logo-basecampBasecamp project management software is a work platform that helps businesses get their projects off the ground faster. It is a complete system that keeps everything organized and everyone on the same page, whether in their office with their desktops, or on the go with their mobile devices. In the past weeks, the mobile development teams of Basecamp were usually hard at work to present the latest update to both the Android and iOS apps. If you need a great extension to Basecamp, we recommend you use our own tool Bridge24 for Basecamp.

Latest Basecamp 3 for Android Feature – Catch Up

Basecamp 3 for Android 3.5 is now available with some exciting features. First and foremost, the new Catch Up feature will make it easy for any user to get current and up-to-date with whatever is happening to their projects and teams. Previously, it can be quite challenging for a team member to open each Hey! item individually. Apparently, this process can take a while and leave the user a bit frustrated. With the latest Android app update, a user with 2 or more unread Hey! in their inbox will now see a Catch Up button.

basecamp android app 06-2017-1

When the user taps this button, he or she gets into Catch Up mode. Accordingly, the user can swipe through their unread Hey! items one by one. Each item will be displayed in an optimized way for easy reading. Also, a counter will appear on top showing the count of the unread items, until they have all been read.

basecamp android app 06-2017-2

Mark as Unread for A Serious Second Look

Another exciting feature in this latest Basecamp 3 for Android app is the Mark as Unread button at the left bottom section. It is a way to keep items inside the Hey! inbox when users only have time to browse through all their unread items. However, there are times when users need to give a longer, more serious second look on an item which they reserve for a later time at a more convenient place of reading.

basecamp android app 06-2017-3

Latest Basecamp 3 for iOS Feature – Pings in Hey!

Just a few days after the Android app update, the Basecamp iOS development team also launched the latest Basecamp 3 for iOS 3.4.1 with a set of new features. For instance, users can now more conveniently locate Pings at the top section in Hey! In the past, Pings can be both challenging to find and start. Now, iOS app users will see a row of avatars of their most recent Pings. It is also quicker to start a new Ping or easily swipe through previous ones.

basecamp ios app 06-2017-1

Similarly, users can quickly swipe on items listed in the Hey! menu to mark them as read.

basecamp ios app 06-2017-2

New Docs and Files List View

Last but not the least, a new Docs and Files List View is now available on Basecamp3 for iOS. The latest feature has new file icons for easier and quicker organizing. Moreover, actions such as re-ordering of files, tapping to preview images, and swiping to move a file and to archive are all now smoother to execute.

basecamp ios app 06-2017-3

Less Effort, More Time to Do What’s Important

The latest Android and iOS updates in Basecamp 3 are also accompanied with the usual bug fixes, speed enhancements and overall polish for a better experience. For more of the latest announcements and features, visit Basecamp also in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

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