How to make successful one-on-one meeting using Trello?

Trello is a great collaboration tool that helps users organize their projects into boards. This unique Kanban-style list-making application makes it beneficial for both team members and project managers. It conveniently shows the things being worked on, who is working on them, and those already done. Users can put attachments, photos, and documents onto these tasks so that teams can be on the same page. At one glance, Trello looks like a whiteboard that is filled with post-its that contain tasks for the entire team.

The great thing about Trello is that it can be used for teams, as well as for one-on-one meetings. This type of meetings is equally important as group meetings and should also be prepared for by both parties involved. Trello helps a lot with that.

The Trello board for one-on-one meetings

In order to make one-on-one meetings successful, the manager and the member should share a Trello board to make sure they are both on the same page. Also, both parties will be able to […]

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5 Ways Trello Can Help a Project Team Be More Effective

As a cloud-based project management tool, Trello is accessible, affordable, and robust. Through Trello, you can organize all the tasks within your company, as well as improve the productivity and efficiency of your project team. But not everyone is using Trello as effectively as they can be. Here are five ways Trello can help your project team.

1. Assign and Track Your Tasks from Anywhere

Since Trello can be used anywhere, your tasks and your projects will follow you. You can log into Trello on your phone, computer, tablet, or laptop, so you always know what you need to do.

On Trello, you can both view your current tasks and assign tasks. from wherever you are. This is especially useful to companies that have employees in many locations.

2. Review Your Tasks At-a-Glance

The board-based model of Trello makes it easier to see everything that you need to do at-a-glance. In Trello, you have a board, and on each board you have a sequence of cards. This represents projects […]

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How to integrate slack to Trello, Asana and Basecamp?

Communication within a workplace is one of the most important parts of running a business, regardless of its size. It is necessary to make sure that everyone is updated with everything, including new projects, changes, and updates. The good thing about today’s modern world is that there are already numerous ways of doing this, including using modern communication technology. Aside from the usual emails and Microsoft Outlook, there is now software intended for messaging and file sharing like Slack.

What is Slack?

Slack is one of the most popular tools for workplace communication that is described as the one place for files, tools, and messaging. Users can communicate with each other in two ways which are through the channel and through direct message. Talking through the channel works like a group chat which means that everyone on that channel can read all the messages. On the other hand, talking through a direct message is a more private way of communicating directly with a specific person. Membership to a specific […]

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How to use Trello to improve your SEO?

Search engine optimization or SEO is important to website management because it helps drive more visitors to a specific website. It includes strategies and techniques that result in a website being ranked at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) of search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. SEO specialists know a lot of ways to increase rankings but there are also other ways that are not too technical for the ordinary team. One of them is by using Trello, the project management software that is being used by numerous teams and individuals. Whether the purpose is for business or for personal advancement, Trello is the perfect tool.

Why choose Trello?

Trello is an online collaboration tool that has been named as one of the best collaborative project management tools. It uses the Kanban view, which originated in Japan, that utilizes boards for a more visual way of managing a project. This method makes it easy to add team members and assign tasks to them, set due dates, […]

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How to use Trello to get positive feedback?

Feedback is an integral part of every project, organization, and business. It is the way to get to know what customers want, what they can say about certain services, what services or products need improvement and more. Sometimes, feedback may just say a simple ‘thank you’ or ‘bye’ and people who receive it may already have an idea of what it means.

In the past, getting feedback meant going out in the streets and personally talking to stakeholders and random customers about what they think about certain products or services. Some other organizations give out surveys or conduct interviews in the street or through the phone. Today, with the advancement of technology, getting feedback can already be done from the office through the use of software and tools. Of course, feedback today doesn’t just come from customers but also from clients and stakeholders as well, especially in project management.

How feedback affects a project

In other areas, feedback comes after a product is bought or a service is provided. This […]

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Top 10 best Trello power-ups for communication and collaboration

Trello is a popular project management software that is being used by numerous organizations and businesses for their collaboration. It uses boards that, at one glance, provide a view of the project, specifically of what’s being worked on and who is working on it. It is easy to use and convenient because its concept is like that of a whiteboard that is filled with sticky notes that contain tasks. Added to these tasks are the attachments and photos, as well as comments from the members of the team.

Though Trello is already a great software by itself, its features can still be enhanced through what are called power-ups. These power-ups allow users to integrate their favorite apps into Trello and add features to their boards. Furthermore, these empower users to pull information from outside services right into Trello which are pertinent to their project.

For those who don’t want to use power-ups, Bridge24 for Trello is also a good choice for enhancing Trello’s features.

Top 10 best Trello power-ups

Trello […]

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How to use Trello to track Bugs

Bugs can be found everywhere and this statement goes true in both the real world and the world of programming. In both worlds, bugs are not welcome. Bugs in programming refer to a fault, an error, or a flaw in a computer system which can cause the program to produce an incorrect output. It is said that these bugs come up when there are errors or mistakes in the design or source code of a program. They may sound like they are not a major problem but they actually are, based on the disasters in the past that were linked to them. Case in point – the patient deaths in the 1980s when bugs were found in the code that controlled the Therac-25 Radiation Therapy. In recent years, programmers have been more vigilant in creating the best tools for identifying and fixing bugs to avoid similar disasters from happening again.

Why the spreadsheet is not enough to track bugs

Software development teams are aware of the importance of investing […]

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The Pros and Cons of using Trello Software

Because of the many advantages users have experienced when using Trello, this online project management software has become really popular. As a tool for project management, it gives its users the power to collaborate with their members and run tasks related to their projects without switching from one app to another. With just one look, users will be able to see the tasks and who they are assigned to, as well as what has already been done to them. Moving these tasks around the platform is also easy and indicates the progress of the project.

Because Trello makes a team’s work a lot easier, it utilizes boards, lists, and cards that can be manipulated to utilize and prioritize projects in a flexible way. Each of these tools serves a specific purpose, with the boards presenting the projects and their information; the lists having the titles; and the cards serving as the basic unit of every card in Trello.

To show the progress of the project and the individual tasks, […]

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Use Trello Custom Fields to Optimize Your Workflow

Trello visual project management software enables millions of users to stay on top of their daily tasks and major projects with a simple but capable tool. With a system of online boards, lists, and cards, many individuals, teams, or even whole companies are able to organize, prioritize, and visualize work, as it moves from ideation to completion. It is a flexible tool, easy to use, and has a free version.

From the start, Trello has maintained its core function as an organizational and workflow management application. To add features and functionality, it has integrations and Power-Ups. Integrations allow Trello to work with other applications, while Power-Ups bring in features of other software inside Trello.

For example, Trello integrates with Gmail with an add-on, so that users can add cards without leaving their inbox. Trello also has a Custom Fields Power-Up. A custom field in general is a user-defined data field that can be added for various purposes. The Custom Fields Power-Up developed by Trello allows users to add custom […]

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Trello – Is It Worth Upgrading to the Paid Plans?

Trello is an online visual project management and collaboration software. It was built by Fog Creek Software in 2011. By 2016, it has reported to have passed 14 million users, with 1 million active users daily. In January 2017, software giant Atlassian, the owner of Jira Software, acquired it for $425 million. To this day, Trello remains one of the most popular productivity tools used by teams for business and personal applications.

Trello Free Version

Trello offers a free version with many features. People liken it to a digital whiteboard where users can see projects organized visually into boards, columns, and cards. It is easy to use, with drag and drop. It allows customization to a certain level, allowing users to create stages or groupings with columns within a board. Cards represent smaller work items like tasks, and can include additional details. Moreover, users can move these cards across the different columns or across stages. Thus, it is easy to track the progress of work and monitor effort […]

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