Basecamp is providing companies a centralized space to manage all their projects, teams and client work. Basecamp 3 web-based project management tool includes tools and features that transform how teams work, making it easier to do their jobs. However, work does not stop when people go out of the office, away from their desktop. Therefore, the latest Basecamp 3 for Android now includes improvements that allow the smooth use of the PM app wherever work takes them. If you need a great extension to Basecamp, we recommend you use our own tool Bridge24 for Basecamp.

New Home Screen

The new Basecamp 3 for Android Home screen is the first screen that users see after successfully logging in. In general, users can see all their project cards tiled with the pinned cards on top. To pin a project, tap the beige pin (unpinned) on the top right of the project card. To unpin, simply tap the orange pin (pinned). Also, users can enable the switch at the top of the screen. The activated bookmark slide switch will display on the screen only the things that are bookmarked. To go directly to a team or project, simply tap on the area that displays “Jump to a team or project”. Then, start typing its first few letters. All other cards will disappear from the screen.

basecamp android 2016-1

Inbox and Latest Activity Improvements

On the right side of the Home icon at the bottom menu is the Inbox. Users will see a badge, an orange circle with a number, that represents a count of unread notifications. Accordingly, these notifications can be from Pings, Hey! or Campfire. At the top of the screen, users can swipe left or right to move to the different message boxes. If there are no notifications for Pings, users can see previous conversations. If there are no notifications for Campfires, they can see a list of who they are following and pinned Campfires. On the right side of the Inbox is Latest Activity. Now, users can see all messages, to-dos, comments, and files. Furthermore, they can tap the View Reports button at the top to run various reports on Basecamp.

basecamp android 2016-2

Me and Account Switching Improvements

At the rightmost icon of the menu at the bottom is Me. Tapping it will display on the screen of the Android phone all of a user’s To-dos and Drafts. Moreover, a user can update their profile, manage devices, update notification and device settings, and log out. The latest Basecamp 3 for Android now provides a faster account switching. Users with more than one Basecamp account will be automatically signed to their first account alphabetically. To switch accounts, users can simply tap the account name, and a list of the other accounts will dropdown. Hence from there, they can tap the account they want to switch to.

basecamp android 2016-3

@Mentions, App Shortcuts and more

The latest Android version also includes cool new features. Users can use @mention in comments, messages and in Campfire chats. Thus, to utilize this, user should start typing the @ symbol followed by a few letters of the person’s name to direct the comment. The @mentioned person will be notified. Another enhancement is the App Shortcuts feature available for devices supporting Android 7.1. With a long press on the Basecamp app icon, a menu to quickly add a To-do, Event, Message or a file will appear. Above all, users can do this even without having to open the app. Also, users can tap a profile picture of a user anywhere within the application to open their profile, ping them and more.

basecamp android app shortcut

Making Continuous Improvements

Basecamp 3 continuously updates their application, whether on web, Android or iOS, to help users manage their projects and communicate to the whole company. Learn about the new enhancements and other Basecamp updates on their Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube page.

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