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Asana for Gmail Add-on Now Available

Asana is being used by a great number of teams today to help them plan, manage and track work. It is a modern web-based tool that is transforming the workplace. However, many people are still using email today as the simplest and most direct way of communicating with coworkers, or clients, customers and other external partners. In fact, we spend a significant amount of time, for instance, using Gmail in answering a teammate’s query or discussing a strategy with a client. Unfortunately, email is not an efficient tool for tracking to-do items. That is Asana’s strength. The good news is now there is Asana for Gmail add-on. For a powerful extension to Asana, give our own tool Bridge24 for Asana a try, or access it on their Integration page.

New Asana for Gmail Add-on

Asana for Gmail add-on is available to install from the G Suite Marketplace. The add-on enables users of both applications to do many things they […]

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Asana Announces Start Dates To Tasks

Asana is a popular web-based project tracking and collaboration software. It has helped countless teams moved work forward with great results. Users are able to see who is doing what, so they are able to track projects from start to finish with clearly defined responsibilities. Transparent workflows, conversations and dashboards all help team members know the next step and arrive at their goals. Now, the ability to plan even more ahead is possible with Start Dates available to Asana Premium members. For a powerful extension to Asana, give our own tool Bridge24 for Asana a try, or access it on their Integration page.

Introducing Task Start Date

Asana announces the ability to add a start date to a task. The concept of a start date has been absent to this project management tool for some years. Most customers are more concerned in tracking projects and completing them by their due dates. However, as more teams and companies are signing up with Asana, some have relayed the […]

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Embed Trello Cards and Boards in Your Favorite Apps

Trello released last month 4 top-requested features in celebration of the productivity app’s surpassing 25 million sign-ups. One of these features is the ability to embed cards and boards in third-party applications that teams have been using. This means users of both apps can bring their Trello tasks, workflows and projects to Bitbucket, Dropbox Paper, Confluence Cloud,, and other popular productivity software. They can work better together with other teams and collaborate smoothly on their projects. For a brilliant extension to Trello, we suggest trying out our own tool Bridge24 for Trello.

Same Great Look and Feel, but There’s More

Trello is a visual project management and collaboration software that helps teams with visibility in project work. The ability to embed these visual tasks and lists as cards and boards in other applications provide people much valuable information. In fact, embedded boards have the same appearance as if seen on Trello. They retain their flexibility and all their […]

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Trello Now Has 25 Million Users And Counting

Trello is a visual project management application that has helped teams from around the world track their projects, streamline their workflows, and collaborate efficiently. It is very flexible, and people have used it in more creative and productive ways than the creators originally thought possible. This free app made its initial public appearance in September 2011, spun out to be its own company in 2014, and was acquired by Atlassian in January 2017.

Barely a year from its debut, Trello reached 500,000 users in July 2012. People have found that a web-based kanban board can help them get more organized and productive. Then sometime in October 2015, about four years from its launch date, the visual project management app passed the 10 million signups mark. And now, 6 years from the very start, Trello is 25 million users strong. To review by numbers, it took 10 months from zero to 500k, some 3 years for an additional 9.5 million users, and 2 years for an additional 15 […]

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Asana Launches Latest App for iOS 11

AsanaAsana helps teams create and move projects forward in a collaborative way. The cloud-based project management software enables users to see who among the team is doing what and by when. Its mobile apps also let team members work on the go, whether capturing an idea, tracking work, or conversing with others. This month, Asana for iOS 11 has been released. This is in conjunction with Apple’s recent release of its latest OS. Some major improvements can be noticed to the iOS app, so teams can make the most of the latest technology from Apple. For a powerful extension to Asana, try out our own tool Bridge24 for Asana.

New Asana iPad App

In line with the advancements made in the iPad, the latest Asana app will take advantage of its large screen. Users will be able to navigate to their task list and inbox more easily. For instance, they can scan tasks, check the team’s progress, post comments, […]

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Bridge24 News: Officially Recognized by Asana and Trello

We are excited to announce that after a lengthy submission process that tests the quality and value to their users, Bridge24 has been accepted in the App integration directories for both Asana and Trello.

Asana App Integration

Access the Asana integration page detailing the connection with Bridge24

The process included a formal submission detailing the integration and the positioning of the application. In addition, we had communication to provide further information requested and answer any questions. Bridge24 was tested internally to see if it meets their quality standards and as well confirm the value of its usage for their users.

Bridge24 was classified in the Reporting category since one of the main uses is to dynamically display and filter Asana task information, although it does much more than that, including updating task information, and exporting any view.


Trello App Integration

The process to get the Bridge24 app in the Integrations area of Trello followed the same rigorous pattern as for Asana. The Trello Integrations area […]

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Trello Desktop for Mac and Windows Now Available

Trello online project management application is being used by teams to collaborate visually on projects. It is always in sync, so users can get work done with the rest of the team whether using their desktop in the office or their mobile device anywhere else. It works with popular browsers and integrates with many applications. A few days ago, it issued a major announcement that many have been waiting for. A desktop app is now available for Mac and Windows, and its free for all to download. For a brilliant extension to Trello, we suggest trying out our own tool Bridge24 for Trello.

Trello Desktop App for Dedicated Workspace

The Trello Desktop App provides the user a dedicated workspace. Before, it is just one among the many applications and screens that each browser tab represent. Sometimes, it can really get confusing to sort through these many tabs. The alerts and notifications that can come from any of these open […]

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Bridge24 Release News: Summer 2017

Bridge24 is a free and powerful reporting add-on (and more) to popular project management solutions. It provides added flexibility and control, as well as export, of one’s data when using PM software like AceProject, Asana, Basecamp and Trello.

Most of our work recently has been on the backend of Bridge24, preparing for our next phase of development. This being said, you may have noticed a few small enhancements that have been added to your Bridge24 experience over the summer. Take a look below!

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Improved Loading

Significant improvement in terms of loading speed and display has been made, especially when connecting to >1000 tasks.

Edit Panel Action Menu

Options on the update panel have been placed within an Action menu
Items in the menu include:

  • Direct open in the parent application of the current task
  • A new Copy Task URL to the clipboard
  • Delete the task

Grid View Management

From the grid view, you now have […]

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Hello Epics Power-Up Brings Card Dependencies Feature in Trello

Trello is a visual application of boards, lists and cards that enable users to flexibly manage the simplest of tasks as well as the biggest of projects. In fact, projects do get very big, to the extent that it needs to be broken down to more manageable pieces. In addition, some tasks or cards depend on other cards’ completion before they can move forward. These are dependencies, and people refer to them as parent/child relationships. In agile development, they use the terms epics and stories.

Substantial, a digital product studio, uses Trello for managing their software projects. In their work, they have encountered difficulty in seeing a high-level view of their project’s progress. They also run complicated projects that outgrew their workflow. They have always wanted to create parent/child relationships in their boards. But instead of using existing plugins, they created the Hello Epics Power-Up. Now, they see all related items, and quickly realize what work is left to […]

By | July 26th, 2017|

Trello Mobile Apps Now Include Calendar and Voting Power-Ups

Trello project management and collaboration software helps teams organize and prioritize projects in a highly visual and flexible way. The challenges of work seem to be always evolving. Work itself goes beyond office time and walls, so people should have the tools and devices to manage it. Calendar apps have allowed professionals to keep their appointments and stay on top of their busy schedule. Now, Trello has included the Calendar Power-Up on its native iOS and Android apps to provide its users with more information and control. The Voting Power-Up is also available. If you are looking for a brilliant extension to Trello, we suggest trying out our own tool Bridge24 for Trello.

Calendar Power-Up on Mobile

Trello uses a system of boards, lists and cards to show its users their projects, workflow and tasks. The Calendar Power-Up now on mobile shows another view and perspective of their projects. From a calendar view, users can see at a glance […]

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