In-The-News-Trello If you’ve used Kanban within the project management industry or for personal use, you’ll more than likely love Trello. This is one of the most easy-to-use tools from among the wide variety of project management apps available in the market. The simplicity of the interface makes it very easy to manage complex procedures and projects. It comes as no surprise that the app is now being widely used by top companies like Google, Adobe and PayPal. Launched in September 2011, Trello has been ranked as the number one tool for project management and task management by many software review websites including GetApp. Here are 3 amazing blog posts on how Trello can be used to make your life simpler and easier.

8 Innovative Ways To Manage Your Tasks And Projects

HubSpot is a leading internet marketing company which was founded in 2006 by Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan. They have a robust and easy-to-use set of applications, because of which businesses of all sizes can attract, delight and engage customers by delivering awesome experiences that are helpful and relevant. Their blog section recently featured and article on 8 innovative uses of Trello. These included organizing your personal to-do list, managing a running project, reflecting on lessons learned, brainstorming ideas, maintaining an editorial calendar, planning a launch or promotion, doing user research and organizing a sprint or scrum.


Trello is fantastic for visualizing and tracking your projects. With their card-based layout, it’s extremely easy to create a card for every piece of a project, blog post, idea or anything else.

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How Corey Ferreira Improved His Productivity Using Trello

Embolden, a website run by Corey Ferreira, helps internet entrepreneurs expand their business. He has offered his services to companies like, The Globe and Mail, Shopify, Social Meida Explorer and Entrepreneur. In his latest blog post, Corey speaks on how he improved his productivity almost 10 times by using Trello. Using Trello Cards, he has created his goals for 2016, a weekly to-do-list, a list consisting of everything he’s waiting for, besides a personal list for his body, mind, career, emotions, fun, relationships and finance.


Over a year ago, he created a post and video on how he uses the app to organize his life. The latest article sheds light on all the recent revisions made to Trello and how it can be best used.

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How a top freelance writer uses Trello to come up with ideas and pitch her clients

Danielle Corcione is an Omaha-based freelance writer who has been featured in a number of popular publications like Billfold, the Establishment, Femsplain, Motherboard and more. She runs a popular blog called The Write Life, where she writes on all aspects of freelancing and blogging. This New Year, she made a resolution to find and improved and easy way to keep track of her pitches. During her hunt, she found Google Sheet, but that left her frustrated until she found Trello. She seems to be happy with the app and uses it to organize pitches and ideas, identifying target and reaching out to publications and much more.


Before she started using Trello, she would come across publications and would plan to pitch them, but would forget eventually. The app has helped her to become a more organized freelancer than ever before.

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