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Trello work management and tracking software is a free and flexible way of organizing projects and tasks. But it is also fun and rewarding to use the visual system of boards and cards. Different teams and individuals use it in various, creative ways. Prioritizing work and collaborating with others has become easy and efficient. This February 14, users get a V-day treat as emoji reactions go live. If you are looking for a great reporting and exporting tool for Trello, we suggest trying out our own tool Bridge24 for Trello.

How to Add an Emoji Reaction

Emoji comes from the combination of the Japanese words for picture and character. Emojis are graphic symbols that represent an idea. In computer usage, it conveys its meaning through its resemblance to an actual object. Unlike emoticons that use typographs, emojis are actual images of facial expressions, common objects, gestures, and others.

To add an emoji reaction to a comment in a card, users just have to click the emoji icon beneath the comment. At the moment, they can select from 12 emojis. They can also click an emoji that has already been added by another user. A number that appears on the right side of the emoji indicates the number of times it has been clicked.

An Instant Feedback

Adding comments to cards in Trello is one way of providing details while collaborating. With the launch of emoji reactions, users now have another way of expressing instant feedback to their teammate’s comment. It is a quick way to get a yes or no to a question, or an affirmation. It can also provide status, or indicate importance or request. Unlike other visual means, emojis relay a more personal and non-formal communication, even for work-related matters.

The available emoji reactions can help teams get a feel or measure of an idea. Users can add a thumbs up or thumbs down to express a vote. They can use another to express gratitude, praise, or a smile. They can describe an activity as something they enjoy and love. Or describe a status of project with the emoji of a launching rocket. All in all, these can help strengthen communication between members, and their teamwork as well.

Collaboration-themed Valentine Cards

Similarly, Trello created a set of Valentine-themed cards, or Trellotines. These can be added to any board. They express several ways of appreciating the help and collaboration of teammates. There are 2 simple steps to add these cards into the boards. The first step is to go to their blog site and choose from 6 available Trellotines. Right click the image, and select copy from the menu. The second step is to go to your board, hover over a card, and then paste it.

Users’ Reactions and Comments

Today’s introduction of emoji reactions also resulted in some interesting reactions from users. Many users welcomed the feature, with some stating that it has been a long-time coming. Others are not so enthusiastic, asking instead how to disable the feature. As of today, there is no option to disable the emoji reactions. Some users are worried that emojis somehow diminish the seriousness of a project.

Just the beginning

Trello, since the beginning, is intrinsically fun, and emoji reactions are a natural evolution in the software. They will next be available to the iOS and Android platforms. Also, they will be including the full set and supporting custom emojis soon.

For more information on upcoming emoji sets, new features, and other updates, visit also their Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page.

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