Search engine optimization or SEO is important to website management because it helps drive more visitors to a specific website. It includes strategies and techniques that result in a website being ranked at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) of search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. SEO specialists know a lot of ways to increase rankings but there are also other ways that are not too technical for the ordinary team. One of them is by using Trello, the project management software that is being used by numerous teams and individuals. Whether the purpose is for business or for personal advancement, Trello is the perfect tool.

Why choose Trello?

Trello is an online collaboration tool that has been named as one of the best collaborative project management tools. It uses the Kanban view, which originated in Japan, that utilizes boards for a more visual way of managing a project. This method makes it easy to add team members and assign tasks to them, set due dates, and write comments. The software works like a bulletin board where teams make ‘Trello boards’ for different projects and ‘Trello cards’ within these boards. The boards can be divided into columns called lists, each representing a stage of the project. A task to be done is moved from one column to the next as work progresses. This way, it is easy for users to keep track of their progress and avoid missing a single task.

How to use Trello to improve SEO

Doing search engine optimization is important for any person or team that manages a website. Each strategy on the list is as important as the other and should not be missed. When using Trello, each strategy is to be considered a task and every website is a board.

Let’s say we have a website called ‘Baby Travels’ which publishes articles about kid-friendly hotels and destinations around the world. The users can create a board for the website and call it ‘Baby Travels’. Then, they create columns or lists for the different stages involved in the management of the website. The columns may be labeled according to stages such as tasks to do, in progress, created, for SEO, for review, to publish, and published. Each task is dragged from one column to the next as they are completed.

Integrating Trello with SEMrush to improve SEO

Website managers can greatly benefit from using SEMrush. It is a web application that lets users analyze their site’s SEO data, as well as those of their competitors. There are more than 106 million keywords on 46 million domains on this app. It was created in 2008, with the aim to make online competition clear and fair. Today, big organizations and companies trust SEMrush, including Hewlett Packard, Disney, eBay, and Amazon. SEMrush brings SEO to the next level. Linking SEMrush to Trello lets users use data from SEMrush and turn them into tasks on Trello.

  1. Site Audit. This feature lists the issues on the website that need to be fixed to improve SEO. After seeing the issues more clearly and in detail, users can send them to Trello and create a task for them. Once the task is created, it will be seen by the members and they will know what needs to be done. The card automatically gets a link back to the issue on SEMrush so that users will have a reference.
  2. On-Page SEO Checker. With this, SEMrush creates a list of recommendations on how to improve the pages of the website. The specific information can then be sent to Trello as a card. Of course, the card that was created contains the URL of the page that needs work, as well as a link back to the issue in SEMrush.
  3. Topic Research. This feature helps teams brainstorm for content ideas. By just entering a phrase or a word, Topic Research returns cards with subtopics that writers can write about to help drive more traffic to the website. The Topic Research Trello Integration can grab these cards and send them to the appropriate Trello board list where other members can see it.
  4. Content audit. This tool gives the users the power to audit content sections of the website, as well as set up a workflow and track the progress of the workflow. Users can create tasks that they can assign to team members and bring this over to Trello for the team to see.

More about SEMrush

SEMrush offers a 30-day trial that is free of charge but only allows users access to a limited number of features. There are also three plans that users can choose from, depending on what suits the demands of their website.

The single dashboard contains the following:

  • Organic search domains
  • Latest publishers
  • Referring
  • Anchor links
  • Sample text ad
  • Landing page
  • Sample media ads
  • Referring domains
  • Display advertising
  • Keywords
  • Backlinks
  • Paid search

There are also many advantages when using REMrush. It allows users to have up to five websites to compare; collect keywords, PLA, and AdWords; and learn about unique and common keywords between websites.

Trello may be primarily used as a project management software but if users explore it more deeply, it can be used for a lot more. Its features are impressive and convenient for users, even for those who are not highly technical. However, there are also limitations to the software but its capabilities can be enhanced by using third-party integration. Bridge24 for Trello is one of those integrations which bridge the gap in Trello’s reporting and exporting processes. Big companies use Trello for their business and assure people of their advantages.

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