Trello empowers its users by providing a collaborative tool that help boost productivity. People strive to create, build, or produce something much more than what they started with. We begin with little, but we work hard to make something bigger or better at the end of our project or process. Success is possible, and others have done it many times before. But instead of reinventing the wheel, it is wiser to look for tips, techniques, or templates from people who are already successful. And Trello’s new Inspiration makes it easy to find them. If you are looking for a great reporting and exporting tool for Trello, we suggest trying out our own tool Bridge24 for Trello.

Introducing Trello Inspiration

Trello now makes available its Inspiration portal ( to help people find board templates, samples, and success stories. It is a collection that comes from users around the world. Therefore, searching for that workflow, board or strategy and making it one’s own is now as simple as going to a web page.

The Inspiration web page shows a variety of boards. It can be about an agile workflow, for building a roadmap, planning a wedding, and more. Users can make their own copy and customize it to tailor fit their needs. The left side of the page shows the categories. Clicking one will filter the display and show only the boards that are related to this category. Typing a key word on the search bar will help narrow down the selection further. To broaden one’s search, simply click the X to exit that previous filter or click the ‘Clear filters’ link.

Sample Boards Available

Trello is being used by millions of users around the world. Indeed, some have made perfect their process and workflow, and now they are sharing it. Here are some of the boards they are making use of to achieve productivity in their particular situation or requirement. However, there are more boards to see from the Inspiration portal.

Weekly To-Do’s

Kevan Lee from Buffer shares this weekly to-do board. Thinking about work in weekly periods helps him be more flexible. One list enumerates all his upcoming work. It is followed by a column of the current week, a done column, and another column for the next week. All he has to do is repeat this workflow week after week.

Blog Post Pipeline

Inga Koreng from shares their team’s blog post pipeline board. In particular, this Trello board helps their team organize the process of developing and publishing their content. It includes columns about ideas, drafts, schedules, publishing and others. This keeps every team member stay on track.

Everyday Agile

Lyndi Thompson from Accolade Health shares their everyday agile board. Lyndi believes that getting things done is a process. It is more than shipping a product, or completing a project. It is a way of thinking, and this board helps them in planning, execution, iteration and reflection.

Share Your Inspiring Story

Trello Inspiration allows users to explore a wide range of possibilities through this collection of templates, samples and stories. In fact, its team will be constantly adding new and inspiring boards as they receive them. It encourages all its users to share their board and story to the community by completing an online form. Moreover, they are offering a free Gold plan to those who get selected.

For more information on the new portal, productivity tips and the latest product updates, visit also their Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page.

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