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What are Gantt charts and are they essential for project management?

Project management involves numerous operations being done simultaneously. It is like juggling a dozen balls and having to keep one’s eye on all of them. The challenge here is on how organizations can make sure that all processes are completed and quality output is delivered.

Two of the most important elements of project management are time and budget. A project needs to be completed within a given period and a pre-defined budget. If it does not meet the deadline, the budget may be depleted which may cause even more delays. Thankfully, numerous project management tools help organizations meet these crucial elements and track their projects. These include Trello, Basecamp, Monday.com, AceProject, and Asana, to name a few. To enhance their features for progress tracking, they use third-party integrations like Gantt charts.

What is a Gantt chart?

A Gantt chart is a tool used to provide a view of tasks that are displayed against time. It contains the course of a project, along with all the elements involved in it. It is […]

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Agile project management: 4 lessons learned this year

Project management may now be considered as one of the most popular and widely-practiced fields today. More organizations have become involved in handling projects while the number of software for project management continues to grow. Moreover, various project management methodologies have sprouted and among these is the Agile methodology.

What is Agile Methodology?

Project managers may be familiar with it but here is additional information for those who want to know more. The Agile methodology uses the iterative approach to delivering output throughout the life cycle of a project. This means that the project is broken into stages which are called sprints and the team collaborates with the stakeholders.

There are basically four main values of Agile which are:

  1. Putting more importance on the use of software than on documentation
  2. Working hand-in-hand with customers over negotiating a contract
  3. Being more open to change than sticking to a plan
  4. Choosing individuals and interactions over processes and tools

Lessons learned this year about Agile Methodology

The Agile […]

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Top 10 Best Hive Tutorials – Training and Courses

Hive is a project management tool that provides the solution for seamless collaboration for project management teams and individuals. Regardless of the business’ size, Hive makes it easier to complete tasks and deliver quality project outputs. It was designed by its creators, John Furneaux and Eric Typaldos, to be suitable for all businesses across various industries. Hive allows teams to use it as a tool for centralized communication through its native chat and email integration. Moreover, it offers various project layouts wherein users can easily switch between them for easier organization. They can choose among the calendar, Gantt chart, Kanban board, and table for their convenience.

The Top 10 Tutorials

Hive is a project management tool that combines the capabilities of other software to become the go-to software for collaboration. It is easy to use but there are various tutorials that help users make the most of its features. Here are the top 10 Hive tutorials that are worth reading and watching.

1. Edureka

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Top 10 Best Todoist Tutorials – Training and Courses

Todoist is the top to-do software in the market today, helping project management teams stay at the top of the competition. Many organizations choose it for its myriad of great features that promote productivity and team efficiency. Todoist automates many processes which users would otherwise have to do manually for long periods of time. It helps users organize their tasks, create schedules, and set deadlines. Todoist is even better because it is a freemium app that also offers a premium plan which provides more features and capabilities. With Todoist, teams are more efficient and productive and are able to deliver outputs that exceed expectations.

The Top 10 Tutorials

Todoist has numerous features that make it a great online tool for project management. Among the best capabilities is allowing its users to track their projects and getting their work organized. With this, teams can focus on more important tasks from their to-do list without missing anything important. Like other software, there are tons of tutorials online that can be […]

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Trello FAQ – Comment with Slack and Create Checklists

Trello is one of the many project management software available in the market today. But what sets it apart from others is its Kanban-style which appears like a whiteboard filled with Post-Its. The Kanban system was developed by Toyota to maintain high production rates and flexibility. Trello’s main elements include boards, lists, and cards which all help show the progress or status of a project. These all help teams and individuals have an overview of the project and determine what is most needed and where they can provide help. Specifically, the board is typically the product or project that is being worked on or developed. It has specific members that can see it and control the creation and flow of cards within the board. Additionally, they can also add themselves or other members to the cards, make attachments, and start conversations. Lists, on another hand, divide a board into categories that represent a stage of the project’s development. Examples of lists would be ‘to be done’ ‘being […]

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How to keep track of your project with Bridge24?

Project management is a continuously growing industry with more teams joining it and online collaboration tools being developed. In fact, according to the Project Management Institute, there were only more than a hundred of this software back in 2000. Today, more than a thousand are available options for project management teams. It is believed that one of the reasons for this is the temporary nature of projects. This means that every project is unique and each of them may require various tools. Another reason is user satisfaction wherein a user will keep using a tool for as long as it meets its needs. With this, it can be concluded that what project management teams need is a tool that can adapt to the different types of tasks and hold many features that are easy to use. These can be found in Bridge24.

What is Bridge24?

Bridge24 is not another project management tool in the market but is an online application that bridges various project management software. Thus, it […]

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Do you need a certification to be a project manager?

Project management is a steadily growing field wherein numerous teams and organizations manage workflow and various projects. Project managers are at the top of these projects and are responsible for overseeing the members, clients, and projects. These team leaders need to have the right knowledge, experience, and qualifications to do their job. They have a variety of duties which include creating and implementing budgets, managing staff and team resources, coordinating tasks and their assignees, and understanding the technological needs of every assignment, among others.

Because of the uniqueness of the job and the demand for project managers, many of them have opted to reinforce the existing skills and knowledge they have by getting certified. Various universities are already offering certification courses these days both online and onsite. There are undergraduate and graduate courses for project managers; some of which can be completed in two years or less. Depending on the target of the course, these courses may focus on leadership, risk management, communications, budgeting, technology, negotiations, and performance […]

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Asana FAQ – Task Reminders, Task Dependencies and more

Project management software has been proven to help teams and businesses better manage their workflows. These online tools have been proven to increase work productivity and help organizations deliver more quality outputs. Among the most famous software of this kind is Asana, the cloud-based collaboration tool, which provides users with a virtual workspace where they can collaborate for a project. Project managers can create tasks, assign these tasks to members, and set their due dates so no deadline is missed. Members can also ask about the details of the tasks by commenting on them and attaching files.

Asana can be used for various purposes, including for communication which is one of its most basic functions. It offers an option where users no longer have to use multiple tools for communication. Through its instant messaging tools, users no longer have to use the email all the time. They can skip digging through emails as they can search through conversations in one place. Asana can also be used for holding […]

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What are the skills a good project management should have?

Project management is a job that may not be as popular as most other jobs are. If young kids are asked about what they want to become when they grow up, project managers may not be among the top answers. In fact, not a lot of people know much about the industry and the people who do it. There are so many misconceptions about it which is why it is necessary to set the record straight and define and describe project management.

What is project management?

In order to define project management, it is first necessary to define the word ‘project’. A project has a distinct start date and end date which makes it temporary. However, it is unique because it is not a routine operation but involves a set of operations aimed to accomplish a specific goal. Moreover, a project can involve various people who come from various departments who are brought together to work on a common task.

Examples of projects are the construction of a building, development […]

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What are the differences between a project manager and a product manager?

The competition among businesses is getting tougher by the day. Apart from the pressure to stay at the top, they also have to continue to work within their budget. This is oftentimes the reason why many employees work multiple roles. Being a skilled and competent worker can be one of the reasons. However, most often than not, their employers had no choice but to stretch their roles as a resource utilization strategy.

Among the positions that a single person usually holds at the same time are Project Manager and Product Manager. The two sound really similar and are both managerial positions, so it may seem like it is a sound decision. Unfortunately, the opposite is almost always true. To be able to understand this better, a closer and more detailed look at these two job titles is necessary.

Project vs. Product

The words that have to be defined first are project and product.

A project is a one-time endeavour that has a definite start date and end date. It is usually […]

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