Bridge24 New Feature - ChartsAsana is a great operational tool for users to centrally collaborate on project and task information. Reporting features, however, are limited. With Bridge24, users can connect dynamically to Asana and instantly create and export powerful charts and task lists for basic reports.

Benefits of Using Charts

Charts aide in a quick understanding of the distribution of tasks and provide an overview to access information through a visual representation. Rather than looking through lists and lists of tasks or extensive filtering and searching, find information at a glance visually through a chart. The chart can also be exported (PDF format) to share with managers or co-workers to quickly see patterns and other aggregate information for comparisons, etc.

Charts Based on a Project or Filters, and How to Access

The charts in Bridge24 are contextual and based on the current tasks displayed from a project or filter results. In the case where you wish to include completed tasks, you can create a filter and include the “Completed” status. Using the filters you can also create charts across projects. Once the desired list of tasks is presented, click on the Charts menu item in the header area, and select the “Charts for displayed tasks”. The predefined charts will then display.

The predefined charts for Asana are Tasks by: project, assignee, status type, section, tag, completed by week, created by week, overdue and soon due, and more.

Chart Types Offered

The different chart types supported are: Pie chart, Doughnut, Polar, Horizontal bar, and Vertical bar.

Pie Chart Example with Some Explanation

Here is a chart example representing a pie chart for 38 tasks filtered on 2 projects. Below the chart, you’ll find some explanation on points A to H.

Refer to chart above:

  • (A) Use the dropdown from the top right to change between chart types (Pie chart, Doughnut, Polar, etc.)
  • (B) The Chart’s position can be moved by dragging the move icon on the top left
  • (C),(D) The chart can be hidden from the bottom left, and retrieved/displayed from the chart select dropdown on the top
  • (E) The size or number of columns is controlled from the sliders presented beside the chart select dropdown
  • (F) Show/hide the legend
  • (G) Export to PDF the chart (and possible to export the associated task list as well)
  • (H) Clicking on a legend segment will hide/display the associated task’s usage from the chart

Chart Drilldown

Click on any segment in the displayed chart and you are presented by the associated (filtered) task list. You can click on the task to open the Edit panel to view or update information for the task. There is another option (Open in Grid) at the bottom to open the filtered list within the power grid.

Export Chart and Task List to PDF

An export feature is available that creates a formatted PDF to easily print or send via email. Optionally, the list of associated tasks by segment is also provided in the exported PDF.

Coming Soon

  • Stackable charts – Stack information within 1 chart (example, Assignees and stacked Sections)

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