Bridge24 is a free and powerful reporting add-on (and more) to popular project management solutions. It provides added flexibility and control, as well as export, of one’s data when using PM software like AceProject, Asana, Basecamp and Trello.

Most of our work recently has been on the backend of Bridge24, preparing for our next phase of development. This being said, you may have noticed a few small enhancements that have been added to your Bridge24 experience over the summer. Take a look below!

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Improved Loading

Significant improvement in terms of loading speed and display has been made, especially when connecting to >1000 tasks.

Edit Panel Action Menu

Options on the update panel have been placed within an Action menu
Items in the menu include:

  • Direct open in the parent application of the current task
  • A new Copy Task URL to the clipboard
  • Delete the task

Grid View Management

From the grid view, you now have the ability to copy, rename, reset and delete saved views.

Asana “Board” Projects Fully Supported

Asana does not allow List projects to be viewed as Board projects, and vice-versa. In Bridge24 all data is treated equally, and can be viewed as either type, dynamically.

Here is how one user described his Bridge24 experience:

“I signed up for Bridge24 an hour ago and just wanted to say it’s just amazing. I love Asana, but having to choose between boards and lists is unfortunate.  My team uses both, boards as dashboards and lists for actual projects. I know they have it on their radar being able to flip between lists and boards, but nobody know when that will, come, but who cares Bridge24 takes the whole concept to an unimaginably amazing level.  So brilliant, thank you.” – Denis R.

What’s Coming Next!

Currently there are a number of initiatives underway:

  • We are finalizing a new Activity/History Stream feature. This provides the ability to view, search, and filter all modifications that have occurred on tasks. This reporting tool allows an easy way to track changes that have occured
  • Continued back-end changes for improved performance and scalability
  • New website design, logo, to better represent the Bridge24 and its evolution
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