10 Tips on Creating More Agile Teams Using Trello and Asana

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If you are attempting to create a more agile and locked-in team, you probably haven’t attempted to use the latest technological advancements in project management software.

At this point, it’s absolutely imperative to track everything that your team does in one way or another. And the easiest way to do this is to use project managing software like Trello and Asana to your advantage.

Why are these project management apps so valuable? For starters, they truly help to create agile teams. But that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

To help you see the full benefits of these powerful apps, we will share 10 tips to help you get the most use out of them.

trello-logo5 Tips to Effectively Use Trello

To kick things off, we will start out by sharing five tips to effectively use Trello. By implementing these strategies, you will certainly create a more agile team.

1. Create one board per project.

By using this method, you are opening up yourself to the most features by handling project management this way. Sure, you might be tempted to create a list or a card, but creating an entire board per project is the most effective way to use the software.

2. Use lists for milestones.

To get the most out of the list feature, it’s best to create one list per project milestone. By going this route, your project will make practical sense and it will be a lot easier for you to stay on task.

3. Use labels for priority or status.

If you are working on a given task, it’s easy to know where you stand at that particular point of your programming project by using labels. For even greater visible organization, use different colors per label.

4. Delegate team members to cards.

With some project management tools, you are actually forced to assign specific tasks to a single user. Trello is a lot more effective because it actually does the exact opposite. It allows you to add more users to a specific task if that’s what’s needed to complete the project.

5. Leave messages using comments.

Cards are the ideal place to leave notes and comments. Use this feature regularly if you need team members to learn specific information about a given task.

asana-logo_600w5 Tips to Effectively Use Asana

To effectively use Asana to create an agile team, please consider the following five tips:

1. Create one task for multiple projects.

It’s possible to create a single task and use it in multiple projects. Examples: programming, error monitoring, troubleshooting, etc. This will save you lots of time and it makes it much easier to coordinate tasks for your projects.

2. Speed up task creation using Tab + Q

By using the Tab + Q keyboard shortcut, it will become much faster and easier to create and assign new tasks in Asana.

3. Use Asana’s copy and paste template feature.

When developing an agile team, there’s no reason to completely reinvent the wheel. Asana allows you to save copy and paste templates that you can use to help speed up task creation and project management. Take advantage of this opportunity right away.

4. Create recurring tasks.

Most companies have tasks that they need to perform over and over again. Instead of constantly creating the same task multiple times, just create recurring tasks and make your life much easier. You can even track these tasks using online time clock software to improve your performance.

5. Use due dates.

If a specific task or project doesn’t need to be completed immediately, add a due date to let everyone know when it needs to be completed in the future.


As you can see, there are many benefits to using Trello and Asana. We highly recommend checking them out if you’re looking to create a more agile team.

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