517Ues4ewjL._SX401_BO1,204,203,200_Basecamp for Beginners: Managing Projects and Keeping Track of Details is a book that goes into all the fundamental aspects of the Basecamp program and gives innovative ideas on how to keep track of your life. Many start-ups fail because of a dearth of proper project management strategy. This is where Basecamp plays a fundamental role in keeping things organized and on track. This web-based project management tool is an easy way to manage projects and keep track of every little detail in both professional and personal contexts. The book is a versatile reference for Basecamp and helps you in understanding on how to use the tool to the fullest. It’s ideal both for beginners as well as seasoned users of Basecamp.

Book Details

The book is available in the hardcover version and weighs around 1.4 pounds. It’s written in plain English and has 320 pages. It was published on April 25, 2013 by Cengage Learning PTR- a large online bookstore that features a huge number of fantastic self-help books and on topics of general interest. The front cover has arrows pointing towards the left and right, with the name of the book and author mentioned at the bottom on a background of blue, sky blue and white. ISBN-13: 978-1285171326; ISBN-10: 1285171322


$16.56 for a new copy and $14.99 for a used one


Target Audience

Basecamp for Beginners: Managing Projects and Keeping Track of Details is meant for project managers who want to keep themselves updated and manage things easily as far as their project is concerned using the Basecamp app. If you are a beginner, you will find this book extremely handy as it shows how you can control your projects easily and quickly. In short, it targets both old and new users of Basecamp and presents a factual understanding on how to develop effective project management skills.

What Customers Say

Julia (Amazon) states that the guide covers the entire details of Basecamp and is suitable for individuals who want to read something significant before taking the plunge into a new venture. She further adds that people who might have disregarded or skipped some essential things after setting their foot in will find the book useful.

According to E Rubio (Amazon), the author has taken enough time to explain why some features of Basecamp are valuable for various requirements.

Content, Approach, Style

Basecamp for Beginners: Managing Projects and Keeping Track of Details has 16 chapters in all, laid down meticulously and make the process of learning as fun as possible.  The first two chapters discuss on the basics of Basecamp, its features and advantages. The third chapter presents six alternatives to Basecamp, while the rest of the book shows how and why to use the different features of this awesome tool. Each chapter ends with a conclusion which is mainly geared towards revising on what you have just learnt.

All the chapters have been organized sequentially, yet created in such a way that you can directly head to a chapter of your choice without essentially feeling lost. Once you are done reading the book, you’ll notice that your job as a project manager is less stressful because of which your projects will run smoothly and efficiently.

Why Buy the Book

Basecamp for Beginners: Managing Projects and Keeping Track of Details is hailed by many as one of the best project management books. Most professionals in project management begin their journey with this process-based guide to get a comprehensive understanding of the sphere and fine tune themselves to be better equipped for their careers as project managers.

Many companies use Basecamp to get their work done efficiently and smoothly. This simple, yet powerful tool is used by millions all over the globe to remain organized and curtail the usual confusion and pandemonium caused because of sprawling projects. If you are in the midst of such situations, this book can give you the ultimate respite.


Chicago-based Todd Kelsey is an educator, tech professional and author. He has written books on diverse topics like Facebook Advertising, Google AdWords and social networking besides being featured on many television shows. Furthermore, the ex-United Airlines employee has taught at many top institutions in Chicago like Wheaton College, Westwood College and National Louis University among others. Contact Todd Kelsey on Linkedin.

$16.56 for a new copy and $14.99 for a used one



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