asana-new-logoEven experienced travelers can become jet-lagged, bleary-eyed and disoriented when venturing into unfamiliar territory. To minimize travel anxiety, you can turn to apps that help you plot your journey.

There now are travel apps for practically every conceivable purpose. Hypochondriacs headed to a new environment can take comfort in sick weather, which alerts you — in real time — if you are entering an area known to pose high risk of contagious diseases. For the nervous flier, there’s Am I Going Down? (for iOS and Android), which calculates the probability of a crash on your particular flight. And for the solo traveller, there’s React Mobile, which allows you to share your location with contacts if you feel unsafe.

Working on the go
Taskmasters favor Asana, which acts as a space for team members to discuss projects, delegate responsibilities and create to-do lists.

Asana: iOS, Android
Cost: free

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