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The Importance of Reporting in Project Management

Reports are essential tools in business. They play a crucial role in a company’s startup, ongoing growth, expansion, and even survival stages. Through business reports, companies can document their progress over time. Reports also help build an audit trail of the past. These documents can become necessary when going to financial institutions or seeking investors. Corporations produce annual reports for their stakeholders and government agencies to comply with legal obligations. Reports are also helpful in decision-making, whether making a substantial purchase, planning for expansion, or deciding to sell the business.

Project Reporting

As businesses become more project-centric, the idea behind reporting is likewise followed and expected during project management. Project reporting is the act of producing formal and informal reports to communicate the project’s status. Reporting is usually done at regular intervals throughout the project. Stakeholders, sponsors, and the project team agree on the reporting frequency. In general, project reporting helps manage the expectations of stakeholders. […]

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The Importance of Checklists in the Workplace

Simply put, a checklist is a list of items for consideration. They can come in several forms, like a list of questions or actions to be carried out. They can be accompanied by checkboxes ticked off when that list item has been completed. People accept the results of a completed checklist as reliable and trustworthy. Thus, it is used as a memory aid or a job tool to ensure all issues have been considered.

Why We Fail

The human brain is capable of holding 4.7 million books in memory. And yet, there is no lack of documented failures in our history. So, why do people still fail, even though we can hold significant information and use many skills? According to philosophers, we die for two reasons: ignorance and ineptitude. We fail, firstly, because we do not have the information to perform a task. We forget also because, although we have the information, we cannot […]

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Asana New Features, Enhancements, and Integrations in November-December 2019 Release

Asana project tracking and work management software is providing teams and customers the needed features to help them adapt to changes and move quickly. Indeed, the business landscape and the work environment is continually changing, sometimes slowly but also at times suddenly. With the right tools and capabilities, teams can spend less time coordinating and more time focusing on work that matters. In the last 2 months of 2019, the PM platform released a new feature, several enhancements, and improvements, as well as a couple of new integrations. For a powerful reporting and exporting tools for Asana, give Bridge24 for Asana a try.

New Feature – Portfolio Search and Privacy

Asana released the Portfolio feature for its Business and Enterprise customers in the last quarter of 2018. Since then, new features have been added to the basic capability of monitoring the progress of important initiatives and company objectives. Last December, a […]

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New Features, More Updates in Asana September and October 2019 Release

Asana is an online platform for managing work, projects, and tasks. Teams are able to organize their work using a single platform to plan projects, prioritize tasks, and share details with the rest. It is now easier to track the status and progress of work and meet deadlines. The Asana team was very busy these past two months to provide its users with more tools and improvements. For a powerful reporting and exporting tool for Asana, give our own tool Bridge24 for Asana a try.

Free Templates for All

Early in 2019, Asana launched a new Templates Gallery where users can select from ready-made templates for a particular team. Previously, users in the free plan can only access about 4 templates from the Gallery. Most of the templates are available only to Premium, Business and Enterprise users. This September, templates have become available to everyone, regardless of your plan type. So, templates for an event promotion plan for marketing, daily standup meetings for design teams, or bug tracking […]

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Asana Rolls Out Voice Recognition for iOS and Rules Features

Asana project management software makes it easier for people to be more productive. Every feature can be used to simplify or streamline processes that require more time and effort. Teams are able to communicate and collaborate more effectively. So, work proceeds more smoothly and accurately, allowing team members to do it right the first time. These past weeks, they released new exciting features. They are rolling out a new voice recognition for iOS and a Rules feature for automation. For a powerful reporting and exporting tool for Asana, give our own tool Bridge24 for Asana a try.

Introducing Voice Recognition for iOS

In the last week of September, Asana announced a new voice recognition feature available for the iOS platform. Users can now create a task by recording a voice message. When you use its mobile app, you will see a microphone icon together with the other Asana icons (calendar, image, paperclip, etc.). You can make a dictation, and the VR feature will transcribe it and save it […]

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Asana Enhancements, New Courses on July and August 2019 Release

Asana work management platform is helping teams around the world to become more efficient and effective. With the right tools, people are completing their tasks in less time. More importantly, they are able to take more work, produce quality output, and feel good about their contribution. This July and August 2019, Asana released enhancements to its Workload feature, now more powerful with effort and capacity functionality. Also, new features and improvements to existing ones, as well as two new marketing courses now available complete the latest release. For a powerful reporting and exporting tool for Asana, give our own tool Bridge24 for Asana a try.

Workload Enhancements

Workload is a new resource management feature in Asana that was introduced in early June of this year. It is a feature available to Business and Enterprise plan customers. With Workload, users get to see a visual snapshot of their team’s capacity, all from a single view. With the latest release, users can now gauge workload more accurately not just with […]

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Is Remote Work Going to Replace The 9-to-5 Workday?

As early as 2015, some business experts have already made the prognosis: the 9-to-5 workday is already dying. The 8-hour workday, 5 days a week, or the 40-hour workweek, was born in the 1940s. So, it seems that the life of this 80-something year-old schedule is now at its end. Or is it?

Times are changing

The 40-hour workweek law was passed as a means to address extreme working hours demanded by employers to their employees. It worked for a time, especially in the manufacturing age, where people need to work together in shifts. However, between then and now, a lot has changed.

Work surveys have showed that today, there are more working mothers than in the previous decades. More than 60 percent of families today have both parents working, and many of them have young children. In fact, 70 percent of remote workers today are between the ages of 25 and 44.

Also, technology has advanced tremendously, such that it is now easier to do work outside the traditional office setting. […]

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Use Trello Custom Fields to Optimize Your Workflow

Trello visual project management software enables millions of users to stay on top of their daily tasks and major projects with a simple but capable tool. With a system of online boards, lists, and cards, many individuals, teams, or even whole companies are able to organize, prioritize, and visualize work, as it moves from ideation to completion. It is a flexible tool, easy to use, and has a free version.

From the start, Trello has maintained its core function as an organizational and workflow management application. To add features and functionality, it has integrations and Power-Ups. Integrations allow Trello to work with other applications, while Power-Ups bring in features of other software inside Trello.

For example, Trello integrates with Gmail with an add-on, so that users can add cards without leaving their inbox. Trello also has a Custom Fields Power-Up. A custom field in general is a user-defined data field that can be added for various purposes. The Custom Fields Power-Up developed by Trello allows users to add custom […]

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Bridge24 Launches Trello Chart Suite Chrome Extension

Bridge24 is an innovative application that enables users to manage their projects, tasks, and reports much more easily. It enhances the reporting and exporting capabilities of online project management tools such as Trello, Asana, Basecamp, and AceProject. Recently, it launched another free Chrome extension, the Trello Chart Suite Chrome Extension. When added to Chrome, Trello users will be able to create charts in one click. This nifty reporting tool helps them understand better and quickly the distribution of cards. Similarly, they now have instant access to useful information in a visual form.

Features and Benefits

Trello Chart Suite uses the same reporting engine that runs under the hood of Bridge24. It is the same program that creates interactive charts from Trello data, as well as other project management tools that it connects dynamically with. Users on Chrome browser can generate a horizontal bar chart from their current Trello board, with counts per list, in one easy click of a button. Thus, they are able to see, not only […]

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Asana Introduces New Features in June 2019 Release

Asana is an online project management software for teams. As companies deal with a more fast-paced disruptive business landscape, teams are in need of better tools to help them achieve their projects and objectives. They need tools that are intuitive, effective, and insightful, so that they can spend more time on their real work. This June 2019, Asana introduced several new features, such as Workload to view team capacity, a new Admin Console for managing accounts better, a new course for marketers, and more. For a powerful reporting and exporting tool for Asana, give our own tool Bridge24 for Asana a try.

Workload – View Your Team’s Capacity

Asana provides the right tools to people, so they can propel their projects and their organizations to success. By the same token, it recently launched Workload that allows Business and Enterprise users to have a centralized view of their team’s capacity. Through a visual capacity trendline, it gives them an overview of how each member is assigned across projects. Based […]

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