asana training logoAsana was founded in 2009 to help teams work together with more clarity and transparency. Today, it is one of the most popular project management software with more than 20k paying customers. In fact, a recent skills index report by job site Upwork shows that Asana work tracking is the fastest-growing freelance skills for the first quarter of 2017. More and more companies are using project management and work tracking platform to be more competitive. However, deploying the PM solution and then expecting the staff to figure it out alone is not a good plan at all. In this situation, Asana Training can provide a complete solution. For a powerful extension to Asana, try out our own tool Bridge24 for Asana.

Introducing Asana Training

Asana Training is a company that specializes in deploying and optimizing Asana project management platform. It was founded in 2013 by Todd Cavanaugh, the CEO of Asana Training. He is one of Asana’s earliest adopters, a consultant working in San Francisco, and an MBA graduate of Rochester Institute of Technology. Todd developed the Masterclass course that will teach training participants to be a more effective team in using the platform. Together with other Asana consultants and experts, they offer a modular online course and other services specifically about Asana.

Asana Training Masterclass

The Asana Training Masterclass that provides one-seat training access is ideal for project managers, small business owners, and team members. Prior project management or Asana experience is not a requisite. It is self-paced and accessible over the Internet for 6 months. The Masterclass course consists of a total of 6 modules. The last 2 modules are available for students purchasing the Plus or Lifetime package. Module 1 discusses task management principles. Module 2 is Asana Essentials, a mini-course that can help new team members get on-board in just a few hours. Other modules explore advanced concepts, real-life applications, a module specific to leaders, and how to expand capabilities using integrations. The course is available in over 8 hours of HD video and about 60 lessons of step-by-step guidance.

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Consulting Services

Asana Training offers other services also. The On-site Training Seminar brings the trainor physically present to the company’s site for a comprehensive training. Virtual Training Seminar provides streaming video and screencasting so that teams from anywhere can immediately receive a foundation of best Asana practices. Sales teams can simply tune in and use their laptop or mobile devices. Other services include an Asana Workspace Audit and also a 2-hour Employee Onboarding training.

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Clients, Testimonials and Free Resources

Some of the clients of Asana Training include Leatherman, Mercedes-Benz, NBC Bay Area, and the University of Minnesota. Alissa Clark stated that Asana Training have complete buy-in from their team. She described the training as a great jumping off point. Another customer, namely Justin Dennis, stated that helpful examples and best practices from the training quickly changed their proficiency from beginners to experts. Asana Training also publishes articles that provides tips, best practices and other Asana news. Todd is also on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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