Article sections

    1. Use the “Create new filter…” item from the left filters area
      • select the projects/boards that you want to include in your data-set and other filters, for example include also completed tasks/cards
      • Upon “Create” your selected data-set will be displayed within the Grid
    2. Click on the “Charts” item in the header area
      • By default all Charts are displayed. Use the Chart selection drop-down to choose the Chart desired
      • Choose the chart type on the top right of the chart drop-down setting
      • Choose configuration, including stacking options from the configuration menu
    3. Click on the Bottom right document icon to create/save a PDF

    1 – Select chart type: Horizontal, Vertical, Pie, Doughnut, Polar

    2 – Configuration: Rename, Stack, Sort

    3 – Legend: Click on segment to turn on/off

    4 – Show/Hide Legend

    5 – Export to PDF (with or without task list)

    6 – Show/Hide Chart: Use selection drop-down to open/organize


    Did you know:

    • You can click on the column to or segment to open a list of the tasks/cards in that column. Also, use it to open the filtered column tasks into the Grid
    • You can click on the legend items to hide/show individual values
    • Configure the counts to display/show totals on the chart