In-The-News-TrelloDo you run an online business and require collaborating with your team to get more productive results? When used in the proper way, task management systems can turn out to be an important factor that determines the success of your business. Trello is one of the top task management systems which is used to make workflow smooth, revised and constant. However, in some cases, when you are handling a heavy number of projects, things can go haywire while using the tool. So how do you get the most out of this incredible system so that your projects and assignments run in a planned and desired way? Here are three latest articles on how Trello is being used by Agile Government Academy, 10 great ways to use the tool to manage your life and how you can shape up your blog with Trello.

Trello For Agile Governement Academy

Agile Gov Leadership (AGL) is a website that brings applied Agile practices to the government. By doing so, they redefine the culture of state, local and federal public sector service delivery across different aspects of the government. They work with Agile organizations and professionals to support their work in order to get Agile infused into various government processes. Recently, they wrote a blog post on how Trello can be used to guide your team during the learning phase. This allows your team to use the free Agile app and format each course in a project-focused technique that provides clarity to the entire process


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10 Fantastic Ways To Use Trello

Make Use Of is one of the world’s largest technology blogs with 400,000 subscribers and features over 37k articles currently. They recently featured an article showing 10 innovative ways on managing your life using a Trello calendar. Some of the topics discussed include setting a deadline for a task, accessing a Trello calendar, tracking money and paying bills, planning workouts and meals, scheduling health checkups, finding some time for yourself and much more.


It’s easier to work on to-do list items if you fit them into a calendar. Trello’s calendar feature allows you to assign due dates to your projects and then track deadlines using it. If you leave your tasks to be done someday without any strategies or proper planning, you will never get them done. In such a case, the calendar feature of Trello can be put into good use.

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Use Trello To Put Your Blog Back Into Shape

Olivia Rose Derby is a kick ass mom blogger and has been working as a professional social media strategist for the last ten years. She helps people to build traffic which ensures that the sales are improving in full swing. She started using Trello ever since she gave birth to a beautify baby boy. Since then, she has been using the app effectively to produce quality work in the shortest possible time. In her latest article she discusses on using Trello to manage your website and save a large chunk of your precious time.


Trello is free and can be customized in any number of ways to help you during the running of your project. It offers great flexibility and breaks down your project into tiny blocks that can be managed easily. This in turn gives you freedom and helps you to build a proper strategy without much effort.

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