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AceprojectAceProject is a web-based project management software that covers most business processes of an organization. It is a comprehensive business and productivity solution for teams and enterprises in helping them organize their projects, tasks, documents, expenses and time. Users are able to minimize time spent on administrative processes, get updated in real time with email notifications, and effectively communicate with everyone involved in the proper context of project work. If you need add-ons for AceProject, we are offering Bridge24 for AceProject.

Features, Benefits, Product Strengths

  • Project Tracking and Task ManagementAceProject has comprehensive interactive Gantt chart that is helping users visually manage tasks, and set dependencies between tasks. It has project portfolio management, allowing users to view and monitor the work progress across multiple projects using custom task reports. You can set up recurrent tasks, or start new projects using templates.
  • Timesheet Reporting and Expense Tracking – AceProject has an integrated time management solution that allows users to track time of resources across all projects. It has a built-in time clock and a time approval workflow that automates the business process and ensures accurate time entries and usage across the organization. Users are also able to track expenses and use an expense approval process to help them stay in control of their project expenses. The application can then generate advanced expense reports, making use of numerous criteria and filters to provide relevant information.
  • Document Sharing, Mobile Access, API and more – Users can attach, view and manage all their task and project documents within the software, confident that these are secured and searchable when needed. It has versioning features to keep track of changes, as well as locking to prevent anyone from editing or deleting a file. This 2016, both iOS and Android apps include multiple file attachments, increased performance speed and improved usability. Users can also export project data into Excel or CSV format, or make use of their open API for further custom integrations or plugin development.



AceProject offers several plans. The Basic plan is free and includes up to 5 users, 50 active tasks, 2 active projects and 1 GB of document storage space. Active means incomplete tasks or projects, but once marked completed will not count against the limitations. A user that is marked inactive or that has been deleted will also not count against the limitations. The succeeding higher plans also include for higher or unlimited number of users, active tasks and active projects.

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Target Market

AceProject is for teams, startups, SMBs, large organizations and enterprises who are in need of a collaborative task and project management software with time and expense tracking features.

Supported Languages

AceProject supports English and French. It can also accommodate different language characters in its data fields.

Some of their Clients

Clients include Intel, IBM, Nvidia, Goodyear, Toyota, DHL, Colgate-Palmolive, AT&T and Boston University.



Julie Titterington stated that AceProject invested in very decent mobile apps, has made it simple for users to customize accounts, has wonderfully made it easy to manage notifications, with easy exporting, and a good support system focused on personal service. The Home Tab interface is also one of the best personal workspace.

William Fenton described the free online PM software as great for businesses aspiring to get and stay organized with its project tracking, time and expense tracking and document versioning. He also liked the ability to use a previous project setup as a template to create similar projects.

Why AceProject

AceProject is a full-featured collaborative project management, time and expense tracking software that has impressive native mobile apps, powerful customizations, and a sincerely listening customer service, all for a flexible, cost-effective and affordable pricing.

Company Info

AceProject is a product of Websystems, Inc., a privately held project management software-as-a-service company based in Quebec, Canada. The company was founded in 2002 by Daniel Raymond, its President. The company initially offered a free simple task management software, but added project management and time tracking features later on. In 2003, the software was renamed AceProject, and has continued to help startups, small businesses and large organizations deliver projects on time, within budget and with quality over a collaborative platform. It continues to get impressive reviews from business and technology media firms as the company regularly includes new features and improvements while remaining very affordable.

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