aceproject-logoAceProject, the web-based project management, time tracking and collaboration software has announced earlier this month of their updated Android version. Following the enhancements made last March for their iOS9 version, the updated Android version now includes new features and performance boost. Users can continue to organize their tasks, track their progress and collaborate with team members while on the go. The update makes it even simpler and faster to add a new task, change status, add and view documents, and more.

Attach Documents

AceProject Android App enables users to securely store, access or share project documents as easily as when they are using browser versions on their desktops. Android devices running version 4.1 or higher will be able to accommodate users who are attaching either one or more documents to the PM system. Documents or images stored in their photo gallery app or from cloud storage apps such as Google Docs, Box, Dropbox or other installed apps can be attached to tasks for proper project documentation. Users can also use the camera on their phone to take a picture, attach it, and keep it securely stored and accessible in the cloud.

aceproject android add photo


Performance Enhancements

Aside from visible features, the latest AceProject Mobile app for Android further improves the fast rendering and rapid loading functionality of the native app. Thus, users are able to add documents while creating tasks without having to wait too long and be disrupted in what they are trying to accomplish. Also, documents can be downloaded and viewed quickly using their mobile devices without fear of getting stuck. Scrolling is also noticeably faster and more fluid, providing great user experience even while working on a smaller screen.

aceproject android load

Usability Improvements

AceProject also included some improvements in how customers will use the updated Android app with fewer slides and taps but still get done all the work that matters. Recent documents are now listed at the top for faster reach and recall, just like how it is implemented in the web versions. Aside from adding a new task and attaching documents while creating the task, users will be able to update or change a status of a task, comment on the task and add time on the tasks in a simplified and convenient way.

aceproject android change status

Additional Info

AceProject updated Android app is now at its version 9.0.16 and is about 1.3 MB in size available via the Google Play store. It is best installed on devices running Android version 4.1 or higher. It extends the SaaS web version to enable users manage their projects, create and update tasks, attach documents, monitor expenses, track time and collaborate with other users. The PM software is also available on the iOS and Windows Phone platform and devices such as tablets. Know more of the latest in software updates and features by visiting their Facebook, Twitter or YouTube page.

aceproject android tab+phone


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