Basecamp News: Master The Art Of Effective Delegation, Low Cost Way to Improve Your Business, and more

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Basecamp Helps Master The Art Of Effective Delegation

Master The Art Of Effective DelegationHave the owner track the delegated task via Basecamp. Ensure you have a structure in place so communication is honest when a project/task needs to be rescheduled or deadline renegotiated. Most of my clients find dividing a complex project into a series of smaller projects increases visibility, and ensures that weekly deadlines keep momentum. Then, if a deadline needs to be moved the impact isn’t as severe, since the deliverable is much smaller. Set a standard for renegotiation when a deadline will be missed. Most of my clients have a 48-72 hour advance notice when it appears a deadline is in peril.

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Basecamp as a Low Cost Way to Improve Your Business

Low Cost Ways to Improve Your BusinessStartups are usually strapped for cash. But that shouldn’t stop you from building your dream as effectively as possible. So how can you do both and find ways to improve your business without breaking the bank?

“When your team is small, it’s critical that every repeatable task is being optimized. Something as simple as a checklist helps your employees think through operations, so they can quickly and confidently make decisions without going to their bosses for assistance. Inexpensive project management software, like Basecamp, can also help automate many of your team’s tasks and eliminate repetition.” Brittany Hodak

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Use Basecamp to Manage your Remote-First Team

remote workSuccess begins with a philosophy. I believe in the remote-first model, but there are plenty of nuts and bolts required to make it effective. Communicate deliberately is one tenet of a remote-first company. Put processes in place for communication. Edits go in Google Docs, status updates go in Basecamp, files go in Dropbox, meetings happen on Blue Jeans. Make sure everyone knows where and how to communicate.

Creating a great work culture isn’t a task to be checked off, it’s a seed to be nurtured. We’re serious about making Litmus a place to do work you’re proud of without burning out. And that’s just the reason I love working here.

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How We Made Akira with the Help of Basecamp

How We Made Akira with the Help of BasecampOne of the things I really love about working at Freefly is the diversity in skill set we have under one roof. You can find a huge range of expertise all the way from ultra-high-speed control loops to incredible cinematographers and finely-tuned user experience experts.

Once the features are ready for our beta group to test, we push a new version of the app using TestFlight. This process has been extremely useful to easily distribute and manage the beta firmware with the beta test group. It’s allowed us to get feedback from a larger user base and build confidence in new firmwares more quickly than would be possible with only internal testing. For Freefly employees, we use Basecamp to discuss individual features and offer targeted feedback. Basecamp allows us to create very granular topics for discussions and also the ability to assign those topics to the various parties that need to help push the discussion forward to completion.

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Using Basecamp to Run Your Freelance Development Business

How to Run Your Freelance Development BusinessIt’s Monday morning, and you’ve just sat down at your desk. You log into Basecamp to see you’ve got two client projects due this week. Both should take about twenty hours each, so you’re feeling pretty good about getting them done on time. Then, you open your to-do list, where you keep track of miscellaneous items that also need your attention. There are ninety-four items on the list. Your heart sinks as you pull an energy drink from the fridge and prepare for another seventy hour work week.

Does this scenario sound familiar? If you’ve been a freelancer, I bet you know this grind all too well. I’m here to share a few ways you can run your freelance development business…without losing your mind.

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Manage a Team of Writers Using Basecamp

Manage a Team of Writers Using BasecampIf you’re currently keeping track of assignments in an Excel spreadsheet, it’s time to reevaluate. Not only are traditional spreadsheets cumbersome, they’re also inherently non-collaborative. Sure, you can share a Google Doc with team members, but will they be able to easily see down the pipeline at a glance? Probably not.

Instead, share your editorial calendar with collaborative software like Basecamp. While each option works a little differently, all are inherently visual. Meaning, team members can easily see what they’re assigned to, when its due, and any internal notes for the piece at hand. Collaborative software also incorporates direct messaging features that allow any questions to be answered quickly.

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Stop Struggling and Stay Productive with Basecamp

If you are anything like me, you probably juggle a million things at the same time.

Between marketing my business, supporting the members of my private communities for all three of my paid programs, managing a virtual team of three baller assistants, being a good wife and mommy to our 2 dogs and staying on top of current trends + keep you, my lovely subscribers in the know.

Tools I Mentioned in the video above

  • Trello – My all-time favorite task management tool EVER.
  • Asana – My second favorite. Asana is areally, really powerful. Especially if you are collaborating with a team.
  • Basecamp – Basecamp is really popular. Personally, I’ve never used it but wanted to give you alternatives you can explore.

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Outsourcing Your App Development using Basecamp

Outsourcing Your App Development using BasecampThere are over 75 billion app downloads occurring every year. If your start-up doesn’t already have one, it needs one. The reality of business in today’s exceedingly competitive and global environment is that if you aren’t doing what your competitors are better than they do it, you’re far behind in the eyes of a consumer.

If the developer is constantly agreeing, not reporting back regularly and they do not discuss potential issues or threats, it just means they are having a hard time saying no or simply aren’t plugged into your project or vision. Make sure that your service provider takes the appropriate time to discuss potential problems. One way to do this is by having them communicate with you through a collaboration tool like Basecamp.

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