Comparison with Asana; Localization and Global Marketing Success

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In-The-News-TrelloTrello is a popular team productivity and collaboration tool with more than a million of daily active users. In this news list’s first section, the tool’s features are compared to another popular cloud application’s features in the article Trello vs Asana: The Best Project Management App? Next, Trello’s International Marketing Lead was interviewed for tips on the product’s success in Trello Teaches How They Nailed Localization and Global Marketing.

Trello vs Asana: The Best Project Management App?

Business 2 Community is a business blog site whose mission is to create an open community for business professionals in sharing their thoughts, increasing exposure and networking with others. In this article, Benjamin Brandall, a content writer for Process Street, presents Asana first, then Trello, in terms of each app’s features and usability. He provides background information of each application, discusses their most important features, and lists each app’s pros and con. Making the comparison from the point of view of a user of both apps working on projects with a team, he then issues his verdict of which is the winner.

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Trello Teaches How They Nailed Localization and Global Marketing

Patrick Yip, senior marketing manager at OneSkyApp, a cloud translation platform, sat down and talked with Alexia Ohannessian, Trello’s international marketing lead to learn about their success in the tool’s recent localization in 20 languages. In this article full of valuable tips and techniques, Alexia shared lessons about the importance of data and experiments in determining the effectiveness of localization, deciding on the best translation model for a specific location, and knowing when to launch globally. She also shared how crowdsourcing played a role, the importance of having the right tools and workflow, such as a translation management system, and a product management and communication tool, which happens to be Trello. More tips and lessons were shared which can interest and help app owners in their localization strategy.

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