Trello online project management application is being used by teams to collaborate visually on projects. It is always in sync, so users can get work done with the rest of the team whether using their desktop in the office or their mobile device anywhere else. It works with popular browsers and integrates with many applications. A few days ago, it issued a major announcement that many have been waiting for. A desktop app is now available for Mac and Windows, and its free for all to download. For a brilliant extension to Trello, we suggest trying out our own tool Bridge24 for Trello.

Trello Desktop App for Dedicated Workspace

The Trello Desktop App provides the user a dedicated workspace. Before, it is just one among the many applications and screens that each browser tab represent. Sometimes, it can really get confusing to sort through these many tabs. The alerts and notifications that can come from any of these open applications also distract the users. Moreover, all these are running and being held together by a single browser. In contrast, the dedicated desktop app frees Trello from these restrictions, and let people focus on work and act more flexibly with their boards.

Keyboard Shortcuts

As a desktop application, Trello now offers more options for keyboard shortcuts. It is also easy for users to create custom ones. At the top right corner of the app, the gear icon allows for the creation of custom shortcuts that can open Trello from anywhere. They can write a shortcut to create cards from anywhere using the Quick Add feature.

The Trello Desktop App for Mac and Windows makes it easy for users to create a card. Furthermore, with a shortcut combination of key strokes, they can also set a name and description of the card. They can also set the board and list where the card will reside. The default key is Cmd+Opt+Space for the Mac, and Ctrl+Alt+Space for Windows.

This is a list of some of the shortcuts.

Desktop Notifications

Since it is now a desktop app, notifications are a native feature. The operating system controls notifications better than the browser before. Also, they can behave more silently when in ‘Do Not Disturb Mode’. Apple devices that have a Touch Bar allow users to cue up starred boards, create new cards, and open boards in new windows easily.

Priority Boards

Trello Desktop App can now set a user’s favorite board front and center. They can set this up by pressing Cmd+Shift+D or Ctrl+Shift+D when on this particular board. This shortcut makes the board as the default priority board. A notification will pop up to inform the user that the default board has been set up. Another way to keep a list of important boards accessible is to keep them displayed on the left side. By clicking on the Boards button on the top left corner, and scrolling down on the bottom, they can click the ‘Always keep this menu open’ link. As a result, the list will stay on the left side for easy navigation.

A New Trello Experience

The new Trello Desktop App for Mac and Windows will provide users a new experience that brings their favorite application a step directly closer to their productivity. They can now explore it by downloading the app for free. For more of the latest announcements and other updates, visit Trello also on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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