Course Description

udemy-logo-300x102Trello Project Management: Easy, Shared, Online To Do Lists is a course from Udemy that covers every important aspect you need to know in order to work with Trello and enhance your productivity levels. This enjoyable course will help you use the app in a variety of ways like outlining of a book, party planning and being able to collaborate with your team members on a project.

Trello is a web-based free app that can improve your output efficaciously. Companies, such as the New York Times, Trip Advisor, Tumblr and Adobe use Trello to manage their projects. By taking this course, you’ll actually be able to complete things on your to-do list on time and it can be taken by anyone who wants to work in teams.

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Student Requirements

The course is available to people of all levels. Since, this is a pretty long course, it covers everything from introduction to Trello to Add-ons  & software development. You are, however, free to move to your preferred lectures without going through the basics if you are a seasoned user. All you require to get yourself enrolled in this course is basic computer skills and a web browser.

Course Objectives and Learnings

By the end of Trello Project Management: Easy, Shared, Online To Do Lists course, the student would have viewed over 34 lectures and 2.5 hours of interesting content. They will be able to manage their personal to-do lists on the internet and keep a check on complicated projects that involve multiple tasks and stages of development.

The students will also be able to work collaboratively on projects while passing on assignments to others. It will also endow them with the necessary skills required to track the development of intricate projects.

Target Audience

This course is for people trying to professionally organize their projects.


The Trello Project Management: Easy, Shared, Online To Do Lists course is divided into 8 sections consisting of 34 lectures in all. The first section gives an introduction to Trello on how to sign up, configure the settings, and how to manage lists, boards and cards. Sections 2 to 6 discuss the techniques on how to use Trello to make your project more efficient. The last section is a brief conclusive section on what needs to be done next once a student gets to know the ins and outs of Trello.


Brian JacksonThe instructor of the course is Brian Jackson who is based in Los Angeles, California. So far, he has written 21 courses, more than 600 reviews and coached over 21,000 students. He started creating training courses for Udemy in July 2014. His main objective is to provide cost-effective, top-notch screen cast and presentation slide based courses focusing on areas like writing, designing book cover, self-publishing and creation of Udemy courses besides marketing them. Contact him on his Twitter account.


Trello Project Management: Easy, Shared, Online To Do Lists course has 1,528 enrolled students, with an average rating of 4.8 from 6 reviews. Barbara Workman states that it is an interactive course where students are shown real examples on the website of Trello.

According to Patrick Dorn, the course has a “discover as you go” approach. He states that the instructor is knowledgeable and provides detailed illustrations on how to maximize the usage of Trello.

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