Advanced Reports for Basecamp 3 using Bridge24

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Basecamp 3 now supported by Bridge24Bridge24 for Basecamp is now being used by more and more Basecamp users to access to-dos across projects, as well as to output information such as reports into excel or PDF. New features for users are now available from within Bridge24.

Bridge24 Advanced Reports

This week saw the introduction of Advanced Reports. Users can now prepare a 2 level report (grouping) and include up to 4 more fields in addition to the to-do name.  This easy to use report creation tool also allows you to export the report into a convenient PDF or Excel file, as well as others.

Advanced Reports for Asana & Trello

Configure and generate the report

Select the first and second level grouping parameter and fields to include, then generate.  

The report is created and the user can navigate directly and then export to the desired format such as PDF or Excel.

Custom Development

Do you require a custom report output or other need? We are able to accommodate through our Custom Development possibilities built in Bridge24.

Did you know? (What can a Basecamp user do through Bridge24)

  • Use filters to display to-dos across projects and include archived/trashed to-dos
  • Export to-dos to Excel including comments and document information
  • Use a flexible grid to view, sort, group & search, to easily organize to-dos across all projects
  • Create customizable reports in a high quality printable format to PDF or Excel
  • Also connect to Basecamp 2 accounts. Features like Calendar and Board modes, to-do editing, and more are already available for Basecamp 2

For more information, check out Bridge24 for Basecamp

New Interface Released for Bridge24
Bridge24 Officially Recognized by Basecamp

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Bridge24 is a complimentary application to AceProject, Asana, Basecamp, and Trello that allows dynamic connectivity to your data which can be viewed and manipulated in ways not possible in the native application. Stay tuned for more exciting features on the way! Be sure to provide us your feedback about what you would like to see inside of Bridge24!

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