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Asana project management software is an online application that enables its users to centrally collaborate on project and task information. With this tool, teams are able to coordinate their work better together. Members know what to do, who will do it, and when they need to do it. Businesses and organizations have been transformed for the better, and those who adopted it are enthusiastic to share their knowledge and experience to others. As an experts directory, Asana Experts is one of the most complete for people looking for help. For a powerful reporting and exporting tool for Asana, give our own tool Bridge24 for Asana a try, or access it at their Integration page.

Introducing Asana Experts

Asana Experts is the go-to place for individuals, teams, and companies looking for expert resources and professional services regarding Asana. It is a comprehensive list that includes experts across the globe. Its main goal is to encourage interactions within the Asana community. Now, Asana hosts its own community site […]

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Trello for Small Business – An Online, Self-paced Trello Course

Trello users apply this free online project management tool in a variety of ways. It is a great help especially to small business owners and startup teams in the planning, prioritizing, and production of work. It is a simple, visual application that enables people to focus on work that matters. Specifically, the ability to organize tasks and projects into a system of cards, lists, and boards allow an individual or a collaborative team to work more efficiently. If you are looking for a great reporting and exporting tool for Trello, we suggest trying out our own tool Bridge24 for Trello.

Trello for Small Business Course

This online tool, now a favorite of a growing number business teams and organization, remains free. For people who needs a flexible tool to help them manage the chaos in their daily business operations, this is available now. However, some people are hesitant to try because they do not have time to start from the beginning. The good news is there is […]

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Asana for Small Business – An Online, Self-paced Asana Course

Asana online work platform is a versatile productivity tool that helps teams and companies grow their business. It is a web-based application that is simple on the surface, but capable of many things. Users are able to create, plan, assign, track, and manage their projects and tasks. As a result, business owners, startups, and their teams are able to have greater control of their work. They are able to see work assignments, schedules, due dates, percent completion, and other important information. For a powerful reporting and exporting tool for Asana, give our own tool Bridge24 for Asana a try, or access it in their own Integration page.

Asana for Small Business Course

Indeed, making use of a powerful work platform free for up to 15 team members is a great opportunity and tool to help grow business. But where best to start? One way to take full advantage of the features and benefits of Asana is the Asana for Small Business course by Systems Matter. […]

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Asana Training – Helping Teams Deploy and Optimize Asana

asana training logoAsana was founded in 2009 to help teams work together with more clarity and transparency. Today, it is one of the most popular project management software with more than 20k paying customers. In fact, a recent skills index report by job site Upwork shows that Asana work tracking is the fastest-growing freelance skills for the first quarter of 2017. More and more companies are using project management and work tracking platform to be more competitive. However, deploying the PM solution and then expecting the staff to figure it out alone is not a good plan at all. In this situation, Asana Training can provide a complete solution. For a powerful extension to Asana, try out our own tool Bridge24 for Asana.

Introducing Asana Training

Asana Training is a company that specializes in deploying and optimizing Asana project management platform. It was founded in 2013 by Todd Cavanaugh, the CEO of Asana Training. He is one of Asana’s earliest adopters, a consultant working in San […]

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Basecamp 3 – New User Guide

udemy-logo-300x102Course Description

Basecamp 3 New User Guide is an online, on-demand course from Udemy to get people learn the latest version of this productivity tool as quickly as possible. It is ideal for those who need to learn how to use the application because of their new job or responsibility, because of a desire to get client projects more organized, or because of a need for better collaboration within the team or company. With a total of less than an hour of lecture, course enrollees will learn how to register and set up their accounts and profiles, navigate the application, and be introduced to its main tools.

Course participants will be guided step-by-step in how to sign up, manage notifications, create and assign tasks, and learn about the different communication channels available in the application. The course includes lifetime access to the lectures, is accessible also with iOS and Android devices, and with a Certificate of Completion given at the end of the course.

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Trello Project Management: Complete Course

udemy-logo-300x102Course Description

Trello Project Management: Complete Course covers everything students need to know on Trello to boost their productivity. It teaches you how to manage projects and tasks, enhance team collaboration and improve work rate or output. The course is of appropriate length and will equip you to start using Trello and work more efficiently. The instructor has put his best foot forward to explain each and every item in the Trello app.

Once you complete the training, you’ll actually start using the tool to your utmost benefit and know the ins and outs of effective project management with Trello.

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Student Requirements

Students need to have a strong internet connection and a Smartphone, tablet or computer. The course can be taken by students of all levels; however, it’s best suited for project management professionals looking for an easy online tool like Trello while working on projects of all sizes.

Course Objectives and Learnings

On successful completion of […]

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Learn Project Management with Basecamp

Course Description

udemy-logo-300x102Learn Project Management with Basecamp is a Udemy business/project management course that aims to educate and equip course enrollees with the knowledge and skills of using Basecamp as their PM tool. It is a popular online project management and collaboration tool that is simple and straightforward to use. Together with PM principles and best practices, course participants will be able to manage projects and deliver them on time with the help of PM tools and the right techniques of using it.

Students will also learn the five steps for successfully managing any project. Then, they will able to translate their knowledge into efficient processes by learning how to add people as team members and clients to Basecamp, how to create and manage projects, how to build and share a calendar for common project schedules, as well as be to notified for important dates.

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Student Requirements

Project professionals and PM students of all levels are welcome to take the […]

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Trello Project Management: Easy, Shared, Online To Do Lists

Course Description

udemy-logo-300x102Trello Project Management: Easy, Shared, Online To Do Lists is a course from Udemy that covers every important aspect you need to know in order to work with Trello and enhance your productivity levels. This enjoyable course will help you use the app in a variety of ways like outlining of a book, party planning and being able to collaborate with your team members on a project.

Trello is a web-based free app that can improve your output efficaciously. Companies, such as the New York Times, Trip Advisor, Tumblr and Adobe use Trello to manage their projects. By taking this course, you’ll actually be able to complete things on your to-do list on time and it can be taken by anyone who wants to work in teams.

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Student Requirements

The course is available to people of all levels. Since, this is a pretty long course, it covers everything from introduction to Trello to Add-ons  & software […]

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