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The Pros and Cons of using Trello Software

Because of the many advantages users have experienced when using Trello, this online project management software has become popular. As a tool for project management, it gives its users the power to collaborate with their members and run tasks related to their projects without switching from one app to another. With just one look, users can see the tasks and who they are assigned to, as well as what has already been done to them. Moving these tasks around the platform is also easy and indicates the project’s progress.

Because Trello makes the team’s work a lot easier, it utilizes boards, lists, and cards that can be manipulated to utilize and prioritize projects flexibly. Each of these tools serves a specific purpose, with the boards presenting the projects and their information, the lists having the titles, and the cards serving as the basic unit of every card in Trello.

To show the progress of the project and the individual tasks, users have the option to move the lists to […]

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The 8 Best Basecamp Alternatives for Your Projects

Most project managers would agree that Basecamp is the simplest and easiest software for project management. That is because of its basic features and presentation. With the exclusion of the kanban boards and Gantt charts, basic features make Basecamp best-suited for teams who want uncomplicated project management software. This tool may be best for smaller teams but for larger teams and projects that would need more features, this is where alternatives to Basecamp come in. If you are looking for a professional reporting and exporting tool for Basecamp, we suggest you try Bridge24 for Basecamp.

When looking for an alternative to Basecamp, the software’s specific features and functionalities are the things to weigh. It would be wise to choose an alternative tool that functions best according to the needs of the project. For this, we specify the specialties of these 8 best Basecamp alternatives:

  1. Airtable – for creative projects
  2. Podio – for the best value
  3. Asana – […]
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How To Use Trello While Seeking A New Job

There is a mixture of feelings when seeking a new job. It can be nerve-racking and exciting at the same time while waiting for a response to be interviewed. It may seem that job hunting is plainly waiting but it is not because one must work hard to get the job. Back in the day, it was doubly difficult when job hunting because one needs to be physically present when submitting an application. Today, the nature of job hunting has also evolved through the use of technology. Thanks to Trello, one can now clearly organize his job hunting. In this article, we will cover the ways on how to use Trello to maximize the chances of getting a prospective employer.

Recommended article: Bridge24: Professional Reporting and Exporting Tools for Trello

From job hunting to finally getting the job

The first thing one must do when searching for a […]

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Top 6 Best Basecamp Alternatives

Almost all project managers would agree that Basecamp is a top choice as a project management tool. One of the reasons for this is its fixed monthly fee regardless of the size of the team. However, there are project managers who would go for an alternative tool that has a similar approach to Basecamp.  We will cover the 6 best alternatives of Basecamp in this article so one has a reference which tool to go to.

What are the 6 best Basecamp alternatives?

With so many tools to choose from when it comes to project management, how can a project manager spot the one with the best value? Here is a compilation of software that can be the best alternative to Basecamp: Trello, Asana, ProofHub, Monday.com, Hive, and Freedcamp.


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Asana vs Basecamp Comparison: Which is Best?

This 2020, project managers have a lot to choose from when it comes to software for project management. For a friendly-user tool, Asana and Basecamp are better among others, but choosing which one to go for is the reason to differentiate them in this article.

When it comes to clients and company success from start-up up to the present, Asana and Basecamp have already proven their value in the market. There are plenty of articles that offer the best reviews about Asana and Basecamp that is why we will focus the discussion on comparing them to figure out the best choice.

Recommended software: Bridge24 for Trello and Bridge24 for Asana.

A Run-down of Asana versus Basecamp

This run-down will have four counts to see which of the two has the best functionality in different scopes. It […]

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Asana vs Trello Comparison: Which Tool Is Better? Projects, Boards, Tasks And Other Features Review

Between Asana and Trello, how can a project manager determine which tool is better? Fret not, this article will breakdown the different features between the two, so one can best decide which one fits the most to a project.

The success of Asana and Trello

Although Asana and Trello are both successful, Trello has gained more popularity. Trello has reached over one million active users every day in 2016 and it continued to grow after one acquisition by Atlassian. Today, one million teams are enjoying the services of Trello.

How Trello looked like when it started:

Image from chanty.com

In 2018, Asana proudly had 50,000 paying organizations. The founder of Asana celebrates steady progress and is not intimidated by competitors (including Atlassian) even if it is a smaller company. Trello does […]

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5 Agile Trends Project Managers Need To Know About In 2020

Agile has evolved–keep track of the latest Agile trends this year.

Let us take a look at the agile trend that is impacting the world of software development and the industries that are getting into the Agile world.

Agile is the latest and better way of project management that targets covering projects in a wider structure. It usually consists of making plans from big to small and of achievable assignments that are worked on in a shorter span of time. The whole procedure is bound to the four core values:

  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Interactions over processes and tools
  • Responding to change over following the plan
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation

It can be beneficial to adhere to the Agile approach in such a way that it empowers the ones involved. Taking ownership in the workplace and promoting realistic, constant growth. The strategy of Agile has been here for over […]

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Self-Management: How To Prioritize And Be More Productive

As humans, people are constantly bombarded with daily tasks– whether at home, at school, or at work. Designed to mobilize the system that comprises the body, people need to keep up with the rest of the human force in order to survive. No one has the power to take control of what is to come; however, choices are available. So it is here that self-management is important.

At night, before sleeping, people think of the things that they will do the next day with a vivid imagination as to how it should be done. Come the next day, an unexpected problem arises and the plans that were thought of the previous night are compromised. Given that, how useful is self-management? And how can a person prioritize and be more productive at the same time?

What is self-management?

Self-management is being in-charge or in control of the things that need to be done with […]

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How to manage a project with a remote team?

Remote teams are already a growing trend in various industries today, considering the benefits it gives to both team managers and members. It is expected to be even more popular as 50% of the workforce now is working various telecommuting roles and about 80% of all employees desire to work remotely for part of the week. However, many managers still cannot fully accept this and they have reasons for that. One of these is fear that they have no control over their actual productivity and level of commitment; therefore, putting the desired result for a project at risk.

What is a remote team?

A remote team is a virtual team that works together, similar to the traditional workplace where a team works for a common goal in a project. It has a manager or leader that the members directly report to for their specific functions. And since it is virtual, the team members and the leaders may not be co-located geographically. In a remote team, there are members that […]

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How to make sure your team stays motivated?

A team’s success lies in the hands of everyone and how they work together to achieve their common goals. It is every manager or CEO’s objective to put the people with the right skills set together. This is expected to result in high productivity and good quality outputs. However, in order to keep it like that, teams have to be kept motivated. As the years go by, employees can become lax, especially with mandatory overtimes, tight deadlines, and high expectations. When motivation fades, productivity falls and the company fails.

Benefits of having a motivated team

The benefits of leading a motivated team cannot be underrated because its effects are tremendous. Some of these include the following:

  1. Higher productivity. When a team is motivated, each member’s output goes up. As a result, the costs of production are lowered, allowing a company to put their products in the market at a much lower cost.
  2. Lower staff turnover rate. When workers are motivated, they like to go to work and will not […]
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