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Trello released last month 4 top-requested features in celebration of the productivity app’s surpassing 25 million sign-ups. One of these features is the ability to embed cards and boards in third-party applications that teams have been using. This means users of both apps can bring their Trello tasks, workflows and projects to Bitbucket, Dropbox Paper, Confluence Cloud, appear.in, and other popular productivity software. They can work better together with other teams and collaborate smoothly on their projects. For a brilliant extension to Trello, we suggest trying out our own tool Bridge24 for Trello.

Same Great Look and Feel, but There’s More

Trello is a visual project management and collaboration software that helps teams with visibility in project work. The ability to embed these visual tasks and lists as cards and boards in other applications provide people much valuable information. In fact, embedded boards have the same appearance as if seen on Trello. They retain their flexibility and all their functionality. Embedded cards appear similarly, but also display current board and list. They allow interactions such as comments, voting, joining, subscribing, etc. Embedded board tiles can create visual links to Trello.

Benefits of Embedded Cards and Boards

When users of Trello and other popular apps bring these software together, they become more efficient and productive. They work in only one application but bring together all the relevant information with them. For instance, developers on Bitbucket can remain focused in coding software, but also stay connected to other team members and stakeholders with embedded boards. Design teams can organize their ideas and inspirations with cards and boards as they create their prototypes in Dropbox Paper. Also, product owners and stakeholders can embed cards while creating product specs in Confluence. This allows them to easily follow and check progress during standups.

How to Embed Trello

Embedding cards and boards in other applications is very easy. In Bitbucket, users can simply navigate to a repo, and click on the Boards item in the sidebar menu. From there, they can select the board they want to embed, and embed as many as they want. In Confluence, they can paste a Trello card or board URL into the editor. Then they can press publish or preview to embed the card or board, which will then become a card or board automagically. Similarly, by pasting a card or board link into Dropbox Paper, the card or board will appear. Users can simply paste a Trello board link in an appear.in chat window. To embed the board, they should click the ‘Open for everyone’ link.

More Partners Coming Soon

In Power-Ups, Trello brought other apps to the visual board and cards productivity environment. With embedded cards and boards, it is delivering the features and functionality of Trello to the other applications. These software are only the beginning, and more are coming along soon. In fact, users can already bring boards in a team channel in Microsoft Teams. This can help keep communication and collaboration in just one central app location. To embed a board, they should click the + button below a team channel’s name. This will launch the Add a tab menu. From there, they should select Trello, authorize the account, and link their specific board.

For more information on new partners, features or other updates, visit Trello also on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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