Trello is already well known in many circles as a great productive tool used by professionals all over the world. The Trello platform allows you to keep track of tasks by using small cards. In fact, these cards are at the very heart of Trello’s key value proposition. Now WordPress site owners for the sake of keeping track of the user-submitted forms can use Trello Cards right within their website.

With some simple steps, you can just integrate your Trello account with your WordPress website and start making the cards with all data filled up by your users using WordPress forms inside the website. Instead of copying the data manually from every user-filled form, you can just save them as useful Trello Cards for easier access to information.

Here we are going to show the detailed steps about doing this. But before that let us spare some words on the value proposition of using Trello Cards for tracking information and boosting the productivity of your WordPress website.

Reasons To Integrate Trello With WordPress

When you create the Trello card filled with information collected from the WordPress website, assigning the respective card to the designated person becomes much easier and this saves a lot of time and effort for the website admin team. Let us have a quick look at some of the key benefits of integrating Trello Cards with the WordPress website.

  • When you track the user-filled forms through Trello Cards you can easily ensure that all user responses get timely responses just by entitling every card with a due date.
  • The Trello Cards also help you to keep all the user inquiries organized by determining the board and list in Trello where the card will be added.
  • When all the form entries are collected and organized properly through Trello, tracking the progress of the form entries becomes easier.

Simple Steps For Integrating Trello Cards

Now that we have explained the advantages of integrating the Trello Cards with WordPress to make use of the forms, we need to explain the steps for doing this. Here we explain the steps in an easy to understand manner.

Create WordPress Form

Before anything you need to create the WordPress form for your site and for this, you have to install and WPForms plugin. It needs a few simple steps for installing the plugin and activating it. You also need to create the form as per your requirements. Forms are created as per your lead generation needs and for solving user queries. For example, most service provider companies use a “request a quote” form in their WordPress website.

As for choosing the right form tool built by a credible WordPress plugin development company, WPForms comes as the ideal and most well-acclaimed choice. The plugin is absolutely free. Once you created the form, rename the form to Trello. It is time to connect the same form to your Trello account.

Connect the WordPress form to Zapier

As for integrating the WPForms plugin with Trello, you have several add-on choices. Zapier is a highly effective and easy to use choice for the purpose. The best thing is this simple addon allows you to connect your forms to as many as 2000 apps including Trello and few more popular ones like Asana, Jira, etc. The tool allows you to automate different cards and save time.

Connecting The Form To Trello

Now is the time to connect the same firm to the Trello account. First of all, log into your Zapier account and thereafter start making a Zap with WPForms as the trigger app. Some simple steps are involved in creating the Zap.

After navigating to the Edit Options screen, you need to choose the Trello just created by you. As you click on Continue, you now can test whether the form is connected to Zapier or not. Make sure you already have at least a single entry before collecting more entries for your form. As soon as this process is complete, you get a confirmation note within minutes.

Integrating Trello Account

Now you have finished the step of connecting the Zapier addon to WPForms plugin and it is time to integrate Trello account with your website form. First of all, you have to use Trello as the main app for all the subsequent activities.

When the prompt will appear in your Trello app, you have to choose the option “Create Card”. After it is done, you have to connect the Trello account with the Zapier account. After this, you have to permit Zapier to access the Trello account. After it is done you need to select the option “Save + Continue”.

Now go to the “Set up Trello Card” step in the Trello app and there you have to mention the correct board and list where you want to create the cards. As per your need, you can also assign another person from the company and create a due date for each card that you are creating. This will help respond to each user’s query within a time frame. Often responding quickly and addressing queries in time leads to improved business conversion and more revenue.

The best thing about the Trello Cards is that you can always use the cards as per the way you choose them to look. To know how the entire configuration works, just tap on “Continue” and test the new Zap. You should also login to Trello and ensure that the connection is working perfectly. As the terminal step in the whole process, give a name to the Zap and turn the Zap on. Now all the future form entries will automatically go to the Trello Cards.


When lead generation through your WordPress website should take full advantage of the intelligent and useful tools to facilitate automation, tools like Trello appear to be the savior for a multitude of small business websites and startups on the WordPress platform. The easier integration of WordPress Forms with Trello Cards is a classic example of how this automation can take place.

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