trello to 5 addonsTrello task management and project collaboration tool is a popular free software for different kinds of situations for a wide range of users. It can be used by individuals and families for simple to-dos and home projects. However, it was created primarily as a business application. Initially, it was developed as a solution to high-level planning issues in a company. Thus, it is a very visual interface of boards, columns, and cards provide its users important information at a glance. Over time, features were added that enabled users to easily organize work, customize workflows, create tasks and track their progress. However, many companies still require more functionality than the tool currently has to enable teams to deliver successful projects.

The Top 5

Trello is an easy-to-use project collaboration tool that can be used by all kinds of users. To compensate for its basic project management functionality, it offers Power-Up add-ons to extend its capabilities. It also published a free, public developer API that allows other software developers and providers a way to integrate other applications. Here are our top 5 recommendations for building a more powerful project management solution.

1. Bridge24 for Trello

Bridge24 for Trello is a powerful add-on that gives users more control of their data. Its dynamic connectivity creates instant and real-time connection to information in Trello. Moreover, users gain access to more features such as the Power Grid. They can now work on their operational data and easily manipulate them in interactive grids and columns. Other views are also available, such as the Calendar view that allows users to view and filter tasks, switch between day, month, year modes and others. Users can even change task dates by drag-and-drop, add multiple tasks, upload attachments, and more. Other features include exporting data to Excel or CSV. Bridge24 is available for free and supports English, French and Spanish languages.

2. TimeCamp

timecamp-logoTimeCamp is a free time tracking software that works as an add-on to many popular applications including Trello. Aside from time management, TimeCamp also provides features for tracking billable hours. Users can track how much time they spent on billable and non-billable work. The software also has online invoicing features. Through the time entries, users are able to bill clients and track profitability. It also has attendance and time-off features for tracking attendance, holidays, absences and start/finish work analysis. For time tracking, it has timesheet and reporting functionality. A 30-day free trial period is available.

3. Elegantt

elegantt-logoElegantt is a Power-Up that generates Gantt charts from Trello projects. As can be surmised, the visual collaboration tool does not have a built-in Gantt chart, as not all of its users need it. However, Elegantt solves this issue for users by automatically creating a read-only chart that provides users a schedule view of what the team is working on. The chart reflects all data in the board. It can also show task dependencies so that users can see the relationships between cards. Milestones are also visible to the whole team, who can be notified through email. The Gantt chart does not alter the contents of the card, and all information stays on Trello. A 14-day free trial period is available.

4. Everhour

everhour-logo-1Everhour is a time tracking and reporting add-on for Trello. Again, time tracking is important to many time companies, especially those who offer services by the hour. Everhour equips Trello with time management features that appear natively and works seamlessly. It can show estimates, logged time and overtime inside cards. It has an automatic timer as well as a manual entry where users simply select a date in a calendar and enter time. Time indicators appear on cards, and on top of lists and boards, providing users information on performance and overall progress. Also, users can create comprehensive-time reports. The time management tool works as a browser extension on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

5. Corrello

corrello-logoCorrello is a Power-Up dashboard for agile teams. Indeed, Trello is popular to many teams using agile methodologies for managing projects. However, a visual dashboard is not enough for Scrum and Kanban teams to efficiently and effectively complete their projects without a hitch. Therefore, Corello provides Trello users the ability to show a sprint burndown chart that is present in a board. It can also show a cumulative flow diagram , cycle time and other dashboards. These information are now available using this add-on. Users now have an effective agile project management tool that is affordable and scalable.


Trello is a very useful tool for many types of work and situations. This simple, highly visual tool works reliably on most devices, whether at home, office, school or on the go. It is free, can work right away and works well with other applications. The app does have limitations, especially for business needs. For example, lists appear only in columns, but not rows, nor does it have a calendar view. As such, you can go through our recommended add-ons list to find the best-suited extension that empowers your Trello boards to help you complete your projects.

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