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Asana One Of The Best Cloud Service For SMBs and Brilliant Tool For Freelancers To Save Time And Money

downloadAsana is a free tool mainly used by teams of all sizes to move their work from scratch to finish and get the desired results. It is used in a variety of industries and we shall now look at some brilliant uses of this great product. Asana has been described as one of the top cloud services that can be used for SMBs in the first article. It’s also one of the best free tools that entrepreneurs should be using to create a conducive and relaxing business atmosphere according to a team of strategic and creative marketing professionals. The last article discusses on how the software can be used by freelancers to save money and time.

Asana One of The Best Cloud Service For SMBs

PC Mag is a comprehensive guide to tablets, phones, computers, peripherals and much more. With systematic analyses and rigorous test processes, they have earned the reputation for being one of the most trusted names when it comes to previews and reviews of […]

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Trello News: Trello For Freelancers, Integrating The App With TalkSpirit And A Comparison Between LiquidPlanner And Trello

Trello_NewsTrusted by millions of individuals all across the globe, Trello is a free, flexible, easy and visual way to organize anything including managing your projects. This news article shares three great uses of the app that make it more versatile. Christy, an expert freelance writer, lists 6 apps that she cannot live without, and  one of them is Trello. The second post is on integrating Trello with talkSpirit, which helps you to receive your desired notifications without any technical knowledge. The last article in this news series is a comparison between Trello and another exciting project management tool, LiquidPlanner.

How Trello Can Be Effectively Used By Freelancers

Christy O’Shoney is an established freelance writer who was criticized by many people in the earlier days of her career corroborating that it was not at all possible to make money online. However, she gave such things a deaf ear and with enough help from her friends and mentors, she took a conscious decision to stop listening to her critics. As a result, […]

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Trello News: Personal Side Projects, Staying Easily On Top Of Things And Social Media Scheduling And Planning With Trello

In-The-News-Trello-1-2Trello is a fantastically flexible and versatile tool for project management which can be used as a robust engine for product development with huge teams or for personal organization. We have handpicked three important uses of Trello from different sources for you. The first article is a thorough guide on personal side projects using Trello. The second discusses on how you can use the tool to stay on top of things very easily. Finally, the last article will show you how to easily plan your social media and scheduling.

Explore The Benefits of Personal Side Projects

Smashing Magazine delivers innovative and useful information to Web developers and designers and have close to 300k likes on Facebook alone. A few days back, they featured an in-depth guide to personal side projects. Personal side projects are the pillars of innovative discovery and growth. Even though they do not lead to financial gains, they have many long-term benefits. These include creative exploration, personal growth and creation of professional opportunities.

Detroit-based author Jon […]

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Trello News: Life And Project Management, Nail Localization and Run Your Life With Trello

In-The-News-Trello-1With 1.1 million daily active users as of now and $10 million in annualized recurring revenue, Trello is the number one project management tool at the moment.  In this post we share three new articles on the tool and its unique uses.  The first is on managing any type of project-from home and personal to school and work. The second is an interview with Alexia Ohannessian, Trello’s International Marketing Lead, where she teaches how the tool nailed localization and global marketing. The last article deals with how to use Trello to run your life peacefully.

Trello For Life And Project Management

It’s a well-known fact that Trello can be used to manage a variety of projects. Make Use of, a top technological website that has over 1920k visitors every month, recently featured an in-depth guide on Trello. It discusses on the various aspects of Trello like the way it works, the things that you can do with it, where to begin from and almost everything you ever wanted to […]

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Trello On A Contemplative Mood After Expanding Its Business With 1.1 Million Active Users

logo-trelloAfter crossing the mark of 1.1 million users every single day and tripling sales to $10 million in recurring revenue annually, collaboration giant Trello is now getting contemplative about enterprise growth and big businesses while remaining a happy associate to Slack, a cloud-based team collaboration software co-founded by Serguei Mourachov. Trello is now following in the footsteps of Slack of transforming major businesses into loyal paying customers.

Micahel Pryor, CEO of Trello, loves to imagine the modern office as a unique rescue mission which is totally a new concept unheard of before. Slack is a fantastic online communication tool that enables co-workers to share ideas faster by eradicating internal chains of emails. Pryor labels Slack as “The Radio” and states that Trello is the GPS of a team

The actual software of Trello looks like a digital sticky note rather than a tool for bringing some respite to your team.  However, the heavy number of users indicates they offer much more than what you conceive on a […]

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Trello News: Innovative ways to manage your tasks, improving productivity and ideas to pitch clients

In-The-News-Trello If you’ve used Kanban within the project management industry or for personal use, you’ll more than likely love Trello. This is one of the most easy-to-use tools from among the wide variety of project management apps available in the market. The simplicity of the interface makes it very easy to manage complex procedures and projects. It comes as no surprise that the app is now being widely used by top companies like Google, Adobe and PayPal. Launched in September 2011, Trello has been ranked as the number one tool for project management and task management by many software review websites including GetApp. Here are 3 amazing blog posts on how Trello can be used to make your life simpler and easier.

8 Innovative Ways To Manage Your Tasks And Projects

HubSpot is a leading internet marketing company which was founded in 2006 by Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan. They have a robust and easy-to-use set of applications, because of which businesses of all sizes can attract, delight […]

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Trello News: Agile Government Academy, Shape Up your Blog and 10 Ways to Manage your Life

In-The-News-TrelloDo you run an online business and require collaborating with your team to get more productive results? When used in the proper way, task management systems can turn out to be an important factor that determines the success of your business. Trello is one of the top task management systems which is used to make workflow smooth, revised and constant. However, in some cases, when you are handling a heavy number of projects, things can go haywire while using the tool. So how do you get the most out of this incredible system so that your projects and assignments run in a planned and desired way? Here are three latest articles on how Trello is being used by Agile Government Academy, 10 great ways to use the tool to manage your life and how you can shape up your blog with Trello.

Trello For Agile Governement Academy

Agile Gov Leadership (AGL) is a website that brings applied Agile practices to the government. By doing so, they redefine the culture […]

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Trello News: Use Trello As Issue Tracker, Collaborate With Your Small Team and Add Cards with a Chrome Extension

In-The-News-TrelloIf your work involves organizing, managing and prioritizing tasks, nothing comes as close to Trello. Its Kanban-style approach is not meant only for project professionals, but can be used as a learning aid, a job hunter help, an idea book, a money tracker, a list of bucket lists, an editorial calendar and much more.

Let’s dig into some of the best uses of this fantastic free, easy and flexible tool. We have gathered 3 fantastic articles on how Trello can be used to add exuberance into your life.

How to Add Cards and Open Boards Quickly with Trello’s Official Chrome Extension

Make Tech Easier, which was founded in 2007, is a reputed tech site with robust focus on hacks, fixes, how-to and computer tutorials. It recently featured an article on the new official Trello extension, which the author claims to be uncomplicated and easy to use. For Chrome users, this extension makes it exponentially rapid for you to use your boards and the ability to add cards without any fuss. […]

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Asana News: Asana’s cofounder Dustin Moskovitz views on startups and a comparison between Asana and Trello

In-The-News-AsanaAsana is one of the most convenient ways for teams to keep a track on their project. From projects and tasks to dashboards and conversations, the app allows team to move their work right from the scratch to its completion and get results. It’s free for teams up to 15 individuals, with the main focus being allowing users to manage tasks and projects online without the use of email.

Trello is another collaboration tool similar to Asana that organizes your projects into boards and cards. Just by a single glance, the app lets you know on what’s being worked on, the stage of the project and who’s working on it. Here are two articles on both these awesome apps. The first one is an interview with Asana’s cofounder Dustin Moskovitz while the second is a comparison between Asana and Trello.

Asana’s cofounder Dustin Moskovitz’ views on startups

Business Insider India is the India version of Busines India, the fastest growing business news site in the world. It was started in […]

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Trello News: Trello, A Key Part Of Bit Hound Toolset And Some Powerful Integrations With The App

In-The-News-TrelloTrello is undoubtedly a mind blowing visual organizing tool which is being heavily used by struggling entrepreneurs to organize their workflow. And, today for all our Kannaban fans, we’ll be covering on how businesses are making the most of this amazing tool. Let’s explore three recent articles featured on some top blogs and find out how the app can make your workflow a lot easier.

How Trello Became An Important Part of Bit Hound

Bit Hound is a company that helps you build remarkable, resilient software. It’s easy to write code, but it takes discipline and craftsmanship to build a fabulous project. This company analyzes your code and gives you invaluable insights besides providing actionable recommendations so that you can emphasize on building the best software. Because of the huge amount of data being processed at Bit Hound, things were in a mess, with some of their analyses not working out. This is when they decided to put their data on a Trello board. As a result, things started […]

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