Software Development in 2022: Benefit Using the Help of Popular Task Management Tools

If you’re facing issues with inefficient task execution, missing deadlines, and lack of communication within your team, task management tools are what you need. These solutions can help you effectively overcome these challenges and optimize business processes within your organization quickly and effortlessly.

The task management software market is expected to reach annual revenue of 4.33 billion U.S. dollars by 2023, meaning this solution is worth attention. Keep reading to get familiar with the best task management tools for teams and individuals and define their benefits in order to choose the appropriate software.

Software Development Process

The software development process comprises six stages: planning, analysis, design, development, testing, and maintenance.  When following these phases, the development process becomes predictable and manageable. However, companies still risk facing issues with prioritizing tasks and tracking time, which can be easily solved using task management tools for small businesses.

Team […]

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Bridge24 for Asana Improvements – Start Time and Multi-select Custom Fields

Asana recently added a number of features including start times, and multi-select custom fields. Bridge24 has incorporated both of these upgrades into the interface to use throughout.

Start time inclusion

Use start times on the Edit panel, as well as view the data in the Grid and use in reports, history, and exports. On the Edit panel, you can click on the time icon and modify the values directly and update to Asana:

Multi-select Custom Field usage

Multi-select custom fields contain more than one value. Add the column to the Grid to view. When used within a Report or Chart, the grouping will be applied to each value present. This means that a task can appear more than once within a report (depending on the number of values in its multi-select field).

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Creating a Kudo Company Culture in Trello

Unfortunately, many employers overlook the massive positive impact even the slightest acknowledgment can have on an employee’s motivation. Studies have shown that lack of recognition is still a leading factor in employee dissatisfaction.

With all of the technology available to streamline business functions, it is easy to get lost in focussing only on the data or performance of our business. The trick is combining both technology and the human touch to give much-deserved credit to our employees. Harnessing your existing business tools to do so is a great way to show your team that their hard work does not go unnoticed.

One of these tools is Trello, a collaboration tool that helps organize your projects into boards. This tool gives you and your team a clear view of what tasks require attention, who is responsible for the execution, and deadlines for each of these tasks. While Trello was designed as an effective organizational tool, […]

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New Basecamp Gantt Chart / Calendar view in Bridge24

A heavily requested feature for Basecamp 3 users of Bridge24, we are excited to provide access to the Gantt Chart view. This view is very flexible in that it can use any date field as a punctual date or as a start and end dates. This allows you, therefore, to view a timeline of any activity in a continuous calendar across all Projects, and dynamically filter as required. Additionally, a new Calendar view is also now available.

How to use Gantt View

1) Active Search results

The Gant view is based on the Active Search and Filter results currently in the returned selection set. The Gantt view is able to display to-dos across multiple projects. Click on the Gantt view to display the chart.

2) Set Date(s) to use

The traditional use of a Gantt chart is in planning, where the […]

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Comparison of the Features between NetSuite and Trello

Well, the project management applications allow you to organize project related assignments and schedule tasks easily. With a project management app, you would be able to assign roles and responsibilities and track the project related activities to maintain efficiency in the work process. NetSuite CRM integrations would help you to directly address the concerns of your customers straight from a centralized dashboard.

To deliver the projects on time, it is important to organize and manage the whole project management in the right way. With the usage of these project management tools, you would be able to manage and schedule the tasks properly. And as project management tools are cross-platform enabled, you as a project manager can work on the go.

In other words, they would allow you to work from anywhere and anytime. If you are aware of   NetSuite CRM features, you would find that customer relationships can greatly affect the way […]

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Gantt Chart View for Trello in Bridge24 – New Feature

A heavily requested feature for Trello users of Bridge24, we are excited to provide access to the first iteration of the Gantt Chart view. This view is very flexible in that it can use any date field as a punctual date or as a start and end dates. This allows you, therefore, to view a timeline of any activity in a continuous calendar across all Boards, and dynamically filter as required.

Gantt Chart View usage

The traditional use of a Gantt chart is in planning, where the user adds and moves tasks in time to view project progression. It is based on a start date and an end date. Trello, until recently, did not have a Card Start date. Development of the Bridge24 Gantt view preceded their release of this new date field, so we decided to allow any date field, including those from Custom fields to be used for either the […]

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How Can Trello Help You to Run a Successful Marketing Campaign?

Whether you are running a SaaS business, e-commerce store, or design agency, finding new customers and promoting your products or services is the ultimate goal of every marketer. Investing your efforts and time in launching a successful marketing campaign is a sensible idea to reach your target audience and grow your business.

Incorporating a well-organized marketing campaign into your business strategy can help marketers attract new customers to your brands. Running an effective marketing campaign requires planning, execution, the right tools, and a clear objective. When you have all these, you will accomplish more and enjoy more success. 

If you are a marketer and thinking of launching a campaign for your upcoming product, it is important to know the right tool to keep your team organized. Trello is an intuitive project management tool that you can use for your next marketing campaign. It can help you keep your marketing campaign organized and every team member on the same page.

In this post, I’ll highlight […]

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How Asana Helps You Increase Productivity

Being a business owner is stressful, whether you’re out in the field or sitting behind a desk.

Maybe you need to check your email at the start of the day, but then you also need to hop onto three different excel sheets to keep track of invoices, project deadlines, and employee tasks. Soon enough, your computer is at full capacity, and so is your brain.

Asana is an excellent platform that condenses your company’s workload and projects into one space where you can communicate, manage, and track important tasks and take control of multiple things, like individual workloads. Asana has plenty of features that help you increase productivity across the board.

Using the right tools for productivity has become even more important during the coronavirus pandemic when both companies and teams have faced many challenges. Thus, according to Taso du Val, Toptal’s CEO, staying productive and adapting to changes even through tough times is critical: “It’s clear that major institutions, companies, governments are going […]

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How to Automatically Create Trello Cards From Your WordPress Forms

Trello is already well known in many circles as a great productive tool used by professionals all over the world. The Trello platform allows you to keep track of tasks by using small cards. In fact, these cards are at the very heart of Trello’s key value proposition. Now WordPress site owners for the sake of keeping track of the user-submitted forms can use Trello Cards right within their website.

With some simple steps, you can just integrate your Trello account with your WordPress website and start making the cards with all data filled up by your users using WordPress forms inside the website. Instead of copying the data manually from every user-filled form, you can just save them as useful Trello Cards for easier access to information.

Here we are going to show the detailed steps about doing this. But before that let us spare some words on the value proposition of […]

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How to Manage Your SEO Campaign in Trello

Search engine optimization is a crucial marketing process that any serious business can’t afford to ignore. With good SEO management, you can create a fast, robust, and user-friendly website that ranks high, attracts quality leads, and has a good conversion rate. If you want to build your brand’s credibility and remain competitive, SEO is the way to go. There are many techniques and tools you can use to manage your SEO campaign. However, one tool that can bring order to the process and make your SEO efforts more effective is Trello.

What is Trello?

Trello is a top-rated project management platform that allows individuals and teams to organize and track their projects seamlessly. It has a simple and intuitive interface that allows its users to accomplish work in an easy and fun way. It’s a highly visual tool, and in one glance, you can tell what’s being worked on, who’s responsible for what, and where […]

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