Trello project management and collaboration software helps teams organize and prioritize projects in a highly visual and flexible way. The challenges of work seem to be always evolving. Work itself goes beyond office time and walls, so people should have the tools and devices to manage it. Calendar apps have allowed professionals to keep their appointments and stay on top of their busy schedule. Now, Trello has included the Calendar Power-Up on its native iOS and Android apps to provide its users with more information and control. The Voting Power-Up is also available. If you are looking for a brilliant extension to Trello, we suggest trying out our own tool Bridge24 for Trello.

Calendar Power-Up on Mobile

Trello uses a system of boards, lists and cards to show its users their projects, workflow and tasks. The Calendar Power-Up now on mobile shows another view and perspective of their projects. From a calendar view, users can see at a glance all the important deadlines and due dates. And this works, whether it is for an editorial calendar project or a wedding plan. In effect, the calendar view enables the users to easily anticipate and plan the needed work or effort in the upcoming days, weeks or months.

Once the Calendar Power-Up has been enabled, users can select the calendar view from the board menu. This will enable the calendar mode. It will show the calendar on top and specific cards below it. Users can then tap the card to open it up and update details or work on that task. Additionally, they can tap on the checkbox at the right of the card to mark it off as complete. If users want to hide cards that have been completed, they can click on the three-dot menu on the upper right, and select the button to hide these specific group of cards. Also, cards that where marked complete while working offline will automatically sync with the rest of the board once a connection is established.

Voting Power-Up on Mobile

The Voting Power-Up is now available as well. Trello users can use voting for the following scenarios:

  • Collect feedback
  • Set priority
  • Plan agenda, activities, etc.

The Voting Power-Up on Trello makes it easy for teams to build and execute a product roadmap. Planning and organizing a vacation is just as easy as well. Voting inside the app enables teams to easily find consensus and agreement without the need for time-consuming meetings.

Power-Up Your Mobile

To enable a Power-Up on a mobile device, users simply open a board menu. From there, select Power-Ups and select Calendar or Voting. Every Trello board comes with one free Power-Up. Those subscribed with Gold, Business Class, or Enterprise premium plans can enable both Calendar and Voting.

The Beginning of Exciting Things to Come

Trello Power-Ups on the web app turn users’s boards to comprehensive and powerful business applications. The availability of Power-Ups on mobile is a welcome news and an exciting preview of upcoming possibilities. For instance, custom fields. For more information about Power-Ups, mobile apps, and other announcements, visit Trello also on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

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