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asana-new-logoAsana recognizes that people need to stay connected to their teams even when they are not in front of their computers. Indeed, today’s modern workplace is not bounded anymore by the four corners of the office. Therefore, when users have to be somewhere else, especially these coming days, they can still be in the loop. The latest Asana updates for their Android and iOS apps will let teams stay connected to continue to move work forward. If you are looking for a powerful extension to Asana, try out our own tool Bridge24 for Asana.

New on Android

In the last Android update, Asana enables users to manage projects, project details and notification settings. The latest features will provide them with better ways to manage teams, view profiles and search without even opening the app.

Manage Teams

Asana is giving Android users one of the most requested feature – team pages. With team pages, users are able to have conversations and see all of a team’s projects in one place. With the roll out of this new feature, users do not have to switch between their mobile and desktop just to manage their teams. Using their mobile device, users can invite or remove team members, view and edit team name and description, see all projects and team members, and create new projects. Also, they can now view team conversations, and see a team member’s page.


To access team pages, users should click the conversation bubble icon from the main screen, select the team to view, and then click the information icon on the top right corner.

View Profiles

In the Asana desktop app, users can view profile information by hovering over a user’s avatar. The new profile page feature in the Android app allows users to see a teammate’s photo, read about their role, their team and other details. To view a profile page, users can:

  • Search for the person, then tap their avatar
  • Go to a project page, then click on the list of members
  • Tap on the followers at the bottom of a task, then select the person to view
  • At the My Tasks list of any team member, tap the information icon, or
  • Tap an avatar in a conversation or comment.


Search with Google In Apps

With the release of Google’s In Apps feature, users can use the search engine to look for tasks, projects, conversations and teams. They can search for these even without opening the app. However, these results are seen only by the user. The results related to Asana will be identified by its logo next to them. When users hit Enter, more results and details will appear in the In Apps tab of the Google search app.


New on iOS

A few months ago, iOS users were able to view completed tasks as well as use the new task interface. This time, Asana is continuing to let users create new tasks quickly. Also, they can access new menus just by a type of touch.

No need to open the app with 3D Touch

The new 3D touch allows users to add a new task or a new task with photo attachment. They can also go to My Inbox, or do a Search with just a hard press on the Asana app. Users do not even have to open the app. The new menu will appear on the screen to allow the user which item to do.


Create tasks faster with Inline Task

iOS users now will be able to create tasks quickly on their mobile just like what they do on their web app. With the new inline task creation, users can go to the top of the My Tasks screen or any project. Then, they can start typing the task name and press Enter.


Staying Connected This Time of the Year

Asana continues to provide its users the features that will help them track work wherever they are. Indeed, as the days get shorter and the year comes to an end, teams can stay connected, check work, and make sure it is moving forward. For more of the latest features and other Asana news, visit them on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube.

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