Article sections

    1. Use the “New search…” item from the left Searches area
      • Select the projects/boards that you want to include in your data-set and other parameters, for example include also completed tasks/cards
      • Upon “Create” your selected data-set will be displayed within the Grid
      • You can additionally add a Filter to the returned dataset to select only the data that you are interested in such as: a range of dates, or values in a field. All fields can be filtered on and use AND/OR parameters.
    2. Click on the “Charts” item in the header area
      • By default multiple pre-defined Charts are displayed. Edit an existing Chart or click on the + Create New Chart button.
      • To Edit an existing Chart click on the Chart menu, and select Edit
    3.  From Edit Chart dialogue:
      • Choose the chart type from the drop-down setting (1)
      • Choose the Category Axis variables, as well as sorting (2)
      • Edit the Axis labels and title from the Titles tab (3)
    4. Click on the Bottom right document icon to create/save a PDF

    1 – Move: drag-drop chart to change order

    2 – Show/hide: quick access to existing charts

    3 – Menu: Edit, Copy (duplicate chart), Export, Delete

    4 – Dynamic legend/hide segment

    5 – Show/Hide Chart: Use selection drop-down (2) to open/organize

    6 – Toggle stacking on/off (stacked charts only)

    7 – Show/hide legend


    Did you know:

    • It is Easy to Duplicate a Chart and have multiple charts of the same variables  through the Menu>Copy  (for a different representation of the same data)
    • You can click on the column to or segment to open a list of the tasks/cards in that column. Also, use it to open the filtered column tasks into the Grid
    • You can click on the legend items to hide/show individual values
    • Configure the counts to display/show totals on the chart (Menu>Edit – Customize tab – labels option)