the availability of pre-made templates for all users. It is true that every organization is unique because every person in it is also unique. However, certain structures and processes can be common at its base. For example, regardless of focus or industry, every organization hires

Asana Software Review: Overview – Features – Pricing

By Jose Maria Delos Santos | December 9, 2016

asana-new-logoOverview Presentation

Asana is a web-based task management, project tracking and collaboration software. Its main objective is to help teams basically know who among its team members is doing what tasks to be completed by when. As such, the availability of these important information to all throughout the whole project cycle makes it easy for people to focus on their work. Moreover, the software is simple for users to start quickly, with features that allows for daily task prioritizing, project information search and monitoring, real-time updates and more. If you are searching for a powerful extension to Asana, we suggest trying out our own Bridge24 for Asana.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Task and Project ManagementAsana enables teams to manage and control their projects from conception, to implementation, to completion. Users can create tasks and assign to one or more members. Thus, the whole team knows who is responsible for the task. They can see the big picture by organizing tasks into lists or boards. Users

Export to Excel or CSV of Multi-Level Subtasks for Asana Now Supported through Bridge24

By Bridge24 Team | December 2, 2016

In this recent iteration of the export functionality, the ability to export multiple levels of Asana subtasks to Excel and CSV is now possible. This addition was based on user feedback that we received. Asana’s subtasks are regular tasks that can be nested up to 5 levels deep. There are many use cases that we have learned about and have offered 2 subtask export options for users based on these; full task list (including subtasks in the main task list), and separate sheet per level of subtask (Excel only).

To access from the Grid, Kanban or Calandar view, click on the Export icon on the top right:

Export button

Users now have access to the following options for subtasks in the Subtasks Preference dropdown:


  • Do not export – Does not export subtasks
  • Export in one sheet – All levels of subtasks will be placed within one sheet with tasks
  • Export to separate sheets – Every level of subtask will have its own sheet

Asana News: First Version of Boards Roll Out

By Jose Maria Delos Santos | November 17, 2016

asana-new-logoAsana continues to provide effective and functional features that enable teams to collaborate seamlessly. Recently, it launched another feature that will help teams work better together and effortlessly. The new Boards feature is providing users a more visual way to plan, prioritize and track work with more flexibility. Indeed, Asana users have been tracking work with this project management tool, but occasionally have to use other tools to visualize it better. Now, users just have to use one tool to manage their projects up to completion. If you are searching for a powerful extension to Asana, we suggest trying out our own Bridge24 for Asana.

Introducing Boards

Asana is introducing its first version of Boards, an intuitive way to visually manage work into columns and move them through multiple stages. It is as if they are moving their sticky notes across a digital whiteboard visible to the whole team. However, Asana Boards go further. The Boards are fully integrated with an advanced project management functionality and collaboration capability

Asana and Microsoft Teams: Turning Conversations Into Actions

By Jose Maria Delos Santos | November 4, 2016

asana-new-logoAsana is a popular task management and work tracking tool. Teams from small and large companies across the globe are using it to figure out what needs to be done by who and by when. In spite of its popularity, it does not consider its application as a one size-fits all solution. Instead, it has equally worked on with its ability to integrate with many third-party apps for a more complete business tool. And a few days ago, it has announced an integration with another very recently launched platform, Microsoft Teams. If you are searching for a powerful extension to Asana, we suggest trying out our own Bridge24 for Asana.

Announcing Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a chat-based workspace within Office 365 that enables teams- with their conversations, content and the tools they need – to easily collaborate together. At the moment, it is available in preview to commercial customers on certain premium Office 365 plans. This chat workspace provides teams with persistent and threaded chats, visible

Asana News: Custom Fields + API = Inspiring Integrations

By Jose Maria Delos Santos | October 28, 2016

asana-new-logoA couple of months or so ago, Asana launched custom fields that enable users to track anything that needs tracking. The new feature reflects a continuing commitment to empower teams and help them do great things together. More recently, it was announced that users can also work with custom fields using the API. This is opening great possibilities that will result in even better integrations. Indeed, users can now use custom fields in scripts and integrations, making apps work better together. If you are searching for a powerful extension to Asana, we suggest trying out our own Bridge24 for Asana.

Unito Syncs Asana and GitHub

Asana’s partners and 3rd party developers are busy trying out this new feature. In fact, Unito is one of those who tried out the custom field usage using the API. Unito is an application that works in the background allowing users to sync their different project management tools. The partnership brought about a tool that allows a two-way sync between Asana and GitHub.

Elevate Your Company’s Culture with Asana

By Bridge24 Team | October 17, 2016


Company culture is changing drastically. “Casual Fridays” are now a week long, and companies like Google are pushing the limits of employee benefits by offering perks like on-site doctor visits.

As an entrepreneur and digital agency owner, hiring the best and retaining top talent is fundamentally based on the culture our company provides. By creating a culture that blends work and non-work life, I’ve seen the success in the autonomy and leadership in our team that builds a solid foundation for growth.

Work-From-Home Days:

While not for every business, work-from-home days are becoming increasingly popular. I’ve seen companies leverage this perk to cut down on parking costs in metropolitan areas for their employees and create more room in already full office space. With account management software like Asana to internal communication software like Slack, collaboration can expand outside the office space.

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Need more from Asana? Use our own tool Bridge24!

Bridge24 provides powerful add-ons for Asana. Add tons of flexibility in working dynamically with your data through connecting your Asana account.

When you Sign-Up to Bridge24, you get the following features:

  • Visually interact with your tasks in a Kanban board to instantly become more productive
  • Use the Power Grid to group, sort and filter your tasks across all your projects
  • Display your tasks in a powerful Calendar (daily, weekly, monthly and agenda views)
  • Easily export your tasks and subtasks to Excel or CSV in all views
  • Enjoy one-click editing of your task information in all views

Transforming Education through Internet of Things with Asana

By Bridge24 Team | October 17, 2016


Technology is more a catalyst than an influencer in education today.  It is increasingly changing the education landscape.  Technology consultant, Gartner projects that this year will see 6.4 billion connected things in use world over, up 30 per cent from the last. Look further at the same number in 2020 and the forecast suggests it will be close to 21 billion.

In a Forrester Research study, over 80 percent of participants said the Internet of Things (IoT) will be the most strategic technology initiative for their organization in a decade.

Managing projects better

In the workplace, elearning has become a norm as it has been proven to reduce costs, make learning faster yet more effective and boost productivity. Choosing a project management tool is one of the more important decisions an elearning team makes. One of the governing factors in making this choice is the tool’s flexibility while remaining fully functional. While there are several tools in the market, there are some that provide standout features. Google Docs pairs with any