Trello News: Trello for Blogging, Content Marketing and Client Facing Projects

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Trello is an amazingly easy-to-use web-based project management solution used for a variety of applications. Did you know that more and more content marketers are using Trello for their day-to-day tasks and client facing? We’ve put together a few recent articles that cover real-life Trello use cases. The first article explains how an award-winning food blogger uses Trello to grow traffic. The second covers how Trello can be used to better organize your content for your content management workflow. The third provides a great overview on how a ecommerce marketing agency uses Trello—not only for project management but also for working directly with their clients.

How a Food Blogger Grew Traffic with Trello

Vicky Cassidy is the brainchild food blogger behind Things I Made Today. After she first started out, she realized the importance of turning her food blogging into a workflow in order to generate ideas as well as researching and scheduling content. Every time she gets an idea—whether from social media, other cookbooks or through a sheer brainstorming session, she creates a card in Trello. For each “idea” card, she completes it with notes and additional links. For easy filtering, she then uses Trello’s labelling feature to categorize each recipe depending on the season.

For planning her content, Vicky also uses Trello. She created a Trello board specifically for scheduling her content. Within the board, she set up lists—from what recipes she wants to make to what ones will find themselves on her blog and when she aims to publish them. She reverts to the calendar view to easily see her blog’s upcoming content and make changes if needs be. All in all, Trello is definitely a great hub for centralizing ideas and planning your content!


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Using Trello to Efficiently Organize Your Content

Whether you are a content marketer or full-time blogger, you know that staying organized and managing your content can be a major, time-sucking task. Melissa Haney, a Weebly writer that specializes in web development and social media, recently showed how she,  ReadWrite, a media platform covering the Internet of Things, Buffer, a web-based platform to increase fan engagement on social media, specifically use Trello for their content management workflows.

ReadWrite uses Trello boards and cards to categorize their inspirations and ideas for upcoming articles as well as move these along down their content workflow by assigning them to writers, managing the writing process and publishing their posts in a timely manner. Buffer uses Trello to schedule their social media posts and manage their overall editorial calendar.

Once you’ve got your basic workflow figured out, you can then add other media components of your content strategy to Trello, such as email campaigns, newsletters and much more, and invite other content collaborators to streamline your entire process.


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The Power of Trello for Project Management and Customer Facing

Inflow, an ecommerce marketing agency, uses Trello for most of its project management and collaboration needs in a variety of different spheres of their business, including workflows for their SEO, inbound strategies, PPC advertizing, conversion rate optimization and analytics. However, what is really interesting is also their approach in using Trello to work with their clients.

The agency has a lot of different types of clients. They set up Trello boards for each client, who are Trello observers. In other words, the agency can make changes to client Trello boards, but not the clients. Each client board has a variety of different lists, including resources (for any documentation), discussions, meeting notes, ideas, upcoming tasks, approved tasks and a lot more. Because Trello’s Kanban-style interface, time-strapped clients need very little onboarding and solution support is kept to a minimum. Customer facing and collaboration becomes so much smoother with Trello!


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