New Interface for Bridge24 Released – Improving Usage

By Bridge24 Team | April 5, 2017

A refreshing redesign of the Bridge24 interface is now available. We have worked hard to improve the look and feel as well as increase load speeds and make more fluid. Simply login to the app to start using!

New Interface for Bridge24 Released - Improving Usage1


A flatter design was chosen to bring it more up to date, and to make it clearer and lighter to view and navigate the interface. A number of settings have been re-positioned and modified slightly to be used more efficiently. Standardizing the design allows us to more quickly integrate new features moving forward.

Not only has the design improved, but general performance has increased as well. The grid is now smoother to scroll as well as transitions between views are much more fluid.

Enhancements Available

  • On loading information or refreshing, progress bars were greatly improved to provide better knowledge of the state of the application.

New Interface
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Asana and Trello Custom Fields Supported Through Bridge24

By Bridge24 Team | February 21, 2017

Custom fieldsWe are pleased to announce the support of custom fields for both Asana and Trello within Bridge24. Asana and Trello released their custom field features a few months ago and support for them instantly became the most requested feature from our users. We decided to implement this feature as fast as we could since we found that supporting custom fields would add amazing possibilities for reporting and exporting.

What are custom fields?

Custom fields provide a way for users to tailor their experience by adding more project fields that can qualify tasks or cards. This opens up many possibilities for workflows. For example, you can now create and use a field containing an accounting ID code, or a drop-down list of values to choose from. This flexibility opens Asana and Trello up to being much more than simple task management solutions.


  • Available custom field types:  number, text, drop-down list
  • Allows an infinite number of custom fields and is available in paid subscription accounts


  • Available custom

Upload Attachments Now Supported Through Bridge24

By Bridge24 Team | December 19, 2016

Users are not only viewing, but also editing their data more and more within Bridge24 for AceProject, Asana, Basecamp, and Trello. To complete the basic editing capabilities already available, a new Attachment Uploader has been added for all providers. Now when editing your Task/Card/To do within Bridge24, the upload of documents, images, and any other files is made easy.

To use the Attachment Uploader:

  • Open the Edit dialogue of a Task/Card/To do
  • Click on the Attachments tab and click the Browse button to select your files, or drag and drop your file(s) anywhere on the Edit dialogue
  • Update the Task/Card/To do
  • Add multiple files at once
  • Edit other information at the same time as uploading


What else you can do:

  • Use the preview icon to open images for a quick look

  • Delete attachments

Like all functionality, anything done in Bridge24 is reflected in your connected application

Export to Excel or CSV of Multi-Level Subtasks for Asana Now Supported through Bridge24

By Bridge24 Team | December 2, 2016

In this recent iteration of the export functionality, the ability to export multiple levels of Asana subtasks to Excel and CSV is now possible. This addition was based on user feedback that we received. Asana’s subtasks are regular tasks that can be nested up to 5 levels deep. There are many use cases that we have learned about and have offered 2 subtask export options for users based on these; full task list (including subtasks in the main task list), and separate sheet per level of subtask (Excel only). If you are using custom fields within Asana, those are treated like any other field and will also be exported.

To access from the Grid, Kanban or Calandar view, click on the Export icon on the top right:

Export Tasks to Excel and CSV for Asana, Basecamp, Trello and AceProject 1

Users now have access to the following options for subtasks in the Subtasks Preference dropdown:

  • Do not export – Does not export subtasks

Export Tasks to Excel and CSV for Asana, Basecamp, Trello and AceProject

By Bridge24 Team | December 1, 2016

Export-Excel, a powerful feature available in Bridge24Ever think to yourself that “there must be a better way to get the information I want out of my application?”. This month in Bridge24 we are releasing the ability to export your information from your connected AceProject, Asana, Basecamp, or Trello application to Excel or CSV.  Many programs do not allow control of the information exported, such as: not exporting comments, a limited quantity of tasks, not exporting subtasks, or only bulk download of all of the data. Bridge24 allows you to filter and visually format your information across all your projects and easily export.

You can now, for example:

  • Filter one or more projects between certain dates then export
  • Export a filtered list of your assigned tasks, to-do’s or cards
  • Group by project, by user and more into a coherent and structured list, then export
  • Show/hide and arrange columns that you want in the export
  • From the Calendar view, export the items from the current period displayed

Top 4 Best Project Management Tools to Manage Your Projects

By Jose Maria Delos Santos | November 25, 2016

top-4-project-management-toolsProject management is accepted by most professionals in many companies as a key element in realizing business goals and customer satisfaction. Today’s global business landscape is significantly project-driven. Hence, companies are sorting out and studying about the kinds of project management processes, methodologies and tools to implement in their own teams and organization. Choosing the right PM tool is critical and challenging. The right tool can support processes, boost productivity and empower the workforce. A wrong choice adds to the problem. Choosing the right PM is also challenging simply because of the huge number of choices.

The Top 4

An efficient and reliable project management tool has strong core features but at the same time flexible for different situations. At its basic, it has a solid task assignment, progress tracking and information organization features. Also, its communication and collaboration functions are easy to use. Residing in the cloud makes it highly accessible. Last, the ability to work with other apps through integration provides users some degree of customization. Below

Asana and Basecamp now offered in Spanish and French through Bridge24

By Bridge24 Team | September 30, 2016

hola-bonjour-helloIn addition to great features included with Bridge24, it also provides a way to work with Asana and Basecamp in another language other than English. Connect to these applications and view and interact with your information in an interface in your native French or Spanish. Features to edit tasks and to-dos, as well as produce reports and export to Excel are included.

Below is an Asana account connected to Bridge24. All menu items in the left panel, column headers, pop-up dialogue labels and notifications are provided in French and Spanish. Since much of the functionality to update tasks is possible within Bridge24, use this interface to work with your data from Asana or Basecamp. (Also supported for AceProject and Trello)

To select the language of the interface, click on your profile image on the top right of the application, and change the language setting. The following is Bridge24 connected with an Asana account with the French language setting:

asana-and-basecamp-now-offered-in-spanish-and-french-through-bridge24 1

Here is Bridge24

Kanban Boards for Asana, Basecamp, Trello and AceProject

By Bridge24 Team | September 22, 2016

Kanban Boards Supported for Trello, Asana, Basecamp and AceProjectA Kanban board is a visual representation of tasks and workflow, making your operational experience that much easier by centralizing information. Bridge24 has released its first iteration of this valuable tool. Now users of AsanaBasecamp, Trello , and AceProject can visually change the state of their tasks by dragging from one list to another. The list represents the status, or process step (workflow). In an instant, a user can see work to be started, that which is in progress and completed.

We know Trello already has a light Kanban-style board, but we offer some behaviors not present in Trello. For example, you get the card count for each list, a list can be collapsed to free up your screen, and a lot more.

Collapsible Columns/Lists

Sometimes there are many lists and your screen fills up very rapidly. Scrolling to get access to the last column is sometimes tedious and sometimes not all columns are required to be viewed, since perhaps only a few

Bridge24 Release Information – April 2016

By Bridge24 Team | April 7, 2016

Bridge24 continues on its path to provide a collection of powerful addons to popular light project and task management applications such as: AceProject, Asana, Basecamp and Trello. This latest release adds a number of powerful tools such as a calendar view where a user can easily add and modify dates of tasks and visualize them in a daily, weekly, monthly and agenda view. Of course, powerful filtering is available at all times. Below is a rundown of the latest features just released.

Calendar View

We have begun to extend the views within Bridge24. The first new view is the calendar view. Seeing tasks through time allows a user a unique view of the amount of work to complete, as well as a planning tool for the project manager including workload.


Specifically, you can:

  • Switch between Grid and Calendar with the current filter applied
  • Switch between monthly, weekly, daily and an agenda mode with tasks superimposed
  • Apply filters as with the grid view
  • Click on an existing task and the editing panel for