Trello Introduces Card Repeater Power-Up

By Jose Maria Delos Santos | September 13, 2016

trello-logoTrello visual collaboration tool is providing its millions of users a variety of enhancements to keep productivity high. A new simple Power-Up is now available especially for repetitive tasks – the Card Repeater. Fast-paced life is full of things to remember and tasks to complete. For instance, it includes important to-dos, regular chores and maintenance items. Most often, they are recurring and repeatedly done. Now, users have fewer items to remember as Trello automatically adds cards on schedule. As a result, they now have more time for work without having to copy or create cards on a regular basis.

Create Cards for Repeating Tasks Automatically

Card Repeater allows users to set the creation of new copies of cards. This feature can create new cards on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis. Users specify the time. Repeated cards include items from parent cards, such as members, descriptions, and checklists, among others. Overall, users are able to free up more time otherwise spent on the tedious task of repeatedly

Announcing Trello Custom Fields Power-Up

By Jose Maria Delos Santos | September 7, 2016

trello-logoTrello recently launched new Power-Ups accessible to all users regardless of their plan. Included in this launch is the new Custom Fields Power-Up. This feature enables users a way to add more context and add them quickly. It can be added to cards easily and allow users to maximize their workflow. Thus, they can now:

  • add numerical values
  • input start and end dates
  • display choices through drop-down, and
  • add a checkbox.

The new Custom Fields not only help users add contextual info, but also formalize their process on boards.

Custom Field Application Examples

Trello Custom Field applications are wide and diverse because they are customizable. Some examples of how they can be used are as follows:

Mark Cards as Done

Users can create a checkbox called ‘Done’. Therefore, they can keep track which tasks are completed and when. Together with a date field, they can display them as a badge in front of the card. Everyone can now easily see at a glance which cards are marked done.

Trello Launches Power-Ups For All

By Jose Maria Delos Santos | August 28, 2016

trello-logoTrello is giving its 16 million users some exciting news. All Gold and free users can now enable one Power-Up on each of their team board. They will be able to integrate tools that they have been using right into their team workflow. Thus, users who use Slack, Evernote, or GitHub in their business, for example, can do it more seamlessly together with their boards. In addition, users will have two new adaptable features and three additional integrations to choose from for added productivity.

What is a Power-Up

A Trello Power-Up is an option for users to bring more features and integrations with the application. Therefore, a team’s board becomes a dynamic application that can adapt to new and unique business requirements. New technology and applications are launched almost every day. They provide users with the latest and most effective solutions to modern problems. Accordingly, Power-Ups are able to give teams access to tools and information within their boards to meet these challenges.

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Trello News: How to Make The Perfect To-do List, Tools Every Business Needs, and A Board to Get Kids Excited

By Jose Maria Delos Santos | July 30, 2016

In-The-News-TrelloTrello is a leading visual collaboration and workflow application that is helping users all over the world improve their productivity. It is very flexible and is being used in a variety of situations, such as in making the perfect to-do list. After learning the strategies for writing a perfect list of to-dos, we give the readers an article about the 5 free tools every business needs. Rounding up our news list, a software engineer and father shared how he discovered a Trello board to get kids excited, and how he is equally excited from his son’s response.

The Perfect To-do List – And How to Make One with Trello

In today’s multi-tasking environment, where everything seems to compete for people’s number one attention, having a to-do list helps make it more manageable. Turbine, an online application that enables users to make simple purchase orders, shared an article that provides a strategy for creating the all-powerful and perfect to-do list. The 7-point strategy enumerates the characteristics of this

Trello News: Trello For Freelancers, Integrating The App With TalkSpirit And A Comparison Between LiquidPlanner And Trello

By Pankaj Mondal | June 29, 2016

Trello_NewsTrusted by millions of individuals all across the globe, Trello is a free, flexible, easy and visual way to organize anything including managing your projects. This news article shares three great uses of the app that make it more versatile. Christy, an expert freelance writer, lists 6 apps that she cannot live without, and  one of them is Trello. The second post is on integrating Trello with talkSpirit, which helps you to receive your desired notifications without any technical knowledge. The last article in this news series is a comparison between Trello and another exciting project management tool, LiquidPlanner.

How Trello Can Be Effectively Used By Freelancers

Christy O’Shoney is an established freelance writer who was criticized by many people in the earlier days of her career corroborating that it was not at all possible to make money online. However, she gave such things a deaf ear and with enough help from her friends and mentors, she took a conscious decision to stop listening to her critics. As a result,

Trello Introduces App for Slack

By Moiz Noorani | June 28, 2016

trello-logoWhen two of your favourite collaboration tools come together, the outcome is a powerhouse of productivity. This has happened now, as Trello and Slack join forces to bring collaboration and task management in one place. Beginning immediately, you can now check up on any of your projects in Trello while still inside Slack communicating with your colleagues. Not just this, but you can also convert conversations in Slack into task items in Trello. It’s safe to say, the users are in for a treat.

The Trello Bot

Simply inviting @trello to your Slack channels will add the Trello bot, which saves a lot of time and unnecessary keystrokes. Just merely adding the Trello bot to your Slack channel brings you the details about your board and tasks, adding perspective and knowledge to the conversation, while maintaining the conversational flow. The best part is that the @trello bot saves a huge chunk of time spent on ‘context switching’, removing the need to switch back-and-forth between the platforms to perform little tasks

Trello News: Trello for Blogging, Content Marketing and Client Facing Projects

By Tracey-Lee Batsford | June 1, 2016


Trello is an amazingly easy-to-use web-based project management solution used for a variety of applications. Did you know that more and more content marketers are using Trello for their day-to-day tasks and client facing? We’ve put together a few recent articles that cover real-life Trello use cases. The first article explains how an award-winning food blogger uses Trello to grow traffic. The second covers how Trello can be used to better organize your content for your content management workflow. The third provides a great overview on how a ecommerce marketing agency uses Trello—not only for project management but also for working directly with their clients.

How a Food Blogger Grew Traffic with Trello

Vicky Cassidy is the brainchild food blogger behind Things I Made Today. After she first started out, she realized the importance of turning her food blogging into a workflow in order to generate ideas as well as researching and scheduling content. Every time she gets an idea—whether from social media,

Trello News: Tools for Entrepreneurs and Social Media Teams

By Jose Maria Delos Santos | May 31, 2016

In-The-News-Trello (1)Trello, a visual online project management and work organizing tool, continues to make a huge global impact, and now more so, being available in 20 languages and counting. In this news list, an author/blogger shares a shortlist of 6 tools every successful entrepreneur should use before testing every app available on the market. Also, a resource site for search engine optimization recommends 8 tools for your social media team to work better together and accomplish social goals.

6 Tools Every Successful Entrepreneur Should Use

On the Daily Two Cents site, passionate author and blogger Norman Arvidsson lists 6 tools for entrepreneurs to get started in improving their productivity, communication, and other business processes. Instead of randomly trying different apps every day to see whether it can help simplify their tasks and workflow, these 6 tools can cover the basics for creating and sharing online documents, listing to-dos, organizing tasks and tracking projects, among others. Trello comes in at number 3, described as the best app for online project

Trello News: Personal Side Projects, Staying Easily On Top Of Things And Social Media Scheduling And Planning With Trello

By Pankaj Mondal | May 27, 2016

In-The-News-Trello-1-2Trello is a fantastically flexible and versatile tool for project management which can be used as a robust engine for product development with huge teams or for personal organization. We have handpicked three important uses of Trello from different sources for you. The first article is a thorough guide on personal side projects using Trello. The second discusses on how you can use the tool to stay on top of things very easily. Finally, the last article will show you how to easily plan your social media and scheduling.

Explore The Benefits of Personal Side Projects

Smashing Magazine delivers innovative and useful information to Web developers and designers and have close to 300k likes on Facebook alone. A few days back, they featured an in-depth guide to personal side projects. Personal side projects are the pillars of innovative discovery and growth. Even though they do not lead to financial gains, they have many long-term benefits. These include creative exploration, personal growth and creation of professional opportunities.

Detroit-based author Jon

Trello News: Life And Project Management, Nail Localization and Run Your Life With Trello

By Pankaj Mondal | May 25, 2016

In-The-News-Trello-1With 1.1 million daily active users as of now and $10 million in annualized recurring revenue, Trello is the number one project management tool at the moment.  In this post we share three new articles on the tool and its unique uses.  The first is on managing any type of project-from home and personal to school and work. The second is an interview with Alexia Ohannessian, Trello’s International Marketing Lead, where she teaches how the tool nailed localization and global marketing. The last article deals with how to use Trello to run your life peacefully.

Trello For Life And Project Management

It’s a well-known fact that Trello can be used to manage a variety of projects. Make Use of, a top technological website that has over 1920k visitors every month, recently featured an in-depth guide on Trello. It discusses on the various aspects of Trello like the way it works, the things that you can do with it, where to begin from and almost everything you ever wanted to